Are You a Starseed this Incarnation?

Before we go into today’s subject on Starseeds, I’d like to talk about the state of my Christmas decorations. In a word, bleak. First of all, we only have our Christmas tree up, and it’s not one of those fancy designer ones. It’s covered with an eclectic collection of various ornaments, some made by my children when they were young. Most are completely different than each other because every year I let my children each pick out a new ornament at the store and, well, kids are different from each other. When I go into other people’s houses, I see something like this:

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Here is a Starseed quiz you can take online:

Elisa: Hello Jennifer, how are you doing?

Jennifer:  I’m good, how are you?

Elisa:  I’m really good, you guys in case you don’t wait until the very end, you guys need to check out her site I will put it as a title page at the end of this. I don’t know, you’re probably all booked up for a long time, are you? You still have openings every once in awhile come up?

Jennifer:  No, no, not too bad.

Elisa: Good. 

Jennifer:  I still have availability.

Elisa:  That is awesome. All right now, Hi Erik, I love you.

Erik:  Hi I love you too.

Elisa:  I almost always forget but he knows. He knows.

Jennifer:  Oh yeah, he knows.

Erik: You tell me you love me all the time. I know, but I still like to hear it.

Elisa: I do. All throughout the day. Absolutely! I’m trying to be better at, I think he just doesn’t like to give me any signs or pranks because I’m not doing my part, I not really practicing channelling him so I made a commitment to do that but you know I get distracted and if it’s not on my list I don’t do it, so I need to put it in my to do list. Anyway, we’re going to talk about two things, I don’t know if we’re going to break it up into 2 segments but let’s start out about Starseeds. Erik can you tell us something about Starseeds?

Erik:  Starseeds are people who are here, living human life but they tend to incarnate into another planet. Earth is not their favorite choice, so to speak but they do come here for a reason and for a purpose. They tend to be very advanced souls on the other side and for whatever reason they just prefer to incarnate else where.

Elisa:  Are there more of them coming in now or has it been the case throughout history that all of a sudden, a big influx and then it backs off and then an influx?

Erik: There are more coming in now, partly just because of the time because there’s more people, because there’s more pathways to get here now. 

Elisa: What do you mean?

Erik: Because there’s more people, the population’s bigger so more people are having more children.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Erik:  So, there’s more opportunities to come now. Same with other souls, all souls there’s more opportunity now because of the population on Earth.

Elisa:  Okay. All right, how many souls are there? In all the Universes.

Jennifer:  It feels like an infinite number.

Elisa:  Oh! I got the word infinite. Are they still being created? There’s no linear time so maybe all these infinite souls have always been there.

Erik: Yes, I can’t count that high, my math’s not that good.

Elisa:  All right. How can you tell if you’re a Starseed? I know there are things online if you Google Starseed quiz, but Erik I want to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Erik: It’s actually quite difficult to really know for sure if you are because certain stuff is still blocked from you. So even though you’re a Starseed and you’re this advanced soul and maybe more advanced than the people, the souls that tend to come into Earth form. You’re still blocked, you can’t have all the information, while you’re here. It is very difficult and there are some ways to know. The biggest thing is just knowing in your soul, in your subconscious and just this feeling that Earth is not your home. When you’re in a physical form that Earth is not your choice, a lot of us walk around feeling like we’re kind of misplaced, kind of displaced, for Starseeds it is hardwired into their DNA, the idea of being from someplace else of comforting thought. It’s like okay, no wonder I don’t fit in here, no wonder I feel like I belong here, no wonder I don’t understand the human interactions, it’s because I don’t belong here. And so, the idea of it, that you’re from another planet is actually comforting. 

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik:  That is one of the biggest ways to know.

Elisa: Yeah because it explains why you feel. Let’s go through some of the signs or symptoms or feelings, do Starseeds generally feel lonely? 

Erik:  Okay, so yes, they tend to be more isolated than the average person. It is truly because they don’t actually understand the interactions quite as well as somebody who is not a Starseed. If you’re last incarnation was another planet and then you’ve come here, even if Earth is your home in your physical form, if you’ve just been in another planet the lifetime before you can have some of this stuff that carries over into this lifetime, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Earth isn’t your preferred place.

Elisa: Oh.

Erik: Especially if it’s a more recent lifetime. Typically, people who are Starseeds they tend to feel like old souls, they tend to have wisdom beyond their years, well beyond their years. They’re very, very empathic. 

Elisa:  Interesting. Now, when you say they’re isolated, are you talking about physically, like they live alone, they’re kind of like hermits? Or do you mean emotionally?

Erik:  No, not necessarily because there has to be a certain amount of adapting, but even for the people who live isolated lives, who are out there doing things, they would always have this disconnected feeling.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  Even though I have friends and I have family I just don’t feel like I fit in, I don’t feel like I belong here, people are laughing and joking and you laugh and joke along with them but you don’t quite feel it, you don’t quite get it there’s just this disconnect. So, even if you are not living what is perceived to be an isolated or lonely life, you can still have that feeling inside of you.

