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It was one of the many nights when I couldn’t sleep, and I turned on my iPad to browse the internet. I found the Channeling Erik website and started reading the blog. When I read the excerpt in which Erik got down on his knee and apologized to Elisa, I began weeping. Our beautiful son, Nathan, took his own life in 2014. He suffered from depression. Somehow, I felt as if Nathan wanted me to see that.
That was early 2016 when I first read that apology, and I have been a fan ever since. I have read both of the books, attended a public channeling session in Atlanta with Jamie and received a wonderful reading with Kim just a few weeks ago. When our family experienced the trauma and grief of Nathan’s transition, I didn’t know if we would survive. Our extended family and friends gave us so much love and support, and continue to do so, but they couldn’t understand what we endured. After I navigated the website, listened to the YouTube videos and sought out the help of the wonderful mediums, a new understanding allow me to find peace and gave me permission to live life with joy.
Thank you for your courage and hard work! You all inspire me. I love the way you reach out to us in your own way, without hype and with sincere and joyful hearts. Peace and love to you all!

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