Afterlife Interview with Alan Watts

I know a lot of you have been patiently awaiting this afterlife interview with Alan Watts. To tell you the truth, when the requests for his interview started rolling in several years ago, I had never heard of him, so I brushed poor Alan aside. But the incoming requests persisted, so I began to delve into his amazing work. 

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for spirit bring me to your videos this morning and your wonderful help.  I will spend the day listening to more of your You Tubes.  I’ve subscribed to your channel and will follow you on Instagram and Facebook when I stop again.
I just got hit (my fault) with a huge tax bill, but when I’m able, will work towards having a session with you.  I will also look into your event with Elisa in May, but that’s a weekend where I’m working my business (different from the RV delivery) and wouldn’t be able to be there remotely on Saturday and Sunday, so I don’t think it will work this time.
Again, thank you so very much for your help today.  I do believe that I’m an old soul and I now know I’m on my way to healing.

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I love these quotes of Alan’s!

Courtesy of BayArt

Courtesy of Hyper Leo

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Elisa: Hello, Miss V, how are you doing?

Veronica:  Hey! Hello! I am absolutely wonderful, me and your boy, we’re here, we’re ready!

Elisa: I love you, Erik!

Erik:  Love you Mama!

Elisa: I miss you, Veronica! I’ve not talked to you in so long, since I went on my supposedly trip to Norway, but ended up being a stay-cation, long story.

Veronica: Well, everybody says to me are you still doing Channelling Erik? And I said, I think I am. (laughs).

Elisa: (inaudible 0:31)

Veronica: It’s been awhile.

Elisa: Yeah, it’s good because you probably needed a break from me anyway, all right so we are going to, hopefully, Erik you can bring in Alan Watts. I will have to admit, I guess I lead a very sheltered life because I really don’t know very much, no I don’t know anything about Alan Watts, except that he has that he has awesome quotes, so you know, I keep getting people who request to interview him, so can you get him Erik?

Veronica:  First of all, I want to say I know nothing about Alan Watts, honestly, should I, because people keep asking me but Erik says to me this is going to be a very relaxing experience for both of us, and both of us, meaning me and you Elisa could stand a little chill in our life, so.

Elisa: Oh, yes!

Veronica:  Erik?

Elisa: I’m just stupid, I don’t know this guy but whatever.

Erik: It’s okay, I am happy to introduce him.

Veronica:  And so, Alan has come in, and I want to tell you, I want to give the viewers the experience of what I’m experiencing. Erik’s always here with me when we do these interviews, obviously, and he never for some reason has shoes on, and he’s very relaxed in his t-shirt and his jeans and he has a baseball cap on, that’s backwards today and in comes this energy, Alan, says call him Alan and I can immediately smell pipe smoke. It’s very aromatic, I’d don’t know if it’s cherry.

Alan:  Yes, it’s flavoured.

Veronica: But there’s a very calming presence with this person, and yet Alan, I’m going to talk about you while you are here. There’s a sense of it’s not an arrogance, it’s assuredness.

Elisa:  Oh, okay, he is quite different.

Veronica:  About him.

Elisa: Because arrogance means you are not sure of yourself, I think.

Veronica: Yeah, right because he’s not arrogant, he’s assured.

Elisa: All right, well, thank you Alan for coming on and letting us learn a little bit about you, and hopefully you can express things that you felt were not expressed when you were alive. So, let me start, saying thank you. Tell us about your upbringing for example.

Alan: It was relatively normal, I spent a lot of time alone.

Elisa:  Why?

Alan:  I was an only child, I didn’t have siblings.

Veronica: He’s not saying it in a bad way at all.

Alan: Because where we would say alone, I mean alone as in people, however, he had a very dynamic, influential relationship with nature.

Elisa: Oh!

Alan: At a very early age, my Mother was somebody who started me on the path to respecting nature and really looking to nature for answers.

Elisa:  Interesting. So, were your parents’ good parents? In your estimation.

Alan:  Absolutely, absolutely the best.

Veronica: I believe he’s telling me his father was in the ministry.

Elisa: Oh okay. Did you grow up in religion? Or was your family religious?

Veronica: Actually, his mother was less conventional, his father more conventional when it came to religion and he had both sides of that.

Elisa:  What do you mean, spirituality and.

Veronica: Mm hmm.