Elisa: Okay, so they don’t feel really a strong connection to the human collective then?

Erik: No, because they don’t tend to understand why we do some of the things we do, just because the souls that tend to come to Earth more aren’t quite as advanced, apparently as the Starseed, who are very, very advanced so our behavior can seem kind of weird to them. We get hung up on minuscule things and we have a hard time seeing the big picture.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik: Starseeds tend to be able to see the bigger picture or at least feel it, even if they can’t put it into words. They can feel the immensity of life.

Elisa: Okay. Do they feel like superior to humans?

Erik: They can be some of that, however, that’s actually one of the reasons that they come here is to work on that, to work on being with a less advance group of souls. So, yes there can be that type of feeling of superiority but most often they are here to work on it.

Elisa:  Okay, yeah what are they here to do beside that? Why do they choose to be Starseeds? Is it just the luck of the draw, okay you created in the Pleateus planet or you know how does that happen?

Erik:  It’s kind of like we have choices, we have options, we can other places and it’s not the luck of the draw it is absolutely by choice, this is the toughest place, the heaviest, the densest place to come and so a lot of times Starseeds truly, truly feel like they’ve made a mistake coming here, like I shouldn’t be here, I don’t belong here. No, they choose to come here for perspective.

Elisa:  Okay. Are they here to help in anyway?

Erik:  Again, they are blocked so they don’t have all the information when they’re here, one of the things that they’re here to do is to help to kind of spread the light, shine the light, advance the human race but you know they are still subject to all the human emotions and physical feelings and all that stuff so, it doesn’t always work, just because you’re a Starseed and come here doesn’t mean you’re going to do everything exactly right.

Elisa: Okay. All right, do they, what was I going to say, I lost it. Okay, so how do they spread the light? You said that Erik but what do you mean, spread the light? In what way?

Erik:  When a Starseed is truly living in a way to spread the light, they kind of tend to live outside the box, they tend to do things that for must of us seem so brave or so daring or I can’t believe that you’re comfortable doing that kind of stuff because it’s more to get to the masses, more to thin the veil, to realize there is more beyond here. A lot of the alien stuff in general, people talk about it and have alien interactions are Starseeds.

Elisa:  Oh, Wow! Being a Starseed does that mean that was your first planet you were that you were on? Or does it mean that’s the planet you incarnate on the most and you prefer it? Or all of the above?

Erik:  It doesn’t necessarily mean it was the first planet but it is your preference and the one you go to most.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: When we cross over onto the other side, for people souls who prefer Earth, even on the other side we would have more human characteristics.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik: The other souls who prefer other planets, will have more characteristics that are appropriate to that planet.

Elisa: Okay, interesting. 

Erik:  So, it’s easy to know who’s who over here.

Elisa:  It seems like people on Earth would be more comfortable in their body, not as clumsy as I am for example, I mean are there any physical traits that Starseeds have that humans don’t often have? Like clumsiness, or not really knowing how to work their body in time and space or?

Erik: No, sometimes there can be more medical confusion with them more complicated medical stuff that the doctors don’t quite understand, you know the medication should would this way for you but for some reason it works this other way, like that kind of stuff is common in Starseeds, but physically no they look and feel and you know talk like us. Medical weirdness.

Elisa: Medical weirdness, but do they have any physical traits like larger eyes, I heard that Pleiadeans have larger eyes, or I mean any like, Orion folks have this kind of physical trait.

Erik: Yes, they do on those particular planet, they don’t necessarily bring those physical traits with them.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  They can but they don’t necessarily. It’s whatever they’ve decided to do on the other side, if they really want to blend.

Elisa:  Okay, oh yeah.

Erik:  Yes, there can be but not always no.

Elisa:  All right but sometimes you can tell by the way they look and we’ll go through different ones. Are any of them, is it much more common in different groups like those with Asperger’s, or on the Autism spectrum or those who are mentally challenged, people with ADHD or anything like that?

Erik:  No, across the board, every type of aspect of life because again they want to experience the human experience, so it’s across, poor, rich, black, white, Asian, it’s across the board.

Jennifer:  And literally he’s like showed me a map and it’s like, everywhere has got little lights on it, which to means that’s where they are.

Elisa:  Cool. What percent of the population more or less are Starseeds here on Earth?

Erik:  10

Elisa:  10 percent, okay. Wow, that’s not very many, well, who in our family and circle of friends are Starseeds, Erik? Including yourself.

Erik:  You definitely have some friends, I met one of them when I was there.

Elisa:  Oh Robert?

Erik: And Carrie.

