An Interview with Noah: The Flood and His Ark

This video has fascinating information with some BIG surprises in this one as Erik brings forth Noah for an interview. Noah discusses the flood, the ark, the truths and falsehoods behind both and more. Michelle did an awesome job as Erik’s and Noah’s voices. Check her out at and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!! THANKS SOOOO MUCH.

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This Tuesday, our guest for the show is one you are all familiar with, Jamin Olivencia. He’s been on the show many times to share his perspective as a personal development ally, motivational speaker and pro-wrestler. The subject he will discuss: When you think to judge someone or something, it may be because you are actually insecure and not taking action on an internal issue. We will explore what “owning it” really means and how this simple realization can make the hectic around us a little more peaceful.” You can find out more about him at
Then, after 20-30 minutes, Erik will take questions from listeners, and the answers will be channeled by Jennifer Doran. You can find out all about her and her awesomeness at Last, if you want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735.
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I hope this article by puts things in perspective for you guys: HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE FROM THE FLU EVERY YEAR

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