Alan:  My mother was more open-minded, more spiritual, and much more practical in her beliefs. Religion isn’t necessarily practical.

Elisa:  Of course not. Okay, so what are the top 3 things you learned, it sounds like you were really influenced by your Mother, what are the top 3, 2-3 things that you learned from her and that you carried with you throughout your life?

Alan:  To respect all things, all creatures. Everything that’s living and breathing is equal.

Elisa: Yup, even broccoli!

Alan: And there isn’t anything outside of us that can give us what we need, truly.

Elisa: Oh, that’s so true. It sounds like she was a wise woman.

Alan: She was a very peace-filled woman and a very secure woman, and very anchored in her belief.

Elisa: Okay, so tell me what happened with your path, how did you come to be the Alan Watts that the public knows, can you tell us a little bit about that journey?

Alan: I was always curious, I always knew.

Veronica: No, he’s correcting himself.

Alan: I was born to be a leader.

Veronica: And he doesn’t have arrogance, I think I said to you when first came on, there’s no arrogance, there’s an assuredness with him.

Elisa:  Kind of like his mother.

Veronica: Yeah, he knows that he was born to, oh he was born to unite worlds.

Elisa: Oh!

Veronica: To bring the hemispheres together, both hemispheres, the east and the west and both hemispheres of the brain.

Elisa: Oh, Wow! And how do you do that with the brain, that’s interesting, how did you help unite the left hemisphere of the brain with the right?

Alan:  It all has to do with the uniting of the western religion, western philosophy and the eastern philosophy and religion. Above and beyond everything else, there is a common denominator in the east and the west, and they’re both needed, just as there is a common denominator in the left and the right hemisphere of the brain and that is the central meeting point, where they find the seminaries and then they move forward in agreement. This is an internal process, so working with the left-brain, right-brain, it involves bringing in what you know and being acceptant of what you have no clue of knowing.

Elisa: Right.

Alan: So, there’s the uniting principle, there’s the middle ground, it’s an acceptance.

Elisa: (inaudible 8:22) the left and the right brain

Veronica: It’s an acceptance.

Elisa:  (inaudible 8:28) side versus the rational side, both sides have to, I mean a left brained person needs to be able to say, “okay, I ‘ve got an open mind, being creative type” and vice versa. Is that what you’re saying?

Alan: Yes. East meets west, where it comes to philosophies and religions.

Elisa: Well, what’s the meeting point there?

Alan: Well, the common denominator is something bigger than we are. It’s irrelevant what we call it.

Elisa: Oh yea.

Alan: Because the over arching principle is the same, and that is, it’s a love. It’s a compassion, it’s a tolerance.

Elisa:  I was going to say, my God, it’s not that there’s a greater power is it really? I mean I would feel like the middle point is love. Actually, with the left and right hemisphere of the brain of the brain too, but what do I know, I’m no Alan Watts.

Veronica: And he’s actually saying the very same thing but he’s saying that he was a pioneer in the sense that while he did subscribe, did practice, did get educated in western religion, Episcopalian, Catholic, Protestant, while he did get educated in all of that, it wasn’t his thing.

Alan: I knew that there was more to subscribe to and I was introduced via my Mother and her contacts to the Buddhist, the Zen Buddhist philosophy.

Elisa: Oh, okay. So, you were a Buddhist, or you practiced Buddhism.

Alan: I really don’t like labels.

Elisa:  Oh, yeah. You liked the flavour of Buddhism.

Alan: In my life I went through some things that made me question traditional religion. I would listen to it, I was schooled in it, but it went against the grain of what was inside of me. The soul, inside of me, is really the benchmark in all of us, if it feels like it goes against the grain, chances are it goes against the grain and it’s just not for you. There’s nothing wrong with religion per se. It’s a matter of your perspective and how you allow it or if you will allow it to fit in your life.

Elisa: And does it align with your personal truth. So, was there one particular incident that feels much bigger than the other incidents that made you question traditional western religion? I don’t know why, my face doesn’t come up when I talk, oh it’s probably a good thing. All right.

Veronica: Yeah, I don’t know and you sound kind of low.

Elisa: Oh really?

Veronica: Unless it’s me.

Elisa: I’ll check my settings, but I’ll be doing that while Alan talks.

Veronica:  I forget the question.

Elisa:  Oh, God.