Elisa: Oh yeah Carrie, okay. Got it.

Jennifer:  Direct family, he’s not giving me anything on that. Direct family he’s not giving me anything. 

Erik: But you will have one that is going to come in. 

Elisa: What about the babies, Liam, Easton, Arlene, Harper?

Erik: No, the one hasn’t come in yet. There is going to be one that is going to come in, but you have the crystal child, that’s the baby that’s just come in.

Elisa: Okay, Liam, yeah okay. Cool. Now, people told me or Erik through a medium, you told me I was a Pleiadean, so that’s not true.

Jennifer:  You know it may very well be that you have been there.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: No, you do like to come here.

Elisa:  Okay, and be punished I’m a masochist

Erik:  It’s about your preference of where you go.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik:  So even Starseeds might come here, 10, 20, 30 times or they might come here a lot but it’s just that they go some place else more.

Elisa:  Oh, okay. All right, you know they feel like they don’t belong, maybe they feel awkward and disconnected, how do humans view Starseeds? Like, oh my God, they’re weird, they’re nerds.

Erik:  Yes, they can be off putting, a lot of times a Starseed, when you meet them at first will seem odd, or weird. You’ll be having a conversation and it’s like you feel confused, like are we having the same conversation. If you take the time to get to know the person and get past that initial awkwardness, and weirdness then you can actually learn a lot from Starseeds but yeah, not always, of course nothing is 100% but a lot of times they do appear odd, they just have a weird vibe.

Elisa:  Okay, like Wow, you’re not from this planet!

Erik:  Yes. 

Elisa:  Sometimes you say that to people, or you think it anyway. All right, of course if you feel like you don’t belong and you feel disconnected, you’re bound to be vulnerable to different emotional, mental and physical ailments, can you list some of those? Like maybe you tend to get depressed.

Erik:  Yeah, okay. So depression, anxiety, actually for whatever reason, Starseeds are prone to paranoia.

Jennifer: I had no idea.

Elisa:  Interesting.

Erik:  It’s because of the interactions they have with others when they feel like people are kind of judging me, or people are talking about me.

Elisa: But they probably are though, that’s the problem.

Erik:  Yes, so paranoia is quite common in Starseeds. If you said that 25% of the population experience paranoia, if you looked at just Starseeds, it’s more like about 50%.

Elisa:  Wow! Okay.

Erik:  Of Starseeds have paranoia. Not always to debilitating degrees but they just tend to be a little bit more paranoid. Depression, anxiety, and then of course they’re still human, this time around so they’re prone to all the other medical ailments that we are, Cancer, Stroke, Aneurysms, all this kind of stuff.

Elisa:  Are they more prone to certain physical ailments than humans are? I mean because of the fact that they feel so discombobulated, that’s a fun word to say.

Erik:  No, other than the paranoia, depression and anxiety not necessarily, no.

Elisa:  Okay. Now, suppose you have a child that comes in and you find out that they are a Starseed, how do you raise them. What different things do you have to do to raise that child compared to an Earth, regular human child.

Erik: You still have to raise them as a human because they are here for the human experience.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik:  Really other than just being open, to hearing experiences and hearing how they feel here, nothing because they are here for the human experience.

Elisa:  Well it seems if they grow up and they don’t understand human emotions and human relations that in order for them not to get bullied and misunderstood etc., it seems like some intervention needs to happen to teach them.

Erik:  The line of communications being open with how they’re feeling, you know they feel awkward and uncomfortable and just being open to that. Learning to be okay with, and it’s so hard as a kid, most people Starseed or not by the time they get to an adult a lot more people are more comfortable with who they are than when they’re children because children are never comfortable with who they are. They’re always being judged by their peers and so that stuff is going to happen anyways no matter what child you are in any class, you feel awkward, you feel uncomfortable.

Elisa:  Probably not super early on, it’s until they start getting around peers and siblings and all that before they, okay, yeah,

Erik:  When the social structure steps in. Really just if you know you have a child like this just be open and be honest, talk.

Elisa:  Do you tell them? You’re from another planet, what do you do?

Erik:  That’s something, until they are more of an adult.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik:  You don’t really want them going around telling people they’re from another planet.

Elisa: Oh God, No! Oh my God!! then the bullying will start.

Jennifer:  That’s going to make it worse.

Erik: So, you just wait until they’re older and kind of open to that.

Elisa:  Oh my gosh, there’s the electrician. All right, they should all become psychology majors probably to understand humans maybe. 

Jennifer:  Yes.

Elisa: But seriously can you teach them about humans?

Erik:  Oh absolutely!

Elisa:  Without saying, well you’re not human, you probably don’t understand these but I mean they are human but their spirt is more comfortable on another planet.

