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This past Tuesday, our guest for the show was medium and light language expert, Linda Hack. SHE WILL UPLOAD LIGHT LANGUAGE TO YOU IF YOU LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO. Below is a bit about her and her awesomeness.

Linda Lee Hack is a published poet and author of “Channeling of September 11, 2001” available on Amazon. She’s currently co-authoring a book on awakening to spirituality with her husband, David L. Hack. Linda has been an active channel since 2014 after coming out of her comfort zone, and began sharing her light language with others. By doing so, her channel abilities then unfolded to her. She has spent her time knowing she is meant to awaken others with her abilities. At the age of 12 she was slain in the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues, known in this modern day as Light Language, Soul Language, and Language of Light. She is an activator of all the Holy Spirit gifts through light language, if you have reached that point on your path to receive. She has the ability to channel all things spirit and out of our earth world to universal beings, including Erik.

Linda’s Facebook Page:

Facebook: Group Light Language by Linda Lee Group


Then, after 20-30 minutes, Erik took questions from listeners, and the answers were channeled by the awesome Michelle Gray. You can find out all about her at If you want to talk to Erik in a future show, call in to 646-716-9735.

SURPRISE! It’s a two-fer today! Almost all of us have experienced trauma in some form or another and in varying degrees. Erik discusses why and gives us solutions. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!

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