A note of thanks from a blog reader

Hi Elisa,

Good Morning, hope you are doing well.
I am a regular reader of your blog ever since I discovered it about an year ago. It has transformed me in many ways. I read your daily posts as well as the archives. But till now i have not even been able to read even half of the archives. My God, how muc??h information you have put out there. It is full of every possible information on all topics a spiritual seeker needs to know.

Erik’s guidance & information is par excellence, he is the master teacher, an excellent guide & above all “a friend in need”.
He is such a great soul & such a cool dude. Whenever i have asked for his help he has helped me to such an extent that for the first time in my life i understood the meaning of the phrase – “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. He is a true friend & he does all this help by staying in the background & doesn’t ask for any recognition or praise in return. I cannot ever thank him fully enough.

You have been working so hard with your time & efforts to do all these channelings & thanscribing to bring us daily a new blog post to read & you have been doing it regularly come rain or sunshine. You have also been working to bring us the app? free of cost? & other things such as the radio show. You have been doing all this with your own hard earned money and? time & effort? not asking anything from us in return. How can we blog readers ever thank you enough for this?!?

You have transformed lives & touched lives every where. You have provided solace to many bereaved ?parents? & many souls who have lost somebody in their lives. Erik’s guidance has uplifted everyone who has cared to listen to what he has to say.
I have no words to thank you enough for all this. I can’t find proper words except to say you thanks a million times.

My wife is skeptical by nature so One day she asked me what is this erik blog that i talk often about? I narrated? her,? your story in brief & in the end i said that elisa & erik are two souls who have burned in the fire of suffering, torment, heartbreak & agony only to use the light of that fire to light the whole world.
I think no other words describe your & erik?’s journey together better.?

I was thinking of expressing my gratitude since a long time so today i took up the time to express it today no matter what. I am sure lots of readers feel the same kind of gratitude but are too busy to find time to write to you. Hence you do not get to know about that. So multiply this letter a hundred times, thats the fan mail you should be actually receiving everyday.

finally, take care of yourself & thanks for all that you have done. May God bless you.

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