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You guys are going to get a kick out of this one. I think Erik really loves talking about Sasquatch. He might be a little jealous, though, because Erik’s feet were tiny. He wore a size seven if that. Kind of reminds me of those little Japanese women who bind their feet. You’ll notice that I have this post divided into Part One and Part Two. That’s because I asked him questions about Bigfoot on two different occasions. Enjoy!


Me: Is Bigfoot real?

Jamie (still laughing so hard she can barely talk): Oh my god, he says yes! Erik, explain to me please. (pause) Because this is funny, cuz this is a huge topic in our house. My husband loves Bigfoot.

Me: Oh, I love Bigfoot, too! I love watching those programs about him!

Of course I’m getting a little frustrated, because they never seem to find him. I don’t think they want to. It’d mean the end of the show.

(Long pause)

Erik: Just because—

Jamie (to Erik): God Erik, you can just rant and rave! Okay, okay, I’ll say it.

Erik: Just because humans inhabit the earth, and they believe they’re the smartest animal alive because they can document and record things and take pictures doesn’t mean that they’ve covered every inch of this earth! There is so much left unexplored. Think of the ocean, alone. We think we’ve tapped everything out, but shit, we’re just now learning that dogs have spiritual emotions.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: Why didn’t we know that before?

Me: I can see it in my own puppies. So, why haven’t we found any bodies or other indisputable evidence? Tell me more.

(Long pause as Jamie listens)

Jamie: Errrikkkk! He’s saying it’s like an alien race.

Erik: They’re intelligent; they do not leave their dead behind.

Me: Oh! What, do they eat them?

Jamie: I asked the same question!

Erik: No, they don’t eat ‘em!

Me: Put them in a little rocket ship? Burn them?

Jamie: He shows me rocks, water, burials, but he’s telling me something about dimensional changes with the Bigfoot.

Erik: We live in dimensions 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and Bigfoot kinda resides in 3, 4, and 5, or 3, 4, 5, 6.

Me: Oh!

Erik: So the visual connections that we make with them, um, they inhabit a body, we can touch them, we can interact with them, but they do NOT want to communicate with us. They’re intelligent, so they’re not like at the ape level. They use tools, and they live outside and have kind of an animal-like structure, but they’ve got a very high intelligence and can travel between dimension and times.

Me: So we can see them only when our common dimensions mesh?

Erik: Yes, and that’s why it’s been so difficult to capture one alive, but so many people have had interactions with them.

Me: What about that famous film of Bigfoot walking? Is that a hoax or the real thing?

Erik: No, it’s the real thing.

Jamie: He’s saying something about a rock thrower.

Me: Hmm. Why don’t they want to talk to us? What are we, chopped liver or something?


Me: Where’s the love, Mr. Bigfoot? Don’t be a hater!

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: I think they see us more like dogs or kitty cats.

Me: Oh my god!

Erik (laughing): It is that kind of difference.

Me: When they die, do they go to where you are, Erik?

Erik: No, because it’s like a difference race, really, like an inhabitant of a different planet or something. I’ll find out more for you later.


Me: Earlier, you said that Bigfoot and Yeti were inter-dimensional beings. I think you said that we were in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions and they were on the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, so there’s some overlap there. Could you elaborate on that a little bit? Also, are Bigfoot and Yeti one and the same?

Erik: Yeah, Bigfoot and Yeti and one and the same. They just live in different regions.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And they do have the ability to disappear or become invisible.

Me: Do they do that by shifting to another dimension?

Erik: Yes, and they’re not harmful. They look at humans like they’re annoying little kittens.

Me: Well, tell me more about their abilities. Tell me more about them: their personalities, their lifestyles, etc.

Erik: Well, I haven’t really hung out with any—

Jamie giggles.

Me (laughing): I hear they smell really bad!

Erik: They probably smell like piss and shit.

Me: I think they do!

Erik: I think what—

Jamie: Okay, you think or you know?

Me: It’s okay. We can deal with opinions. I don’t think anybody is going to fact check you on this one.

Erik: I know what irritates them the most is that humans are expanding more, and not only are we expanding more into land and forest that normally is inhabited, but we’re also expanding into 4th and 5th dimension planes. So, we’re coming across them more often.

Me: Ah, okay. So, tell me what you know about their lifestyle. What do they do with their dead? Do they worship a god? Anything you can tell me would be helpful. Or, you can bring one in and we can talk to him or her if that would be easier.