Veronica: Okay, well move on to something next, because I can’t remember, and nobody’s talking to me.

Elisa: What was one particular thing that triggered you to question traditional religion.

Veronica:  Okay.

Alan:  It never rang true to him that everything out there matters more than everything in here and so religion would have you doing certain things, rituals, instead of what he knows to be the way as in being. You be these things, you don’t do them, you be love, you be compassion, you be still and that was the turning point for him. I had a life in serving or leading a religious congregate.

Elisa:  Okay.

Alan:  And it wasn’t meant to be, because my own humanity, if you will, my own indiscretions lead me to go against what it was that I was supposed to be preaching and teaching.

Elisa: Ah, okay.

Alan:  So, that was one instance, I couldn’t walk the talk.

Elisa: Okay. And then tell us about your progress beyond on that, when you got into Buddhism, what was the main thing that appealed to you with Buddhism?

Alan: It brought a sense of peace and it brought a knowing, that we are all at our core, consciousness, and it really was interesting to me, to study the mind  and the consciousness because it’s not about the external or the shoulds or the have to’s or go do this. It really is about waking up consciously.  A word that’s over used is enlightenment, now the Buddhist will tell you, that you’re on the path to enlightenment, I prefer to say, you’re waking up.

Elisa: Oh, yes.

Alan: And so, waking up means becoming aware of what your surroundings are and who you are as a spiritual being and once you wake up and become aware of who you are, it’s not to be taken lightly, you have a very big responsibility once you wake up. You can’t just deny that you’re awake, you can not go back to sleep, it just won’t happen.

Elisa: So, what you’re talking about is being aware of who you authentically are, not what society and other people have told you, you must be.

Alan: Exactly.

Elisa:  What responsibilities do we have then, once we’re awake?

Alan: You know too keep the integrity of truth, the keep the integrity of love, to keep the integrity of compassion, in a perfect situation, in a perfect world, all religions, all philosophies are only ever about love.

Elisa: The meeting point.

Alan:  Right, it’s when man gets their hands in there. They manipulate things.

Elisa: They weaponize it, they weaponize everything to control others.

Alan:  It’s not about manipulation, EVER, it’s about mindfulness. If you want something solved, in this world right now, everybody runs everywhere to have it solved, but the truth is, you have so many answers within you, if you could just, here’s the key, still your mind.

Elisa: Yeah, so you could tap in to your higher self, I guess.

Alan: Mm hmm.

Elisa: To the knowledge that is inherent in your soul.

Alan: Mm hmm, yep, and the 10 commandments are very relevant in every religion in every philosophy because, hello, they’re common sense.

Veronica: And I want to say, just as a note here, his personality is, he’s using the word saucy, I’m using the word sassy, he’s quite the flirt.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica: And, I would say, forgive me Alan, but I’m going to say, he’s a little bit full of himself, in a good way, meaning that he’s confident but at times, he can appear overly confident which can be intimidating to the listener.

Elisa: Well, that’s the listener’s problem. Come on.

Veronica: Right.

Elisa: Own yourself, man, I think it’s great. All right, let me ask you think, what was your spiritual mission, in your life as Alan Watts?

Alan: Well that’s easy, I know that my spiritual mission was to unite the world, literally.

Veronica: And when he says unite the world he means east meets west. Bringing on this whole wave, this whole movement of surrender and consciousness.

Alan: At a time when I came on the scene, the public scene, it was unheard of that you could take the Buddhist tradition, the Zen tradition and you could live that versus the Catholism, which was really at it’s height mid-century. I knows that I went there to open minds, open hearts and enlighten people about the Zen of life and not just the philosophy or the practice of Zen Buddhism but the Zen of life, the truth that there is nothing to panic about. The reality is everything’s going to happen the way it’s going to happen.

Elisa: We’re eternal beings, what’s the worst that can happen to us, you know, come on.

Alan: Yep, but people get wrapped up in their stories and they get wrapped up to the point they look for approval, whether it be from the church, from their peers, from their family and when they look for approval, they lose a sense of themselves and so they begin to take on other people’s opinions just to fit in.

Veronica: He saw a lot of that.

Elisa:  Yeah, that’s what the basis of my books were about, kids are being raised to be externally directed, they’re being guided by opinions instead of being self directed but that’s a whole other thing. All right, so how did you unite the east and the west?

