Erik on Suicide

As many of you might have seen on Facebook, I’ve decided to not have any ads or articles (with rare exception) on the blog. When people want me to showcase their products or services, I have a hard time saying no. I guess I have a very strong desire to help others and obviously boundaries that are much too weak. All of this “clutter” serves to distract from the main mission of Channeling Erik, and that is to channel my son. Dur. I’m sorry I didn’t make this decision earlier!

Many of you may also have heard that Veronica, thanks to Erik’s pestering, is back on board. Check out her message on this video:

One more thing. If you missed the show last night, don’t worry. You can always access the archives via the button on the righthand sidebar of the homepage of the blog. Here’s is last nights show with guests, Ryan Adragna ( and Denise Ramon ( This show was especially fun. Lot’s of laughing mixed with wisdom!

Enjoy this video about suicide as channeled by Raylene Nuañes. You can find her at

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