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Before we begin this post, I’d like to reiterate a concern of mine. Many blog members seem to have elevated Erik to the status of a quasi-deity and this idol worship makes Erik and me very uncomfortable. First, it creates this disconnect, making him seem less approachable and more detached from us as you’d expect with someone perched high up on a pedestal. Second, it makes the Channeling Erik family seem more like a cult rather than a safe place to share, gain insight and explore belief systems. Erik is really just a kid without a body. Any spirit can tap into the infinite pool of information available on the Other Side. The only difference with him is that he has a voice in Jamie, and he has a venue through which to express it. That said, let’s all try to see Erik as one of us. He really wants it that way, and so do I.

Look at him! Can you really see him as an idol to worship?

Erik Closeup

From this day forward, I plan to include the following disclaimer before every post so that new readers will understand my motives are pure.:


Please be aware that Erik and I do not want him to be elevated to an idol status. Neither Erik nor I want him to be the object of worship. He’s just a kid without a body who, like any spirit, is able to tap into the vast pool of information available in the dimension where he resides. The only difference between Erik and most other spirits is that he has a voice through Jamie and a venue through which to share with a large group of people what he knows and discovers.

Also, I would like to make it clear that I cannot accept any ad revenue or donations, and would prefer to take care of all expenses involving the blog and the channeling sessions out of my own pocket. The majority of the profits I might receive through books, etc. will be used to create and subsidize a nonprofit organization to help suicide survivors and those who contemplate suicide. I see it as the money I would have spent on his college education. To have it any other way would be to exploit his death, and, as a mother, I could never do that.


Me: What does God look like and how was He or She created? I think we’ve asked this before, but a blog member wants to know or maybe just needs clarification.

Erik: What does God look like? God is energy and can present itself to you anyway that YOU feel that you want to identify with God. If you’re thinking omnipresent and full of energy, that’s what you’re going to get. If you’re thinking white guy with a beard, that’s what you’re going to get. If you identify with God as a woman, that’s what you’re getting.

Me: Well, what does God look like when He or She or It looks into the mirror?

Jamie and Erik laugh.

Me: No seriously! What does God see in the mirror?

Erik: Mom! The mirror? The mirror is US.

Me: Oh, whoa!

Erik: You know, God divided God’s energy to know God’s self by going through us. We’re the many, many mirrors.

Me: So God isn’t inherently a white ball of light or anything, right? Unless I want to identify with him that way.

Erik: Right. God is us and we are God, part and whole.

Me: So, how was God created then? I’m guessing that since linear time is an illusion, that God always “was.” But we want you, the expert, to intervene here.

Erik (laughing) Did you just call me an expert?

Jamie (giggling): He thinks that’s funny. He’s repeating what you were saying about God always being there, but humans can’t understand that there is no beginning or end. You know, we’re not getting born, then getting older, then dying and disappearing, but that’s what most people tend to think. That’s their frame of mind.

Erik: God Source or God Energy has always existed. It was not created with the Big Bang. It didn’t grow with evolution. We’re the ones—humans—who were created by the Big Bang and evolution. We can’t compare ourselves to God Energy, and that’s what humans will automatically try to do.

Me: Okay.

A closing thought: Please send all of your prayers, love and Reiki to long time blog member, Ceridwen, who lost her beloved father, Ralph, very suddenly yesterday. They were very close, so she’s in a lot of pain. We’re family, so we help each other in the times when we feel alone.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all of your wonderful moms out there.

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