Alan:  I literally brought Zen to America, I literally introduced the concept of Zen Buddhism to America.

Elisa:  All right, so how did you unite the left hemisphere of the brain with the right hemisphere of the brain?

Alan:  Because the logic and the creativity, which are both hemispheres, I was able to speak logically to the listener and present a logical case, where they could then incorporate their creative imagery in a life that could perpetuate from this philosophy.

Elisa:  Wow! Gosh, okay, well what do you feel like your greatest accomplishment was? That? Probably, I mean that’s pretty big.

Alan:  Well, yeah along with lots of the books that I wrote.

Veronica: He’s also saying about the books he wrote and Alan I don’t know your stuff, I’m sorry, but he’s saying the books he wrote had the common theme and kind of said the same thing in different ways. So, the message is the message, is the message, kind of like what Erik does with us, there’s one message or two messages but how it’s going to be delivered is different each time.

Elisa: I got you. Yeah because some people learn from a different sequence of words and different types of (inaudible 22.00), that makes sense.

Veronica: Exactly.

Elisa: Okay, so were you here to learn anything?

Alan:  Actually, one of the things I struggled with was relationship. I had an extra party in my marriage, but I viewed her as my muse.

Elisa: Oh.

Alan:  But it was an intimate relationship in addition to the marriage.

Veronica: In other words, what I think I’m hearing him say, let me clarify.

Alan: I was such a free spirit, that I really had a hard time in this life buckling down and adhering to society’s rules.

Elisa:  Yeah, social norms. Yeah.

Veronica:  Because he really was somebody that was out there and just kind of opening up people’s consciousness, opening up to the idea, even that the brain could hold the capacity that we’re just these infinite little beings here that have complete control over our destiny by using choice and free will.

Elisa: Okay, so in that, the whole relationship struggle, what was the lesson you were to learn?

Veronica: He sits back, he’s almost like contrite and he’s very, he’s doing this (stroking the chin), “hmmm, what did I learn”?

Alan: I always looked a life as a classroom, so I was always learning. Everything that happened was a learning experience, so for this, the relationships.

Veronica: He’s saying something to the effect that I didn’t, oh monogamy wasn’t for me.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica:  So, I’m not sure what that means.

Elisa:  What’s the lesson?

Veronica: Yeah, I don’t know.

Elisa:  Was the lesson that different strokes for different folks? Or was the lesson about trying to protect the feelings of your loved one, like the spouse that felt betrayed, I don’t know, I mean how did your spouse feel about all of that?

Veronica: You know it’s interesting because I almost feel like, you know I’ve interviewed Stephen Hawking, I ‘ve done you know, I feel like he doesn’t dumb it down enough for me.

Elisa: Me either.

Veronica:  He’s extremely articulate and well spoken with his words and he’s very calm, but it’s almost that, I feel at times like he can be semantical with what he’s saying.

Elisa:  Okay, all right.

Veronica:  So, what is the lesson, like Erik, help me bring it down to the level where I can.

Elisa: Come on Erik, what in the heck is that guy saying his lesson was?

Erik: When all is said and done, when it all boils down the main thing with Alan was to learn truth at a personal level.

Elisa: Oh, wow, that’s deep, okay.

Erik: Personal truth, and conviction to personal truth.

Veronica: Now that might mean in his personal life.

Alan: Yes, in my personal life, in my professional life.

Veronica:  He’s actually telling me that this indiscretion as he calls it, took away his professional title, in traditional capacity, in traditional religion.

Elisa:  Well that doesn’t take away from what you taught people.

Alan: No.

Veronica: He’s saying but it needed to be, I don’t know if I’m hearing him say he was a priest, he’s saying he was the clergy, and his title that went away, it needed to go away so that he could expand consciousness and open people’s minds.

Elisa:  No labels.

Veronica: Right! Right! Exactly.

Elisa:  Well do you have any regrets?

Alan: No. Regrets are pointless, even when I crossed over, the life review, yes there’s things you look at but I truly embraced my philosophy, I tried to live a life that embraced the do unto others, the 10 commandments,  you know the Buddhist way would call it the 4 Noble Truths, the 8th path, that was really what I lived, and what I breathed and what I taught. The core of Zen, to be Zen is to be one with, to be in consciousness, to be in alignment with your inner self and to take direction from your inner self.