Erik: It’s kind of like starting a brand new job, think of a job outside of your industry, outside of what you normally do, you’ve started something completely new, and you walk in and it just seems foreign and like I’m never going to get the hang of this and I’m never going to catch on to this and the also you’re thinking, there’s more effective ways to do this and there’s more productive ways to get this job done.

Elisa:  Because they think outside the box more. Okay.

Erik:  And so then like 2 weeks into this new job, you’re kind of catching on and you’re kind of fitting in. Being a Starseed is kind of like starting a totally new job and a totally new career, where you feel totally outside your comfort zone, you got the job so you belong there but now you have to learn how to adjust, where you can make changes and where you have to just kind of throw your hands up and say okay it’s going to continue like this until enough people say let’s make this change and then it happens. So, it’s kind of like that. 

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: Once there’s enough Starseeds here making changes, well things will change.

Elisa: Good. All right, what about adult Starseeds do they have trouble with relationships? How about their friendships do they have trouble making and keeping friends?

Erik: Yeah, they can, they won’t tend to have a huge group of people that they’re close with, but the ones that they are close with tends to be very, very close.

Elisa:  Oh good.

Erik:  Truly understands them, and even if they have a ton of what they would consider acquaintances, they don’t have a strong bond, strong connection.

Elisa:  Oh okay. What about marital relationships?

Erik:  Oh yeah, it can work just fine.

Elisa:  Okay so just the same pretty much. Do they tend to couple up with other Starseeds?

Jennifer:  You know what, in my head I was kind of asking about that.

Erik: No, not necessarily. It’s just who ever they plan to.

Elisa:  Yeah, maybe they don’t want to, yeah maybe they want to experience the true human experience by getting busy with an earthling.

Erik: Yeah exactly, it really just depends on what they decided in the soul contract, it’s still soul contracts.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: Even going into other planets, it’s still soul contracts.

Elisa:  How do they do in their careers?

Erik: Again, like across the board, all levels, some unemployed, some top of their careers.

Elisa:  Okay, so it’s no rhyme or reason.

Erik:  Nope.

Elisa:  Okay. Anything else to protect a Starseed child.

Erik: Most people don’t recognize that they have a Starseed child.

Elisa: Yeah, unless they go to a medium and find out maybe.

Erik:  That’s still such a small percentage of the Starseeds that come in, actually come into a family that’s aware. So you know if you’re aware, then you just keep the lines of communication open, let them know that everything that they’re feeling and experiencing is okay, and of course as with anything else if there needs to be some sort of intervention then you get it, if there needs to be counseling or therapy or anything like that, but more often than not people just don’t recognize what a Starseed is.

Elisa:  Okay. You just raise them as you would any child then.

Erik:  Yeah.

Elisa:  You know if they come up with problems, deal with it, open the communication.

Erik: Starseed children tend to be sleepwalkers.

Elisa:  Oh my God, Lucas used to sleepwalk all the time. I remember he was a little kid, he was sleeping on the little cot next to me because he was having nightmares of whatever, and he got up, and whipped it out, almost started peeing all over my treadmill next to my bed but I intervened. Lucas aren’t you happy that I put this on, oh God, he’ll never forgive me. How do Starseed children pick their parents, is it just the way any earthling soul would?

Erik:  Yes, just based on what experiences they want to have and what souls will help them have those experiences. 

Elisa:  Okay, are a larger percentage of them light-workers? Or not, or just the same.

Erik: Yeah, there is a lot of cross over with the experiences between light-workers and Starseeds, so yes, it would not be uncommon for a Starseed to be a light-worker.

Elisa:  Okay, but is it more than an Earth-bound soul?

Erik:  Not necessarily because Starseeds sometimes really get so overwhelmed.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: They just kind of withdraw.

Elisa: Okay, but they can be murderers, rapists, clergy, benefactors, they can be anything.

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa:  Doctors, lawyers.

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa: Okay. Let’s talk about each of the 3, I know, Orion, can you tell me some of their characteristics as far as personality or even physical characteristics, from those in planets in the Orion star complex, or star system or whatever.

Erik: They’re very beautiful.

Elisa: Oh really?

Erik:  They tend to be very beautiful.

Jennifer: I do feel a physical range from small to large, I feel like humans there’s a good range. Now, it’s interesting, I feel as though he’s telling me about when they’re here, they tend to have very beautiful facial features.

Erik: They glow. There’s a glow, so for anybody who can see auras, their auras would have almost as if there’s sparkles.

Elisa: Oh!

Jennifer: I don’t know what that is about, like sparkly in the auras.

Elisa: Wow! What color are their auras?

Erik: They would take on human colors but for whatever reason the flecks feel gold. 

Elisa:  Oh Wow! Cool. 

Erik: But not everybody would see that.  They’re very, very beautiful, characteristic wise, very smart.

Elisa:  They put us humans to shame, what the heck, us Earthlings.

Erik: Yes, very abstract thinking.

