A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

I’ve been reading a lot about the business of cancer treatment, and have learned just how corrupt that business is. Big Pharma, the National Cancer Institute, the FDA and others are sitting on cures. They don’t want to cure patients because they get a lot of money from keeping them sick and on toxic medicines. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski is an MD with a PhD in biochemistry whose office is just blocks from my house. He takes each cancer patient, analyzes their genetic makeup, markers and all, and creates a custom program for them, including certain “antineoplatons,” his own patented, nontoxic treatment. Cancer patients have too many oncogenes and not enough tumor supressor genes, but these antineoplastins correct all that. He’s had so many amazing cures. Of course, mainstream medicine tried to label him as a quack, but I’ve spoken to some of his patients and they revere him greatly. They say he has a good heart and his approach has helped them immensely. If you have or know someone with cancer, check out this video. If I had cancer, I’d be on a custom formulation of antineoplastons, IV alpha lipoic acid, LDN and IV vitamen C. 

Enjoy these Erik stories:

Story #1

One evening I was on my bed scrolling through my phone, when non-stop my iPhone when Siri crazy, “how can I help you,…” over and over for about 30 minutes, then some questions like, want to hear country music made laugh a little…I knew it was Erik and thanked him for reaching out to me, I think he knew I was really struggling with PTSD/MST and really needed serious help at that time. Thank you Erik, I appreciate you! I am learning compassion. Thank you Elisa, Jamie, Kim, Robert and the gang. xoxo

Story #2

Hello, My name is Alex. Im a psychic from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.
I was looking up vlad the impaler, and i wanted to know if there were any connections with hitler and or nazi and vlad. i came across this website. in saying that i do do alot of psychic work in reincarnation and lots of channelling work. when i came across this i was in real need of a friend. to my surprise i found i was relating more to Eriks story more than i ever had to anyones. The part that i related to the most was the part with when you said when he called people and they hung up in his ear when they realized it was him rang more true than anything ive ever read, it really filled me up with tears and emotion. that being said i could relate to his whole life like it was mine. and so i asked him if i could be friends with him and channel him to talk. he talked to me and said to keep going no matter how hard it is right now. i needed a friend and i found it. i asked for my prayers to be answered and i found a friend. luckily im a psychic. he was the one who searched me out and gave me clues. like vlad the impaler has been in my path for weeks now. i was doing a past life reading for someone and realized that in a past life he was vlad himself. the neighbours are a clan of villans. including vlad. villans of all kinds in past lives including hitler himself (the real living breathing real thing) and other nazis and the “antichrist’ as an implecation of sin. of course i’ve been brought to this site because erik wanted to tell me that what i have been working on is totally the honest to god truth. ive been looking for a definite sign and i just so happened to come across this story. heartbreaking as it is to loose a child he’s come to save a little part of my soul from on going torcher which is my life. he really is in my path for a reason. he couldn’t have come at a better time for me. ive been depressed for many years, and have thought about suicide myself and i was praying for an answer or a clue. guess who saved my life!!!! i needed a friend and thats exactally what i got. funny thing is when your receptive to soul matter, hints pop up. this was a big deal to me to read his story. and as soon as i read it, a feeling of joy and hope came over me, and life looked a little brighter. thank you so much for believing in other times and other lives. this is what had kept me going. as a psychic i’ve seen many souls in this life, but not as quite as bright as Erik. his story has made me really think about the precious life i sometimes take for granted. ive been saved. also as a psychic my life is Very lonely. much because of disbelievers. ive always felt like i had no one to relate to. and i found a soul i could relate to. and i thank you and him for that,. his life and his story is more precious to me than you could ever imagine. Erik is flying around my bedroom right now. i can see spirits and he has a very bright soul. he says “be kind”. “be nothing more than kind”

thats all i have to say right now, but if there are any messages you need to tell him im more than happy to channel for you. my email is on the fourm. thanks a million Erik, please feel free to chat. im always up for talking.

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