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Here’s another post I forgot to publish!

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We had a get together with the local CE peeps at my house yesterday, and it was SO much fun. I think around 30 people or more showed up, and many of them were passing Easton around to snuggle with. He was a big star. Some people even came from Colorado, Dallas and California! Thanks, everyone, for joining me at my house for the festivities. I can’t wait until the next one. Whether you are in the Houston area or not, if you want me to put you down on my email list for the next get together, let me know:

Something inexplicable and weird happened on Erik’s death anniversary. Easton spit up a little bit on Michelle’s shirt, so Michelle went into my room to borrow one of mine. Instead of getting one from my drawer that has my shorts and shirts, she opened the bottom drawer where I keep my clothing keepsakes: a dress Annika used as a newborn, Erik’s cub scout uniform, my favorite nightgown so full of holes it had to be retired, etc. No, she pulled out the pink shirt that I wore when I found Erik’s body after he killed himself. It had bloodstains all over it because I hugged him while I was sobbing. My heart dropped when I saw it, but for a moment, I fantasized about using the DNA to clone him. But even if that were possible, I knew there’d be no guarantee that his soul would occupy that body. I asked her did she realize what shirt it was and she said she figured it was the shirt I used when I dyed my hair and that the stains were just hair dye. I mean, what are the chances? 

Blog member, Deborah, sent me this today. I found it so heartwarming. But it begs the question: Why?

Don’t forget that tomorrow at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

Enjoy this Erik story!

On Friday, December 9, I was listening to ‘My Life After Death’ (audiobook) and was delighted to hear that Erik likes to visit people on the other side of the world while his family sleeps. I live in Australia and was wondering if or when I might get pranked.

The very next morning I was making my usual cup of green tea when the tag started jumping around playfully by the side of the cup. Immediately Erik came to mind so I started talking out loud to him and test to see if it was really him. I covered the tea bag sheltering it from any breeze and it still kept dancing around. I then placed the cup on the kitchen counter and went off to the toilet in complete awe of what had just occurred. As I proceeded to sit on the throne I noticed the light on the digital scales had turned on! Where’s the privacy Erik!? LOL.

On Sunday, December 11, I was floating around in our swimming pool feeling grateful for all that is when I noticed a bright orange dragonfly doing a hand stand on the side of the pool looking directly at me. My husband noticed it too, and we were both fascinated by the brightness of the colour and how long it was staying in the one spot but we didn’t think anything of it. That is until the next morning when I was listening to the part in the book about Erik and orange dragonflies – I got goose bumps all over! I later jumped on the blog and to my jaw-dropping amazement was greeted with a picture of an orange dragonfly and the ‘Dragonflies, Frogs and More’ story which was dated November 11! Confirmation enough for me – thanks Erik and thanks Elisa for all the work that you do 🙂

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