Another Dragonfly Visit!

Wow, I have been stunned…and I mean stunned, by the reaction to my personal message video. The outpouring of love, not to mention the generous donations, has really taken me aback. It was completely unexpected and has done immeasurable good to soothe my broken heart. A balm of love that I wasn’t looking for and proved to outweigh the darkness from the haters and trolls. I would like to turn my attention to them, now by sending part of that love to their hearts. It can’t be easy to be consumed by hate in one’s life. It must be a terrible burden. I no I shouldn’t ask for anything else from you guys, but if you could also send love and light to them, that will go a long way to raising the vibration of our world.

Here’s a great Erik prank from long time CE member, T. Diaz. Thanks for sharing! And I must say, you are a brilliant photographer!

Hi Elisa! Last summer, Erik visited me as a big black dragonfly a couple of times for the very first time in my then 4 years at my current home. He whizzed around me for a few minutes, flying within about a 25 foot radius or so, and coming in close quite a few times. Well, this year, he paid a much longer visit! I was carrying my indoor cat outside, bringing her outdoors for a little walk up and down my deck for some fresh air and a change of pace, and as I walked back to my door afterward to go inside, I spotted this beautiful huge black dragonfly sitting on my decorative wreath in the sheltered overhang at my doorway. I IMMEDIATELY thought, ERIK! I’d already been seeing big huge fluffy “E”‘s in the clouds about 3 times that week and now here was this gorgeous big dragonfly. I went inside, put the cat down, and walked back outside and took a TON of photos. I wish I could attach one here, but I’ll send it to you. At one point, I tried to get as close as possible to it, going slowly so it didn’t get startled, and I swear it “waved” at me at one point with one of its legs! Might be wishful thinking, but when I shared the news and pics with my local CE group, one of them for whom Erik is a spirit guide let me know that yes, Erik said it was him “waving.” 🙂 I left my door open and would go up to the screen door now and then and see if the dragonfly was still there. Not only was it still there, but it stayed there for HOURS, at least 6 or 7 hours from the time I initially saw it until I closed up for the night and went to bed. I was so excited and happy and honored that Erik paid me another visit, and I just had to share!

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