Aligning with Your Life Purpose, Part Two

My poor husband has the worst luck on company trips. Last night, he was at a bar with his buddies after all the meetings and some lady started grinding against him. He told her to get away (at least that’s what he claims, haha) but later he realized that she had taken his wallet from his front pocket. The year before that, he left his computer and iPad at the TSA. Once he got home, he realized that his computer bag was really light, and then came that sinking feeling. He made the claim via email but for weeks received no response. He’s a typical guy, so he didn’t care about following up and was about to buy a new iPad and computer, but I said, ‘Wait! You have to be more aggressive! The squeaky wheel gets the grease!’ I told him he needed to use threats so he did. He wrote that he was going to write a letter to Homeland Security and within ten minutes, he received a reply, “We have both pieces of equipment here. Give us your Fedex number and we’ll overnight them to you.”  Another trip, well, let’s put it this way: Late night+wanting the USA Today paper outside the door+going out without close+hearing the door click behind you. No key. Not good. Anyway, I’m not sure I want him to go on any more of these company trips!

Here’s a bit more about Michelle, as well as the second part of our session!

As far back as my memories allow, I have been extremely sensitive to the energies of all things. People (both in the flesh and in spirit), animals, places and things. I have been able to see and communicate with spirits my entire life. I was born a natural medium though I was very reluctant to share this information with anyone until I was in my mid 20’s. I don’t hail from a long line of sensitives, it was just me.

 Many children come into this world in the vibration that allows them to see and hear spirit, however, they more often than not, grow into the life they’re here to live and the gifts fade away, not meant for them to retain. Then there are those like myself, the ones whose gifts didn’t fade, but instead got stronger and more refined.

From a very early age, I was drawn like a magnet to anything metaphysical or parapsychological. I served on paranormal investigative teams, earned Master Apprenticeship certification in Advanced Aromatherapy through the Northwest Institute for Herbal and Aromatic Studies, and earned 2 degrees in Reiki. I read more books on the subjects than I can even count. Aromatics and Reiki are wonderful healing modalities but they didn’t really make use of the gifts I was born to use.

As a medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant, I was born with a huge responsibility. I had to accept what my purpose was for being in this life and mediumship is just a portion of that purpose. I was given all the tools required to do all jobs set in front of me. I am here to heal others by providing knowledge and understanding of the afterlife. I prefer to call it the everlife instead of afterlife because consciousness does survive. It doesn’t die along with the body. A medium, like myself,  is a translator between us and them, and a teacher to guide you to recognize communication when they try to reach you and you don’t have a medium present to translate.



Elisa: How do we get derailed or how is it that some of us never get aligned with our spiritual purpose or again, get derailed from it?

Erik (M): Well, he’s saying, he’s like…Well, society. Expectations. You know, what we may wanna do may not be acceptable or ….

Michelle: I can only speak from my case but…

Erik (M): He’s saying, say you have a bunch of lawyers…or a family, both parents are lawyers. This is just an example. They want their children to follow in their footsteps, but that child doesn’t want to be a lawyer, he wants to be a carpenter. Because he enjoys working with his hands and building things. But that’s kind of looked down upon because it’s not in line with what his family wants him to do.

Elisa: Ya

Erik (M): So he puts away what he wants to do to appease the family and he ends up not being happy where he’s at.

Elisa: ok

Erik (M): He’s living a completely different energy that he came here to live.

Elisa: So that’s the biggest reason for derailment I’m sure. Society, peers, mothers, fathers, siblings, ya, friends. Ok. Now how can we get aligned with our life purpose?

Michelle: Like he said before, meditation would be a good thing.

Erik: If you don’t know and if you want a ‘quick’ answer,

Elisa: I want a quick answer, I want it quick and easy, right now! Step one, step two, step three, step four. A to-do list, c’mon!

Erik (M): The easiest he’s saying is numerology. You got nine numbers. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. He says, you do have Master Numbers, there’s only like…eleven, twenty two and thirty three. He’s like the process behind numerology he says is each number has a predictable vibration and each person is born into a life path “number” that will resonate that vibration.

Elisa: Ok

Erik (M): And that is the easiest, QUICKEST way, to find out.

Elisa: Ya know, I think I had an app on my iphone, that was, I don’t know if it was life path or something but it was a numerology app that was so incredible, it did everything about what your life path is, what your weaknesses and strengths are, relationships, it’s huge. I’ll try to find it while Erik keeps talking. Can’t keep up with my iphone.

Michelle: He’s telling me, well I guess he’s telling me this because numerology was one of things that I went to to find out (Air quotes around find out) what my life path was, after I had shut out everything. Cause here, I just want to live a normal life.

Elisa: Ya of course.

Michelle: Sometimes I just wanna be like everybody else…

Elisa: Ya, sure.

