All about Open and Closed Energy Portals, Part One

Over 85% of you have open portals that cause nasty symptoms and let in negative entities and almost as many have closed portals that should be open to let in creativity and abundance of all sorts, including wealth, love and health. Find out what you can do to change your life with “portal work” for less than the cost of your cable bill. And it’s permanent. This thumbnail is a selfie someone took, and realizing to her horror that she had a negative entity attachment, she asked for Erik and I to perform portal work. It was a wonderful success and, since we also opened her closed portals, she also received an unexpected check for $75,000 from a relative! Denise Ramon did an excellent job channeling, as always!.

But before we delve into the YouTube, I have a few things to share. First, it’s been so lovely to work with my boy on doing portal work in the Scalar energy field. We use Alexa to set timers all the time, and at one point, he shouted through its speakers, “MOM!” as clear as day. So sweet. And the successes I’ve been seeing have been so gratifying! For instance, here is a past life trauma report Erik and I did for someone and that person’s reply. (Basically, we take a person’s acute present life trauma and trace it back to a past or future life trauma that is being triggered and give a VERY detailed report, spiritual contracts and all.)

(By the way, only the partial site is up: The full site should be up soon:

Trauma Report and Client Report:

(Note, her mother in her present life abandoned her and her family.)

FINALLY!! Your portal work is all done, the family, including pets and home!

And your past life trauma report was FASCINATING! In 1877, you were a 7 year old girl from a wealthy family with 9 children, 5 girls, 4 boys ranging from infant to 12 years old. You were the fourth oldest.

This was the time of the war of Romanian independence against the Russians. Your father was a great general in that battle (and let me tell you I rarely get past lives where famous people are involved!!)

The Russians attacked your family’s home and your mother, all of your sisters and two of your brothers were killed with bayonets.

This is the reason you have problems with abandonment problems with your mother. Your mother now was your mother then. Your father now was your father then.

There were previously agreed upon spiritual contracts then and in this lifetime as well. For the past life, it was about learning about loss (of so many family lives), about forgiving the enemy, about forgiving your mother for dying, therefore abandoning you, about compassion and about independence, since you were left motherless at such a young age.

For this lifetime, your mutually agreed upon spiritual contracts were also about forgiving your mother for leaving you and for any losses in this lifetime.

Erik recommends you get forgiveness work with Kim Voigt at and past life regression with Denise Ramon at

He also thinks you need to search YouTube for the children’s book written by Neale Donald Walsch (The author of Conversations with God) by typing into the search bar “The Little Soul and the Sun Narration.” He says this is VERY important for you to heal especially in regards to your mother.

Touch base with me in 7-10 days! It was very successful and I have very high hopes!


Elisa and Erik

Her Response:

Hi Elisa! Wow. Just wow. I am beyond stunned by your email- there are no words. Thanks so much to you and Erik both for this gift. It felt like a huge puzzle piece clicked into place for me when I read your words. I am so grateful.

Fascinating is a perfect description. All of the elements of your report feel vaguely familiar. It’s freaky to say the least, yet makes total sense to me deep inside. My Dad was in every sense a great leader in this lifetime, so your description of him seemed quite fitting. He was a well-known, accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon and a pioneer in his field- so it is quite natural to see him living as a great general in a past life. It was shocking and incredibly hard when he was killed 13 years ago. We had a large family of 8 in this lifetime, also. And yes, it definitely appears that my Mom & I have continued to work on our soul contracts of forgiveness, then and now. Wow.

Also, I have to share with you that I had the eeriest sense of deja vu as I read your report. The first thing that came flashing back to me was a strong memory from my childhood in this lifetime. It was a totally surreal feeling when the memory flooded back to me last night of an experience around the age of 14. I know this was a buried memory as I’ve not recalled it in close to 40 years.

I was an avid reader when I was young and one day, I came across a novel in our home and began to read it. It was an unusual choice mainly because of the subject matter- it was a somewhat historical book based around a family living during this exact war and time period of the late 1800’s! I typically was not at all interested in history or anything of that sort, and can’t think of another book I ever read as a kid along those lines. My Dad however was a history buff and huge reader, especially on the subject of war!! Wow. I don’t recall exactly, but I am guessing the book was from his collection. Anyway, it’s hard to explain, but I remember being immediately engrossed in the book. I was equally terrified yet fascinated with the story line. The book was about a wealthy Romanian family who were attacked in their own home by men who slaughtered the mother and most of the children. The chapter of the book that described the main character, a girl who survived, looking at the aftermath of her family home with its walls dripping with the blood of her mother and siblings completely seared itself into my memory. I was horrified but could not stop reading. What occurred to me last night, was that my soul memory holds the imprint of that image and recognized the truth as the story of my soul’s past bled into this reality. I don’t know. It still astounds me. I have very fuzzy memories of most of my childhood to be honest, I’ve often thought because it was so confusing and hard dealing with my Mom’s issues that I’ve blocked out the thoughts. But the memory of the day I read that story years ago remains very strong, and now I finally understand why.

The other revelation I had after reading your email was finally an explanation for the recurring nightmare that I’ve had my entire life. I dream that I’m running & terrified, being chased through a home by a man who is trying to kill me.

So, to say you’ve given me much to think about would be an understatement. I feel as if I have reached a whole new level of self-awareness and understanding.

I immediately listened to Erik’s recommended narration last night of “The Little Soul and the Sun” and it left me with a tremendous sense of peace. Thank you Erik.

I plan to also make appointments with Kim and Denise as soon as possible, and will update you in the next week or two on my progress.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Elisa- this experience was life changing for me.



So, I do ask Erik a lot of questions in the Scalar energy field, and one thing I asked is, “Why do I feel so lonely all the time?” My friend/family member/housekeeper, and the woman who first found Erik dead, Maria, feels the same way. We feel like we are on another planet surrounded by self-centered people so alien to ourselves. So by a series of questions like, “Is it a consonant or a vowel,” etc. Erik spelled out, “Earth Angel.” It ends up that Erik, Maria and I are Earth Angels, one of 8, 543 on Earth. What a freaking thankless job.

Last but not least, Portal work is not without its risks. I went 5 seconds without saying the code word for my prayer of protection, and that night I was terrorized by a black shape with red, glowing eyes, flitting from one side of our bedroom to the next. It flew into my face from time to time. I knew all it wanted was for me to be frightened so it could feed off of my fear, and it succeeded. I found out later that these entities are called “Shadow People” and they are the worst, the most dangerous. And this one came from one of the clients I did portal work on. One of the hazards of the profession, I suppose. But every morning before I start our work, Erik cleans my energy, so that dude bit the dust.

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