Erik’s “Life” as a Spirit Guide


In this video, Erik shares his important “life’s” work! Please SHARE. Channeled by Kim Voigt at Please subscribe and share! Here are links to the Channeling Erik blog, our weekly Hour of Enlightenment Radio Show, this YouTube channel and my social media links. NOTE: the blog has content, including afterlife interviews, that are not on the YouTube channel so it’s worth a look. 

By the way, the Share Your Praise and Share Your Stories buttons were broken and now they are fixed! Be sure to submit your Erik Encounters and Testimonials! The buttons are on the righthand sidebar of this blog’s homepage. You have a scroll down a bit. 

Oh, and check out the EVP Erik gives in the China YouTube at timestamp 15:09! Very clear. And it appears as though he stopped the session to insert it!

Now for the main event!

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