Elisa: So, shut off the external beacons, the compasses that are trying to steer you awry. Well can you describe another life that seem to influence your life as Alan Watts, the most?

Alan: I had a scientific background and I struggled in that life, because as a scientist in that life.

Elisa: In which life?

Veronica: A previous life, in one of his previous lives, he was a scientist and it just didn’t jive with what was inherent in him, which would ultimately come to light and be born in the next life.

Elisa: So, yeah it was to left-brained, right?

Alan: Yes.

Elisa: It didn’t have any connection with the right brain in that one.

Alan:  There was no balance in that life.

Elisa:  It didn’t align with your inner truth.

Alan:  Yes.

Elisa: Okay. Have you reincarnated now, as far as the linear timeline is concerned?

Alan: No.

Veronica: And actually, the work that he does, is still relevant and it’s obviously still relevant and he’s still doing the same level of work.

Elisa: Oh!

Veronica: Meaning he’s still working on consciousness and Zen and slowing down people’s minds.

Elisa:  How are you doing that, from that after-life?

Veronica: He’s actually doing it through the modality or the practice or the philosophy of Yoga.

Elisa: Oh! So, he’s like influencing people who are doing people who are doing yoga, or influencing yoga teachers or all of the above?

Veronica:  Yes, working with centers, working with beings.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Veronica:  That are actually working with, and Erik wants me to stop and explain something here. When we say that they work with it is a mind thing.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica:  Where Alan’s consciousness.

Alan: Yes, yes, yes.

Veronica: Alan’s consciousness pops into the person’s consciousness, the person’s mind, and all of a sudden it becomes a thought, a feeling that they didn’t have. People won’t always take the time to say “hmm, where did that come from?”

Elisa: Yeah.

Veronica:  But that’s what he’s doing.

Elisa:  They take all the credit probably. All right do you have a message for us, for humanity or advice?

Alan:  The way to a peaceful existence is to create an inner unity between opposites.

Elisa: Okay.

Alan:  So, what that means is accept the fact that we have both sides in us.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica: Okay.

Alan: Let them meet, okay, with no judgement.

Elisa: Ah, I got you.

Alan: Because everything needs an opposite, without an opposite we won’t know either one. So, we should not look at something as right or wrong or good or bad, let there be an inner unity to opposites.

Elisa:  Yeah, that’s what Erik says, there’s no right or wrong, everything’s just a lesson and of course you can’t truly appreciate hot unless you experience cold and vice versa.

Veronica:  Absolutely.

Alan:  But that’s the big thing that I would like people to understand because there’s a lot of victim mentality.

Elisa:  Oh, god, yes!

Alan: When you reside in victim mentality you can not live a still based conscious life.

Erik:  It’s like you’re pedaling a bike with no chain, you’re just going no where with that.

Elisa: A perfect, well not a perfect example but one example is my upbringing was so much abuse, of course early on I was a victim, acted like a victim but eventually I thought there is no right or wrong to this, I am so grateful for the lessons I received from this and that allowed me to surrender to it all, so, I was very grateful for the fact that it taught me how to be a better Mother a better nurturer, more compassionate, more assertive, etc., so is that what you’re talking about?

Alan:  Yes.

Veronica: I look over here because he’s here and Erik is here.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Alan:  You know it’s not about annihilating anything or eradicating anything, it’s about allowing and accepting and letting every piece of you exist because it all has meaning.

Elisa:  Yes! And value, right?

Alan: Absolutely.

Elisa: All right, now can you share anything kind of cool that nobody or very few people know about you? it can be silly things, like you wore different colour socks.

Alan: People may or may not know this but I was fascinated with writing, I just loved to write because when I wrote it was an out of body experience for me, it wasn’t me writing per se. My name is on the books, but it was something took over.

Elisa: Oh, so you feel like it was channeled basically,

Alan: Exactly!

Elisa: Channeled from other beings or from your higher self? Or all of the above?

Alan:  Both, all of it because here’s the thing, we need to get to the place where people understand and accept and embrace, there is no them and us.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Alan: We’re all one.

Elisa:  Yes.

Alan: We’re not pieces of, we are pieces of the whole, but within these pieces contains the whole, the all of.

Elisa: Like a hologram.

Alan: Yes.

Elisa: Right.

Alan:  Yes.

Elisa:  All right, so Erik do you have a question for Mr. Watts or is it Dr. Watts?

