Are You a Healer in This Incarnation

What a beautiful weekend we had in my part of the world! Rune and I went camping again in Galveston, and we went fishing in the bay. I caught a little trout but sent it back to live another day. It was more of a pleasure just to be on the water, tossing back a Corona having time alone together. 

While enjoying the weekend, I’ve been thinking about my attitude. It has changed drastically since my quantum session for self-empowerment with Kim Voigt and my Law of Attraction workshop with Allie O’Shea. I feel much more empowered and ideas are coning into my head like crazy, especially in the form of new inventions. This is awesome because I want to find a way to make money to create our online spiritual school for children. I don’t want something grade B. I want it to be a class act, and I want to be able to offer scholarships to those children who can’t afford the “tuition.” I would also like the costs to be reasonable, which means I might need to help subsidize the teachers’ fees. The two inventions I have in mind will take a while to develop, but all good things come to those who wait. Exciting times!

I’m going to interview Christopher Columbus soon, guys! I’ve heard that he wasn’t really a very nice guy. Apparently, he’d cut the arms/hands off of indigenous natives who didn’t bring him gold. Of course most of us know about the stories of him raping native women. If this is all true, we shouldn’t celebrate a day in his honor. If you have a question for him, please email me at Please don’t put it in the comment section of the blog. And try to keep them concise! 🙂

One last thing: Ryan Adragna has a message for you guys: 

Calling all mediums and/or reiki practioners/healers who are working on their mediumship abilities in some capacity to step forward. It doesn’t matter where you are in your spiritual awakening, rookie or veteran.

All you gotta do to become a vetted CE Medium/healer is PM one of the admins of this site (listed below) for a private appointment. If you cut the mustard, you’ll be invited to join for a very low annual fee (contact Sheila Quinn for that) and you’ll get your own website page — and you’ll be off and running. How cool is that!!

What’s in it for you? Exposure. Free advertising (Tues&Thurs). Good reviews. Word on the street. And then maybe even being on radio as a guest host with Elisa Medhus, Angel Antixx, Divine Connections or Sacred Embers — all of whom are members of this fb page. How cool is that!!!

Alana Clark
Lynn Bleasdale
Elisa Medhus
Sheila Quinn
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Ryan Adragna

So please step forward. We hope to hear from you.

Here’s today’s session courtesy of the wonderful Michelle Gray. Check her site out HERE. The transcript follows.

Elisa:  Are you thirsty, I videotaped you taking a little sip, just like me. (laughter) Hi again Erik, we just got through ending a session about teachers, spiritual teachers especially. And I still love you, we don’t have say that again.

Erik:  I love you too.

Elisa:  Hello Michelle Gray.

Michelle: Hello Elisa.

Elisa: Hi, we’re going to briefly talk about healers. There are a lot of healers on our planet and I bet you there are a lot coming in now, more than ever because of the ascension, is that true?

Erik:  Yes, that is true.

Michelle: He’s actually referring to Delores Canon, like 2 shifts, like Canon taught waves of light workers coming in.

Erik: There are shifts of healers coming in and healers of all kinds.

Elisa:  Oh okay, so.

Erik: Energy workers.

Elisa: Oh okay, so are there certain souls that are healers, or can any soul come in and be a healer?

Erik:  We all have healing, like the divine life force running through us, it’s kind of on a grade or a level again, is it something that’s primary in your DNA, something that’s primary within you that maybe one would be a little stronger pull to healing. Where as somebody else might not be but might be interested in it, so anybody can go and take healing courses.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: And understand how to do that.

Elisa: Yeah. All right so, are all doctors and nurses for example healers, or are there some doctors who are really not spiritual healers.

Erik:  So, that’s are really good question, just like in anything like not all psychic mediums are on a spiritual path.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: Not all doctors and nurses are all spiritual healers, there are some, and you know them, you know these doctors that are heart driven. Mom, you were like this, you were this type of healer, very heart driven about your patients and you know it was about healing it was about helping, it was about the service and you’re good at it. There’s some doctor and nurses that are very good at what they do, they are awesome surgeons, they’re very technical, they know their stuff, they know how to diagnose and do all these things, but they don’t have their heart in it.

Elisa: Yeah. Some people just go into it for the money, but boy, there’s a lot of easier ways to make a living, let me tell you.  But yeah, every time I was about to open the door to the hospital room or to the exam room, I would always tell myself, you can leave that room until you have made this person’s life even a little bit better. So, that was important to me. All right, so how do you know if you’re a healer?

Erik:  Healers have one thing in common, especially being a natural born healer or you’re one that has that healing desire, you’re often the one that wants to go to fix a situation, wants to go rescue the situation, you are likely a lot like the ear to people’s problems.

Elisa: Like you were Erik.

Erik: Yes. Healers have this ability to calm a situation, healers have an ability to use words, touch sometimes it can just be a look. A healer can be a really amazing listener, can be a real healing quality. Think about those times when you’ve had situations that are so heavy on your heart and how good it feels just to have somebody looking you right in the eyes and who’s listening, not talking over you, not ending your sentences, but listening to what you have to say, that’s a very, very healing quality.