Erik: As far as I know, they don’t worship a single god. They have many, like related to weather, the sun, rain. They don’t really travel in packs. They travel alone or in twos. Even if they have children, they’ll raise the children, and the children are expected to go on their own as soon as they’re able to. The don’t build huts or houses or any kind of structures, but they do show appreciation or attention for the food that they eat.

Me: Are they carnivores, herbivores or what?

Erik: They eat both.

Me: So, they’re omnivores.

Erik: Yes.

Jamie: He showed me that when the bones are cleaned, you know, when the meat is off of them, they’re not just thrown or discarded.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: There’s something respectful about another animal’s life.

Erik: Right, and nothing they do is to excess. They’re nomads, and they don’t have a specific location. They wander around to stay in good temperature ranges.

Me: Okay. Now, the other dimension that they go to—that they disappear to—what does that dimension look like? Does it look the same as the dimension we’re in?

Erik: Yeah, but a little more involved than what we have.

Me: What do you mean? I don’t understand.

Erik (rolling his eyes): Well, yeah, huh.

Jamie: What? What was that, Erik?

Erik: Well, there’s more detail to life. There are different types of plants; there are different kinds of nutrition; there are different animals and entities, you know, that just don’t exist on the lower planes.

Me: Oh! So, when they disappear, they’re going one dimension higher. Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: Yeah. Think of it this way. All that air space that you think you have like that empty air space in your living room—

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Only two percent of it’s empty. Ninety-eight percent of it’s full.

Me: So, they go to another dimension that’s right on top of this one?

Erik: Yep.

Me: Interesting. And why do they come to our dimension sometimes? Is it like a punishment to go to this lower dimension?

Erik: Maybe if they get away from their higher vibrational dimension they’ll appreciate theirs more. I don’t know though. I’ll have to ask one.

Me: Okay. So, how do they actually shift between dimensions? Is it like a mental or visual thing?

Erik: Well, is it hard for you to shift from 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions?

Me (laughing): I don’t know! I don’t even know what dimension I’m in half the time!

Jamie (giggling): He’s laughing at you!

Me: I thought I was in the 3rd dimension, but sometimes I’m in La-La Land. Well, can you go ask a Bigfoot real quickly?

Jamie: How they shift dimensions?

Me: Yeah. How they shift dimensions and why.


Jamie: He’s gone. He didn’t even say anything.

Me: He’s in a hurry, because we’re out of time.

Jamie: We should have waiting music, you know?

I hum the Jeopardy theme music.

Me: Or we can make those cricket sounds.

Erik reappears.

Jamie (to Erik): All right. What did you find?

Erik: They’re really simple beings; they’re not complex. They pretty much live in a meditative state—very simple, grounded to all the energy that they’re attached to. That’s how they communicate.

Me: So, they communicate telepathically?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And they’re not forceful, so for them to change between dimensions is simply a calming of the mind and a shifting of the heart. It’s not about changing the molecular makeup. They don’t have to do that. It’s just about the acceptance of their state of mind that places them in that other realm.

Me: Oh! I see. Very interesting. And why do they do it?

Erik: They do it to find peace, because they’re very independent, nomadic creatures. They like to be alone. So, if they can’t find peace where they are, they’ll just pull out of that environment and shift into another one to find solitude.

Me: Do they go from our dimension or to our dimension to find that solitude?

Erik: They go to our place to be alone. There are fewer Bigfoots here than in the higher dimensions.

Me: Oh, okay. That makes sense.



Many of you guys may be missing out on the insightful information Erik shares on his YouTube videos. Those who have watched them have really enjoyed them, so I hope you subscribe to the channel below. The first two series include questions about the nature of death and the life review and many of the troubles we encounter as humans and how to address them.


This Wednesday, May 15th, Jamie is holding her web class one how to protect yourself while communicating with spirit from 6:00-6:45 PM EST. Sign up HERE.


Dear Reader,

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As a physician raised by two atheists, I had no personal belief system about life after death. In a word, I was a confirmed skeptic. As my journey progressed, my mind opened. It is my sincerest hope that yours will open as well and that you will have a greater understanding of your own life and what’s to come ahead.

Although Erik sometimes paints a rosy picture of the afterlife, time and time again he stresses that suicide is not the answer to one’s problems. If you struggle, please understand that the information in my blog and my book is no substitute for professional help. Please click here for a list of resources for help when you find yourself considering taking your own life. Know that they are readily available when you feel that hopelessness and despair that many of us feel from time to time in our lives.

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