Veronica: You know Erik is, Erik is sitting here, he’s concurring with everything that Mr. Watts is saying and actually they’ve spent time together, I didn’t know that until, I sat down right before this call, because I told Erik I was a little anxious about this, and you know Erik says, listen I’ve met him, he’s very chill, so Erik and he have had conversations. One of the people who have joined their conversations was Einstein.

Elisa: Oh, wow! Interesting!

Veronica: Yeah, very cool.

Elisa: I would have loved to be a bug on the wall for that one!

Veronica: My, god I would totally, just have to sit back and be like duh!

Elisa:  So, Erik name one cool thing that came from the conversation between the 3 of you.

Veronica: (laughing)

Erik: I think like Einstein!

Elisa:  Oh, Wow! Awesome.

Veronica: Yeah, and I’ve got to tell you and I don’t know who, if this has been spoken or not and forgive me for not knowing. Erik just said to me today when I was working with clients that I bring him in for sometimes when they ask, he has achieved or is very close to achieving ascended master’s status.

Elisa: Oh, really?

Veronica: So, he’s kind of.

Erik: So, I’m kind of working though the channels. Not everyone is destined for Ascended Masters.

Elisa:  Well, I hope you didn’t pull a Felicity Huffman and doctor your resume there, dude! I’m kidding.

Erik: Mom, what did you do? Did you do something to get me this?

Elisa: (laughs) Yeah, right. Okay, so Erik, you don’t have any questions for him?

Erik: No, I’m good.

Elisa: Okay, well let me just really quickly go through a few of the blog members, not very many questions. Do you still recommend the study of Zen Buddhism?

Alan: Absolutely, it’s the only way.

Elisa: The middle way. Okay, let’s see, I know he was a Zen priest, okay, and these are questions that pertain to another school of Buddhism but maybe he can answer them. What is a Dakini? Would Dakini’s incarnate into the Earth realm, what realm do they come from? And why do they incarnate there? I’ve never heard of it. Sounds like a cocktail, you know, I’ll have a chocolate Dakini, please.

Veronica:  Yeah, I’m not getting anything, there’s nothing.

Alan: That’s not true.

Elisa: Okay. All right, there’s no Dakini.

Veronica: I don’t know what it is, he’s just saying it’s not true.

Elisa: Not true, okay, we’ll go on. What actions do you think people should take to make the world a better place? Oh, that’s a good one!

Alan:  You can look at the whole philosophy of Buddhism, you could look at the philosophy of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, the core of every philosophy and every religion, hello! Is love.

Elisa: Absolutely.

Alan: Instead of getting angry because somebody cut you off, send them a piece of love. People’s egos get in the way and they have to be right, and so out the door goes 15 years of studying Buddhism.

Veronica: He’s being facetious, but it can happen that way.

Elisa:  That reminds me of J.P Sears, he does these tongue in cheek things about ultimate spirituality and he’s talking about how wonderfully spiritual he is, sitting on the steps and this guy comes down the steps and he actually bumps him and he goes “oh God, I can’t believe how unconscious he is!”. It’s so funny.

Veronica: (laughs) Yeah, something like that.

Elisa:  Yeah, will the hope of the world come out of China as Edgar Casey said?

Alan:  The hope of the world?

Elisa:  I don’t know what that means. Is there any truth to what Edgar Casey said about China?

Alan:  In the sense that we will all be unified, that we will all be, it’s not about being under China’s regime, or being under the U. S’s regime, it’s about a unified belief.

Elisa:  Okay,

Veronica:  So, I would, this is me Veronica, I would think probably the Chinese, aren’t they Communist, I don’t know how, but he’s saying a unified belief.

Elisa:  So, what belief, Erik, you could share, maybe, what belief is Edgar Casey talking about?

Erik:  The belief of oneness.

Veronica: And as does Alan.

Elisa:  Well, I don’t even know, Chinese are Buddhist, I think, mostly, right?

Veronica:  Oh, I don’t know, look at see, I’m an idiot, I don’t know.

Elisa: Like on Hogan’s Heroes, I know nothing, I hear nothing.

Veronica:  There’s Tibetan Buddhist, and yes and the Chinese are Buddhist, yes, but in the vein, I think that’s what he is saying to be under that one presence, that one belief of oneness, and unity and love and the 8-fold path, the 4 noble truths.