Elisa:  Do the tend to be artist, or any particular profession?

Erik: It really is because when they choose to come in here, they want to experience all kinds of different things.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  So, it doesn’t necessarily tend to be one particular area.

Jennifer: Sorry, he was talking about cold weather, I don’t know why.

Elisa: It was cold up in here boy, it got down to 31 here in Houston, so everybody panics. Cover the plants.

Jennifer:  Talking about it being really cold.

Elisa:  Yeah, it was.

Jennifer:  Well it must be, put on a sweater, put on a sweater and some socks.

Elisa: Funny. Okay, so any other personality traits for those from the Orion complex.

Erik: It’s tough because it’s like there’s what’s over there and what’s here because it’s different here than it is there.

Elisa: Oh yeah. So, their personality can be different when they’re in their home planet than when they’re here but they don’t tend to have something like sarcastic and witty humor, you know what I mean, nothing that carries over frequently. Not always but frequently.

Erik: It’s not really like that because it’s like they’re everywhere, they’re in every walk of life.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  Human experiences, yeah. So, there’s not a specific thing.

Jennifer:  Although I do feel like the facial features translates here, the facial features, like being dainty. 

Elisa:  Okay.

Jennifer:  Like dainty, angular or pointy.

Elisa:  Okay. 

Jennifer:  Translates here but personality because again they are blocked.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, yeah. All right what about the people from the star system Sirius? Are you serious?

Jennifer:  Yeah, well because before you said serious, he said very logical, very, very logical, and then you said serious and it just made me laugh.

Erik:  A more typical body type here, is a little bit heavier, they’ll have a heavier set. 

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  A bigger.

Elisa:  You mean like big bones or fat or what?

Erik:  Yes, like a bigger boned.

Elisa:  Bigger bones, big structure, okay.

Erik:  Don’t misunderstand, not everyone who is bigger boned and heavier is from this.

Elisa: Yeah, of course not.

Erik:  That does typically translate here and they’re very logical here.

Elisa: Okay.

Jennifer:  It feels to me like on the spectrum a bit, where they are linear thinking and can’t deviate easily from what their perception and thinking.

Elisa: Okay. Do they have any personality traits, like not very compromising because of that or anything else?

Erik:  Definitely not very compromising, they can be very successful here because they just don’t give up, they’re not quitters, so when they get something in their heads, even if they’re told no fifty times, they’ll go back for 51.

Elisa: Oh, okay. All right so they persevere.

Erik:  Persistence.

Elisa: All right anything else about them, physically or emotionally, mentally, personality wise that would be interesting?

Erik:  No, just very serious.

Elisa:  Very serious, that’s so funny. All right, what about Pleiadeans?

Jennifer:  Okay, what I feel like, he’s just showing me somebody just dancing in the woods.

Elisa:  Okay.

Jennifer:  You know like spinning and twirling, what we would think more of a hippy.

Elisa:  Okay. So, they’re nature lovers?

Jennifer:  Yeah, yes.

Erik:  A physical there doesn’t tend to be any particular physical stuff that comes here but yes very in tune with nature, very in tune with animals, like people who can actual communicate with animals.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  They’re like a telepathic because people who can communicate with animals, (inaudible) a telepathic communication, is something you would see here.

Elisa: Okay, cool. Anything for their body, anything?

Erik:  Just this freedom, this free, they have this lighter kind of energy.

Elisa: What about Lucas’ girlfriend, she’s kind of a free spirit. Could she be Pleiadean?

Jennifer:  Yeah, she could be, yeah.

Elisa: Well, is she, Erik?

Erik: Yeah but she might not be ready to hear it.

Elisa:  Well, I’m not going to tell her, it’s fine.

Jennifer:  Okay. So, if you see this video, sorry.

Elisa:  Uh-oh, what about Lucas, somebody told him, you told him that he was from Sirius and that Michelle was a Sirian also, is that not true?

Jennifer:  Well, it doesn’t.

Elisa:  Maybe they’ve been there a lot but been to Earth more?

Jennifer:  Yes, yeah or it could be like when you sit down somebody who picks up on that, it may just be that the more recent lifetimes you’ve been there and some of that carries over.

Elisa:  Okay. It’s all about preference, though right?

Erik:  Yes. It’s all about preference and Starseeds preference is not Earth.

Elisa:  Okay, what about Arcturean, is that one, it came into my head. The Arcturean complex, is that another star system?

Jennifer:  I don’t know.

Elisa:  I’m going to look it up, or maybe it’s just Arturean. Arcturus. Oh yeah, Arcturus.

Erik: Something is off with the pronunciation but.

Elisa: I know, I can’t be perfect all the time. Arcturians, tell me about Arcturians.