Michelle: and was hoping a numerologist could tell me…well you need to be an architect or something like that.

Elisa: How old were you when you did that?

Michelle: That was probably….actually a few years ago because it was AFTER I shut down my gifts. I was ignoring them, kind of just…putting them away and when I had my reading done, she came back, and I don’t know all the ins and outs myself of numerology, but she came back and she said, the first words out of her mouth were, “ Holy cow! Are you a Medium?” And I said, “Reluctantly.” That was my response to her. And I said, why do you say that? She says, “You have two elevens, Master Number Elevens, in your core four numbers.” So, my Life Path is an eleven and so is my Soul Urge. She’s like, a lot of people, you know eleven is not as common, but it’s even less common to have two in your life path.

Elisa: Ya, ya. I think the name of the app is Peaceful Warrior App. You guys check it out on the store or Google Play for android. So, I’m pretty sure that was it, but you can also just kinda look around, search life path or numerology, etc. So. Wow. So.

Erik (M): He’s saying that it’s actually, it’s a very good representation or a … He’s like ya, that’s right, he says numerology is the simple way to go.

Elisa: Simple way to go. Ok. How would you characterize Michelle’s life path other than to say she’s to be a Medium? Anything else?

Erik(M): Well, no she’s here for more than just medium. She’s here as an illuminator or to enlighten and to help people heal.

Elisa: And how is she to do that?

Erik (M): Well, she starting to do it right. He says …

Elisa: YAY! (Clapping)

Erik (M): Accepting and using the gifts that I was born with is the first step. And he’s saying, I’m gonna make sure she continues.

Elisa: Alright! So what is my life purpose? And am I aligned with it? Be gentle. Gulp.

Michelle: I would think that you are aligned with it.

Elisa: Erik saying this?

Michelle: No, that’s me saying it.

Elisa: Ok

Michelle: He’s scratching his chin. But he’s like, Yes. He says, Yes, you are aligned with it.

Elisa: Ok

Erik (M): You are also into…you also want to heal people.

Elisa: Ya

Erik (M): And you get soul gratification in doing that.

Elisa: Ok. Is there anything I’m not doing that I should be doing?

Erik (M): He says you’re doin great Mom!

Elisa: Ok. Alright, well there’s people that want me to do other things then I feel like, auck, I don’t know if I have time or energy for all those things. Ya know like starting an online course, for spirituality course for adults and possibly even kids ten to seventeen or something and I’m supposed to write a big six thousand word chapter for a book. So, but, so, ya sometimes we’re in line with our life purpose but we don’t get the max out of it I guess. It’s one thing being aligned but it’s some people aren’t fully doing everything they need to do. And that’s hard.

Erik (M): Well, he says, Mom, do what you can do, don’t do too much that’s gonna wear you down, but he says, remember, he’s saying delegate, delegate, delegate.

Elisa: I know. It’s hard. Not my strong suit.

Erik (M): He said, No, It’s Not.

Elisa: No. Anything else about aligning with your life path? He said, H

Erik (M): He just wants to make sure that everybody out there can take the time to find out what their purpose is so that they don’t run into the depression and anxiety and physical ailments that can make your existence here, your experience here more miserable than they have to be.

Elisa: oh…ya, absolutely. And you can ask Michelle The Midwest Medium too. So, what is your website so people can get in touch with you.


Elisa: Well that makes it easy. . Where do you live?

Michelle: I am south of St. Louis-southeast of St Louis-southwest of St. Louis. So, I’m in Missouri.

Elisa: OK so definitely in the Midwest. Definitely in the Midwest, that’s awesome. Erik, anything you to share before we close?

Michelle: He’s messing with my dog. …. ERIK

Elisa: Focus Erik! ADD.

Michelle: Mom says Focus!

Elisa: Spirit ADD.

Erik (M): He says…Love Everybody! He says love you Mom. And Thanks.

Elisa: Thank you. I love you too Erik. So just make sure he doesn’t pester you too much.

Michelle: I think we’ll be okay.

Elisa: I think you will too.

Michelle: I think well be ok, because if he does pester me, I’ll tell him to go away.

Elisa: Good! Ya…tell him. Bad boy. Alright, put him in time out. That’s what I used to do.

Michelle: I’ll threaten this…I tell him, I’m gonna call your Mom! I’ll tattle!

Elisa: Ohhh, there we go. That’ll do it. Thank you Michelle, I’ll send this to you right away.

Michelle: Thank you!

Elisa: Bye! Thank you Erik, I love you!

Erik (M): Love you Mom!

Elisa: This was great.

Michelle: It was new for me. I’ve never done the video.

Elisa: Awesome, well you did great. Bye everybody!

Michelle: Thanks. Bye!

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