Pranks and Feather Orbs from Erik and the Robin William’s Interview

Before sharing this incredible Erik Encounter submitted by a blog member, here’s a video from the past that many of you have been asking about. Enjoy! (Also share, like and subscribe if you can!)

And now for the story:

My Erik story is short and sweet. It happened shortly after I discovered CE. I am a nurse on a very busy unit of a large hospital. I was at work one day a few months ago when I went to round on my patients. I greeted my patient and family member(s) as I always do. I noticed immediately my patients’ husband looked like Erik Medhus from all the CE photos I had seen. Very young and handsome. Light brown hair. Tall and thin. He said “Hi I’m Erik”. At the very same moment, the music heard at the beginning of each CE video, came on the hospital wide TV station. This station plays relaxing music 24/7 for our patients. NEVER have I heard that same piece played on the station before or since! ( I have been working there for over 20 years). I find the CE music to be very unique. I knew immediately Erik was there pranking me. I knew immediately I had an Erik moment! I believe and I thank you Dr. Medhus for all you do in loving memory of your son Erik.

Here’s a video Deanna took where she captured the flight of a feathery orb courtesy of Erik. At 0:14, you’ll see the amazing feather orb traveling from right to left at the very top of the screen. 

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