Erik:  That is another one, it’s very, very diverse, like Earth is quite diverse, this is also quite diverse. Some of the other planets, they don’t have as much of the emotional range, well most of them don’t. For whatever reason this particular one has a wide range, not to the extent that you have here, it’s not as heavy there, but all kinds of personalities, all kinds of body shapes.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  For whatever reason, they don’t come here as often.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  As some of the other ones, where ever it is, they do prefer to go is actually quite similar to Earth.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Erik:  More so than other places.

Elisa:  Oh, is their planet kind of like Earth?

Erik: Different, but one of the most similar, but not quite the same heaviness.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  Earth is so heavy, earth is so, so heavy.

Elisa:  Tell me about it. Anything else before I ask one more question? Before we go on to light-workers.

Erik: No.

Elisa:  Okay, what famous people do we know of that are Starseeds?

Erik:  If you took all the famous people, it’s still about 10% of the population.

Elisa: 10% of the famous people.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa:  Okay. Name like 3, 3 or 4.

Jennifer:  Oh God. For whatever reason he keeps showing me Julia Roberts. I am terrible with names and I honest to God don’t care at all about famous people, so I see faces but I can’t, oh God, what is his name. Mr. Hollands Opus, he was in that movie.

Elisa: Oh yeah, Richard Dreyfus? That one?

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: Oh! Okay, maybe that’s why he made that thing, Close Encounters of the first kind or last kind of whatever, maybe he likes that alien kind of stuff because he made that move or was in it anyway. Cool. One more.

Jennifer:  Yeah and you know who else he’s just showing me, is it Michael Moore that’s the documentary guy.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Jennifer:  So those are the ones he’s given me. I apologize I’m terrible with names.

Elisa:  No this is good. This is totally out of topic, are there such things as Earth Angels?

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa:  What are they? Because sometimes I’ve been told that angels come into a human body and sometimes, I’m told they occasionally do.

Jennifer:  So what Erik is making me feel is okay, like an angel, angel, like if you were to say Archangel Michael, the angels don’t necessarily come in and life a life from infancy to adulthood and cross over, like those are different beings. Earth angels, how Erik’s making me feel about this, Earth Agnes are very, very advanced souls that don’t necessarily need to come back here for more lessons but it’s like they agree to come to.

Elisa: Help maybe?

Jennifer:  To help but what do you call that in the ocean, with the boats and the big tall building, what is that called? A lighthouse.

Elisa:  Oh, a lighthouse. Okay. It must be hard when you channel so quickly what Erik says when there’s pictures and stuff.

Jennifer:  Yes, and I’m like wait slow down.

Elisa:  Yeah, because you’re using his mind and all of a sudden, I have to use mine now.

Erik:  Earth angels, like animals are like earth angels.

Elisa:  Oh.

Erik:  Animals are like earth angels.

Elisa:  Because they don’t have to be here to experience to experience the human experience.

Jennifer:  Right. Right. So, he just keeps showing me animals, especially pets.

Elisa: Awe.

Jennifer:  But humans can come as earth angels and it is truly a soul who comes as a beacon of light.

Elisa:  Okay. Are many of them Starseeds or is it kind of the same?

Jennifer: For whatever reason he says earth angels often times don’t stay very long. Not that they never do but often times earth angels are the ones that pass as children or as young adults, often time earth angels pass young.

Elisa:  Oh wow! Well that’s a beacon of light. Woo Hoo, God that’s awful.

Jennifer:  Unfortunately.

Elisa: Erik, were you one of those? Were you an Earth Angel?

Erik:  Hell yes, I was.

Elisa: Oh God. You’re so funny.

Erik: But yes, truly was an Earth Angel.

Elisa: He did help a lot of people then too.

Jennifer: And he still does.

Erik:  I’m not on Earth anymore but I still work as an Earth Angel.

Elisa:  Interesting. Anything else you want to say about Earth Angels.

Erik:  If you’re lucky enough to know one, not everyone gets to meet an Earth Angel, that will be a person that absolutely changes your life. 

Jennifer:  So he’s showing me, I was 16 years old, I was driving to school and I lived in Vermont and it was very, very cold and I was driving to school, and I had stopped because two kids were crossing in front of me, and they were probably like maybe 6 and 10 and the 10 year old girl looked at me and she smiled and I’m 41 now and I can still remember that smile.

Erik:  You met an Earth Angel.

Jennifer:  Even though I didn’t know.

Elisa: That gives me shivers, wow!

Jennifer:  Yeah, even though I wasn’t able to speak to her, I can still, I mean I can’t do the math that quick but whatever 25 years ago, something like that. I can still remember that smile.

Erik:  That was an Earth Angel that you met. When you met an Earth Angel, years later you can think about that experience and it would feel like love.

Elisa:  Is anybody in our circle, Erik, an Earth Angel? Family? Friend?

Erik:  Not the baby that was just born, the one right above.

