A couple of announcements: I’m arranging the next Houston get-together for Saturday, January 16th at 2:00 PM at Jason’s Deli. After we eat, we’ll go to my house and play with the eBoard, chat and chill with a nice glass of wine. If you want to come, let me know: emedhus@gmail.com. 

Also, to set up the venues and catering for the tour, I’d like to get an approximate headcount. This is a VERY important poll so if you plan to attend, please, please, please take it! I’d hate to book too small a venue and turn people away. If you plan on attending more than one city, click on both. If you plan on taking others, please say so in the comments/other section. Thanks!

One other thing: Are any of you publicists who would be willing to help us with advanced promo (radio, TV and print) for free or at a fairly low price? If so, email me to the address above.

Here’s today’s post!

Eileen: So what about the Earth changes that are foretold, and another thing that comes up is Fukashima and the disaster with the radiation and the nuclear wastes?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: As fucked up as it sounds, that was always meant to happen because the changes that will happen because of that—look at it this way: Because of the nuclear plant “disaster,” people are now becoming more serious about their environment, about the earth itself. They’re concerned about the other nuclear plants around them and are wanting to take them down and use a healthier way of providing energy for everybody. So if we look at the big picture, it was a good thing, a positive change. It had to happen to create a ripple effect.


Heather: He’s communicating with his feelings again, so I’m giving him some time to put his words together.

(Long pause)

Erik: The radiation will cause damage, but it’s not going to completely destroy the ecosystem. Eventually—


Heather: Hold on, because he made it sound like it would eventually be cleaned out so I asked if somebody would be cleaning it out and he said, “No.”

Erik: Over time, it will be washed away.

Eileen: The material, because we haven’t fully understood it’s full capabilities to mutate and meet the demands of the environment, so our material will get adjusted to it. It’ll adapt.

Erik: Yeah, okay.

Me: What do you mean, “our material?”

Eileen: The material that our bodies are made of.

Me: Oh, okay. The body. Got it.

Erik: And our environment will adapt to it. It wasn’t that big of a spill.

Heather (chuckling): He’s showing me an image of him with a cup and he slips and goes, “Oops,” and a little tiny drop falls out.

Erik: It looked like a huge deal, but when you look at the big picture, it wasn’t really that big. It could have been a lot worse. It was enough to cause some damage but not completely destroy everything.

Me: Good!

Eileen: Erik, do you have anything else you want to say?

Heather: Erik, what do you want to say?

(Long pause)

Heather (chuckling): Well, I’m kind of—okay. (To Erik) No, I don’t want to talk about that. He wanted to bring up talking about with you, Elisa, he wanted you to help with the new mediums you’ll be using. He wants you to help with their nerves because they’re both –this is weird because he’s also talking about me.

Me: I know!

Heather: I hate this part.

Erik: I’d like you to get to know them better and talk to them, not like every day, but—

Me: To make them less nervous?

Erik: Yeah, because them getting to know you, you getting to know them is going to make them not as nervous and it’ll be easier for me to work with them.

Me: Oh, sure. That’s what happened with Jamie and me, so…

Heather: Now he’s picking on me! (To Erik) You need to stop!

Me: Is he making fun of you?

Heather: Yeah, because to be honest with you, I get nervous every single time, and every night before the reading, I can’t sleep. I’m like shaking.

Me: Oh that’s awful!

Heather: I know!


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