A Visit From Erik

Night before last I woke up several times hacking ad coughing thanks to the crud that’s been circulating throughout the entire family. In the wee hours of the morning after one of those coughing fits while contemplating whether to get up and pee, I felt someone behind me placing their hands on my temples. I could tell it was Erik’s energy, because I could “feel” him laughing. He was wiggling his fingers, playing with my hair which was suffering from a severe case of bed head. I reached up to grab his hands and they felt cool. I recognized the puffiness that I remembered when I used to hold his hands in mine. Then I brought both hands to my lips and kissed them. I felt such joy at that moment. A few seconds later I saw his face with a wide grin, and beside him there were several other boys that I didn’t recognize. One had wavy, dark brown hair, and the others had lighter brown hair. I suspected they were friends that were sons from blog members witnessing Erik’s playfulness. This happened two more times during the night, again filling my heart with joy, reminding me that our loved ones live on and have never been happier.

On a more serious note, blog member, Ceridwen’s husband, El, is recuperating from major heart surgery. He had to have a heart valve replacement this week and suffered some unexpected complications. Currently, he is in ICU. Please send him all the healing energy you can.

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