Elisa:  Oh, Easton.

Erik: The one right above.

Elisa:  Oh, I bet, oh my God, he’s just a bucket of love. Anybody else?

Jennifer:  One of your sister’s kids.

Elisa:  Oh well, Laura, she doesn’t know where her kids are, she lost them when they were little, but then there’s Terri, Fiona, she’s a grown up.

Jennifer:  One of your nieces.

Elisa:  Oh, is it Hannah Denise? Laura, I think she passed away.

Jennifer:  Hannah. Is who he said is an Earth Angel.

Elisa:  Hannah Denise. Is she alive?

Erik:  She’s still here.

Elisa:  Oh wow! Okay, is she okay? Because Laura looked everywhere, she can’t find her children.

Jennifer:  She doesn’t want to be found.

Elisa:  She doesn’t, okay.

Jennifer:  No.

Elisa: All right. All right, let’s quickly go onto light-workers. I don’t really have that many questions to ask about it. How do you know if somebody is a light worker? What does the look like? How are the emotionally, mentally, physically, anything?

Erik:  Light-workers tend to go into the medical field.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  The tend to go into anything that you would be caring for others, massage therapy, energy work, medicine, that tends to be what draws light-workers. Sometimes with the medical field, it’s just the money so not all medical professionals.

Elisa:  That’s true.

Erik: Not all teachers, not all massage therapists are light workers but that tends to be where light-workers are drawn. Light-workers, tend to isolate but not to the extent a Starseed would. They are also empathic but not to the extent of a Starseed is. Light-workers can function better and they tend to really want to help people, like the feel like it’s their calling, that they need to be doing more to help people, more to bring hope. It gets twisted up here, but a lot of your religious figures are light-workers.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  It gets twisted up, religion gets twisted up but a lot of your religious figures are light-workers.

Elisa:  Okay. Is it a particular kind of soul? Or just like I’m a light worker and I’m going to go to Earth or is it like I want to be a light worker this time but next time I’m not going to be.

Erik:  Any soul can be a light worker, and of us can do it. It’s more like some of the souls can no longer not do it because of the amount of knowledge that they’ve gained over their lifetimes so that even when they come back in here, a lot of that knowledge stays with them so they just naturally become a light worker even if they didn’t really plan to be a light worker. It’s actually harder not to be if you’ve got that knowledge.

Elisa:  So I guess more evolved souls, those who have tons of crap on their plate  from life after life and actually chose to learn from it. Is that it?

Erik:  And that’s the thing with light-workers. Light-workers tend to at least when the get older through years of being here, the tend to let go of their baggage, the tend to be able to recognize why they needed to go through the struggles they went through, that’s one of the things that a light-worker does, everybody goes through struggles but light-workers are very good at looking their struggles and saying okay this is what it did for me, this is what I learned, this is how I grew.

Elisa:  Yeah that’s what happened to me with the child abuse, it turned into a very positive thing. Do Starseeds tend to be, is it common for a Starseed to be a light-worker or is it just any soul, it doesn’t have to be location based.

Erik: Yeah it is more common for them just because they are more advanced anyways.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: So, Starseeds do tend to be, whether they actually do that kind of work specifically or not, it would be something they would almost not be able to help but do.

Elisa:  Okay. Do light-workers tend to have certain physical, emotional or mental conditions?

Erik:  No, they don’t it can be anybody.  Somebody may come into a life and not be a light-worker, they have like an awakening or while they are here they can become a light-worker while they are in this life, you don’t even necessarily have to come as a light-worker that can happen as you’re here, near death experiences, if somebody has a near death experience forget it, even if they weren’t a life worker before they will be after.

Elisa:  Oh, I can imagine. A lot of time, in between lives when you’re planning your next incarnation you kind of decide I want to be somebody who helps people.

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa:  All right, how can you tell if your child is a light-worker?

Erik:  Children who are empathic, that’s the easiest thing to recognize, and they would be kids who cry easily, kids who are very sensitive, kids who are very gentle with babies and animals, these are the ones that will grow to be light-workers.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  The very delicate, you know the very sensitive child.

Elisa:  Do they get along more with or are real sweet to elderly people and of course animals.

Erik: Yes, yes.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  You know for a 2 year old to show compassion, that doesn’t always happen but these children would be very, very compassionate.

Elisa:  And the of course when they get old enough the might vocalize, I want to be a nurse or whatever.

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa:  So, is there anything you can do to help raise these children?

Erik:  With children who are incredibly empathic or light-workers, they truly do feel other people’s emotions, other people’s sensitivities, their pain, their physical and mental struggles, they don’t understand it, they don’t know how to put it into words. They just need to know it’s okay.

