Erik Gives Two Friends Comfort

These amazing pranks really made me happy today! Thank you for submitting them! I’m still posting stories from March of 2018, but don’t let that stop you from sharing yours!

Story #1

Hello, my name is Kenny, & I have been visiting the website, watching, and reading the blog for a long time now. I have lost many people in my life including my father, wife, brother, and many close friends. I have always been interested in spirit communication, and have been absolutely intrigued since 10 years old or so. I was convinced for a long time that I was crazy, because I always felt like I have communicated with my loved ones, despite never telling anyone. I have been to mediums who validated what I’m feeling is absolutely authentic, and have learned to sharpen my skills into adulthood. At some point after 2011, I stumbled onto the website, & have checked in regularly at a distance. It has helped me cope in dealing with many tough situations in life. Fast forward to yesterday 2/22/20, I stumbled upon a YouTube video where Erik was answering questions in an interview. I don’t recall the woman’s name, but it could possibly be Magee. Either way, I’m currently navigating my way through one of life’s low points, as I lost my career last year, & have been in a battle to regain my livelihood back , before I loose everything. Real heavy stuff, but, a necessary part of my path. In the interview, pranks dealt out by Erick were discussed. It was said that Erik would prank people here & there. At this point I quietly said to Erik.. Well buddy I’ve been following you for a while now, perhaps you could prank me, maybe validate my conversation with you. Well this morning I put a show on for my 3 year old son, sat down with coffee to relax, as my son watched tv. As many people do these days, I grabbed my phone to read the news as I drink my coffee in the morning. My phone in hand, I unlocked my screen, & right on my screen a picture of Erik from the website, as I think I was reading the blog before bed last night. But right when I unlocked the phone, & saw Eriks face, boom.. the TV shuts off on its own. My son, looked at me & said what happened Dad? In my head I knew what happened, but I told him I sat on the remote accidentally, despite the remotes being on a table far away. I turned on the TV again, & said good one Erik. Just as I sat down again, the TV went off again. I believe this is Erik pranking me for sure, as I felt a mischievous laugh inside of me at that exact moment. I want to thank you for creating this site, as it helps more people than you could imagine. Keep up the good work.

Story #2

This has been a crazy year for me….it started with me recovering from a mastectomy i underwent on December 20th and progressed to a KUNDALINI Awakening on June 21st. Ive always been spiritual and have ALWAYS heard voices….but always dismissed most of them as mind chatter….I have a constant struggle in my head…is this real or am I going crazy? I’ve never had any kind of formal training in this area of my life…

I decided that I was going to try to separate the voices and see if I could isolate the characters, One of the most forthright voices was a young man, a smartass….loud and lots of swearing…but really fun and energetic..I started associating him with the character ‘Fry’ from that cartoon Futurama. When I made spiritual progress (learning how to heal old hurts, etc) he would be there with a ‘Way to go Dude!’ And we would High Five 😁. On one particular day I was feeling off and told myself I was crazy….guides wouldn’t be talking the way he does, with all the f bombs….and basically started to doubt myself, as usual.

Two nights ago I asked him his name and he said something that was obviously not correct, but it was hilarious (wish I’d written it down) and I burst out laughing. My husband thinks I’m insane too..lololol. Last night I bought a book on kindle by a medium I had never heard of before, and into chapter 2 I decided to research her…Jamie. This lead instantly to Erik…..and suddenly his picture is all over my tablet….goosebumps….

This lead me to you, and I just had to let you know….so if you are wondering where your Son has been hanging out on and off for the past 6 or so months, it’s possible hes been helping me…💜💜💜

Love and Light

Jennifer Walt.

Important announcement:

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Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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