Need help with my Mom and her grief

I found Erik’s and your website by chance some months ago and defer to it pretty much on a daily basis. It has helped me strengthen my spiritualism and open my mind even more. I try very hard to expel these spiritual awakenings onto my Mother, as she is grieving for almost 5 years now since my father’s passing over, and she gets it, but she’s not really listening or trying to impart any of it into her own life so she can help herself. It’s really sad when she starts to tear up all of a sudden and says, “I miss your Dad.” I try really hard to be her rock, but I wonder if Erik or you may have an insight into what I may be able to do to help lift some of her grief? My father’s name is Ray Andress, (my Mom is Sue) maybe Erik could talk to him? Give me a message to her to help her carry on better until she can see him again. I don’t know what to do, but I do my best – if that even makes any sense!

Anyway, I think you are both wonderful and have a very strong and loving Mother/Son relationship. I appreciate the information your are putting out there to open people’s eyes to “reality” of our life’s purpose. God bless!


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