Elisa:  Yeah and help ground them. Tourmaline, whatever under their mattress or make a bracelet with the lava beads and put patchouli or sandalwood or something that grounds them like just watch the thing we did on Empaths that’s going to be coming up. It’s probably already posted by the time we post this one. So, help them ground, help them protect themselves, or help them to say or to ask is this my crap or is this your crap, right?

Jennifer: Yeah and another thing you can do, and I have actually done this with my own children, but Erik is telling me to mention it. For children who tend to be very sensitive like this or they tend to have these nightmares and stuff, you can at night while they’re asleep, while their conscious brain is sleeping and you just tell them I know that you’re feeling sad or I know that you’re feeling anxious, if that’s not your emotion or if that’s not your sadness or if it comes with you from another lifetime, your protected against it and we can help you and you’re safe. Those are good things to do, but you’ve got to do it, so that you’re getting the subconscious brain.

Elisa: Subliminal messages.

Jennifer:  Yes.

Elisa:  Like the Sylvian mind control, remember that.

Jennifer:  Yes.

Elisa:  What percentage of the population, you think are light-workers, Erik?

Erik:  It’s more like 50-60 percent.

Elisa:  Wow!

Jennifer:  The shift is noticeable in our lifetime, a lot more people have opened up to this, for any of you who are out there who talk about this kind of stuff, more often than not people understand or have had an experience or what to hear about what you’re talking about.

Erik:  25, 30, 40 years ago it wasn’t that way. So there has been a shift and it is because there are more light-workers.

Elisa:  Yeah. So, you have the shift, that’s why so many are coming in as light-workers, right. And I guess so many souls have become evolved to the point that the ascension or the shift is possible because their vibration is going up and it takes the vibration of the collective up?

Erik:  Correct.

Elisa:  Okay. 

Erik: That’s exactly right, you know we’ve been doing this forever, you know eventually the vibration is going to come up, the collective consciousness is going to raise, because yes, souls are getting more and more advanced because we’ve been doing this forever.

Elisa: Exactly, what you think there are more kids coming in as light-workers now? Like what percentage of the kids being born now, or like in the last 5 -10 years?

Erik:  Still between the 50-60.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  More people come in as already light-workers than become light-workers while their here.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Erik:  But people do become light-workers when they are here but it takes something major, and awakening, an experience something major to flip that switch.

Elisa:  But do they have to be in a career that helps other people or can they just be people who are really sweet to other people and a shoulder to cry on or something like that?

Erik:  They do not have to work in a career, you can have an IT person who never sees other people at work and can still be a light-worker. 

Elisa:  Yeah but it seems like those people would feel like, God I should be doing something in my career, they maybe have dissatisfaction with their career if they’re not in one.

Erik: Oh, absolutely.

Elisa:  Because I’ve seen a lot of blog members who like want to go into something that helps people, I don’t want to be a lawyer anymore, they want that kind of thing.

Erik:  Yes, exactly, but the thing is you don’t actually have to get paid to be a light-worker, most people don’t realize how much they impact other people on a day to day basis. So, you may very well be a light-worker and don’t do anything in a career that you feel like you are a light-worker but you may interact with the person at the bank and the person at the.

Elisa:  Yeah, and raise their vibration. All right last question. Who in our family and circle of friends is a light-worker? Got to be 50-60%.

Erik: In the family, yes about 50-60% but the friends and the people that you’ve drawn to you, it’s morel ice 80%.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  Because you attract that energy.

Elisa:  All right, who in our family for example?

Erik:  You are, Lucas is, me, the two babies.

Elisa: Easton and what about Arlene? The 10-year-old, they’ve said she split of directly from source.

Jennifer: She also has a bit of a crystal child energy to her. Your husband.

Elisa:  Oh really, okay.

Erik:  He’s an example of somebody who doesn’t do work like that.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: But he knows how to raise.

Elisa: Spread the light. Okay, what about the other siblings, Michelle, Anika, your sisters, Michelle, Anika, Christina any of those light-workers.

Erik:  Anika and Christina.

Elisa:  Okay. Okay good. I guess, is Michelle anything?

Erik:  She’s definitely Indigo and she’s just so consumed with earthly stuff.

Elisa:  Oh yeah right. Okay, well she’s a nurse though, so are you sure she’s not a light-worker? And Anika and Christina, Christina’s a doctor and Anika’s going to be a doctor, she’s in her second year of medical school, are you sure Erik that she’s not.

Erik: She’s very heavy with the earth energy.

Elisa:  Okay. I think she’s a light-worker but she just had a baby so maybe.

Jennifer:  That’s too much earth energy.

Elisa:  She has too. All right that sounds good, great thank you guys. I love you. You guys check out Jennifer and I will put the title page right here. and this was awesome.

Jennifer: Awe, thank you.

Elisa: So, much information in such a short period of time. Thank you, Jennifer.

Jennifer:  Thank you, love you.

Elisa: Love you too. Bye.

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