Elisa: All right, it says here that Buddhism is China’s oldest form of religion, it merged with native Taoism and folk religion, so that’s right, okay.

Alan: It’s really difficult to put into words what this is, and inevitably when you put it into words it loses something in translation.

Elisa:  Oh of course. Our vocabulary, it just isn’t enough.

Veronica: It just is, it’s just a being, it’s a sense.

Elisa: Okay, has your thinking Alan changed much since your death?

Alan:  Not at all.

Elisa: Oh, Wow!

Alan:  Everything I knew, everything I believed. I believed in God, the way that I know God, God is all being, is in all of us, you know, he’s a regular dude.

Veronica: He’s saying a regular dude but, in the sense, that he’s in us, we’re all pieces of it.

Elisa:  Exactly! How can the conflict in the Middle East and Syria be stopped? I don’t know if this is in your wheel house or not.

Alan:  What else would I say except for the 4 noble truths, the do unto others, it’s really not going to stop, because what you have here is, you have a pissing match. The men are pulling out, whose bigger than who, and I’ll show you mine’s bigger than yours. Its total ego based which there’s no eradicating that.

Elisa: No, that’s all fear based.

Veronica:  Absolutely.

Elisa:  Okay, well that’s too bad, maybe in 10, 000 years, I don’t know.

Veronica: Well, let me just be clear because he’s also further saying that it will just move jurisdiction, it’s just going to move somewhere else.

Elisa: Ugh! Terrible. What advice would have for people struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction?

Alan: Do exactly what Zen tells you and that is to live in the present moment. Addictions come because people are anxious or they are in fear and they worry and the only reason anxiety and worry exists is because people relive the past or they fear the future.

Elisa:  Yeah, so they’re not in the now, they’re stuck in the future, or the past or maybe a little bit of both sometimes.

Alan: The reason there is an addiction is because it numbs that fear and if we lived in this moment right now and realized there is only this moment and we can’t do anything other than be in the moment, you’d have no reason to have fear.

Elisa: Okay, so what is the best way to get into and stay in the now?

Alan:  Become conscious of the moment.

Elisa: It’s so hard.

Alan:  It takes practice like everything else. When you are washing your hands, be washing your hands, feel the soap on your hands, feel your fingers run together, when you’re driving your car, feel your hands on the wheel, that’s what it means.

Elisa:  That is really great advice! And watch those stop signs too, for sure. Don’t be thinking about what a bad day you had at the office, on your way home.

Veronica: You have to be present in the moment.

Alan:  So, many people miss out because they are not present in the moment, it the obvious things, like you know, I was at my kids’ birthday party but I wasn’t mentally at my kids’ birthday party, so in essence you really missed it.

Elisa: And I think it’s probably so important to tune into all your senses to do that, like the touch of the steering wheel and the sounds and sights and smells etc., right.

Alan: What this does, is it sends signals to the brain and to the mind, and it says I’m in this moment, this is all I have and you can’t go into conflict, like the left brain can’t take over and the right brain can’t take over because this is all there is, is this moment.

Elisa: And also, I hear that breathing, just like, consciously being aware of your breathing is a great way to be in the now, if you don’t have a steering wheel to touch, etc., etc., right?

Alan: You always have your feet on the ground, or you should.

Elisa:  Okay. Now, just a couple more questions, what if any school of Buddhist teachers would you suggest?

Alan:  Study Zen Buddhism.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica:  That’s what he, you know talked about, that’s what he studied, that’s what he taught, Zen Buddhism.

Elisa:  Okay. Did you have any other lives as a Monk before you incarnated as Alan Watts?

Alan: No, necessarily.

Elisa:  All right, last one, what is your favorite memory of your life as Alan Watts?

Alan:  The birth of my children.

Elisa: Aw. That’s nice! That’s one of my favorites too. All right, let’s close up, thank you so much, Alan, thank you Erik for helping us out and bringing him forward, I love you. Veronica, do you have any questions for Mr. Watts?

Veronica: No, actually I’m going to do some journaling with him and sit down and learn.

Elisa: Lucky you! All right, I love you Veronica! And you guys check her out at, which I will put here. Talk to you later guys.

Veronica: Bye!

Elisa: Thank you, Miss.V. Thank you Erik, Thank you Alan.

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