Elisa:  That’s so hard to find people like that too. Have you ever watched that YouTube that are kids fighting over, it’s winkling, no my Mommy says it’s drizzling, no my Mommy says sprinkling, awe it’s so cute because the little that’s watching these two, she is a healer, I mean you can tell, I won’t give anything away but guys I will try to remember to put the link in the description box but it is so funny. All right, so, are there any symptoms that a healer would have, like anxiety or I mean I bet you are all of them empaths? If you’re a healer do you have to be an empath?

Erik: It’s all on a degree. There’s some that are really intensely both, some that might have empathy but maybe not on a high scale, there are healers that feel a lot physically, as well. It is on a scale but generally they do go hand in hand.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Erik: They are a part and parcel.

Michelle: He’s using the term wounded healer.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Erik: Often a healer’s path has not been easy, a healer’s path has had experiences of heartbreak, of pain.

Elisa:  Oh, that’s me for sure, and probably you Erik too.

Erik:  Yes, and suffering, illness. It’s amazing because when a healer who maybe wasn’t aware, they were a healer like myself, when they discover that they are a healer, it’s like the answer to everything, it’s like they’ve been given a diagnosis to everything that’s happened your entire life and now it makes sense, it wasn’t for nothing. The wounded healer is like the rising phoenix.

Elisa:  Yeah. Coming out of the ashes.

Erik:  Yes. During this ascension period this is something that is something where a lot of lightworkers are coming out of this period. There’s a big shift right now where it’s either coming right into this dark period, coming through the shadow side or something in the life is breaking down and a lot of healers are born through this, and it’s not that they weren’t always a healer, it’s they become aware of what they are and who they are.

Elisa:  Yeah. It seems like you do have to go through some painful shit in order to understand people and to have compassion so that you can be a better healer and teacher for that matter and we just talked about teachers. All right, so can children be healers?

Erik:  Yes. Absolutely.

Elisa: How about animals? Animals too?

Erik:  Absolutely?

Elisa: So how do you raise a child that is a healer, a born spiritual healer?

Erik:  With all children, around the age of 7, this is a common time for a child that has not been nurtured, within their abilities whether it be healing, or their psychic abilities, often children are a combination of all. Something that you can look for, a healer, especially in babies or young children will not only be drawn to animals, it’s not uncommon for children to be drawn to animals but particualirly healers will be very drawn to elderly people.

Elisa: Oh wow! Why is that?

Erik: It has something to do with that innocent connection, like that caregiving connection.

Elisa:  Oh okay.

Erik:  Like you need me, I need you.

Elisa: Oh, I see.

Erik:  There’s a connection that they have. Also, children that are going to be healers, are very not always touchy, because not all children heal by touch, whether they stare at you, babies in particular will often use eye contact. Arlene is a healer, as well.

Elisa: Oh wow! That’s cool.

Michelle:  And he’s talking about her eyes.

Elisa: Yeah.

Michelle:  About the clarity of them.

Elisa:  Oh God, yes. I look at her and think you must be a Starseed or something, just beautiful big eyes.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: What about, well we don’t have to talk about my grandkids, you all are not going to get anything out of that. Any advice for parents of healers?

Erik:  Nurture their nature. Nurture how they are, the most important thing to do because each child is going to be individually unique to however, they are, to what their make up is, different from another child. But generally speaking with any of your children the most important thing to do, is not try to confine or if a child wants to walk up and put his hand on your shoulder to make you feel better, you go ahead, and you let that child do it. Encourage that, and to not be afraid of it, a beautiful gift when the child is allowed to be their full nature, to be themselves because that’s the platform that we want children to be able to grow into is to understand that nurturing and caring and being myself and being this whole individual allows me to bring out my gifts with confidence.

Elisa:  Yeah. Okay so, I forgot what I was going to say. Dang it. It will come back to me, oh ahead, keep talking.

Erik:  Nurture it.

Elisa: Okay, oh yeah, I remember what I was going to say. I remember Erik when you were 18 months old, whatever, and you had a bunch of immunizations and tears, and you were so tired, and Papa said, how are you Erik? And you said I have a good time because you didn’t want us to get upset and you started patting my back, comforting me, that was so sweet. Definitely, a healer. Are healers, is it common among the crystal children, the indigo children.

Erik: A lot of the children.

Michelle: So, he’s saying again 2012 and forward, there’s a lot of healers.

Erik: There was another group in the 1960’s.

Elisa: Oh! Okay.

Erik:  There’s a large group of healers born in that time as well.

Michelle: When he was talking about the 2012, my son and he’s talking about there’s a lot of children, autistic children that have this healing ability to them. A very nurturing healing ability, my son, when I had cancer, he used to come up to me and he does now if you don’t feel well, he’ll come up to and put his hand up on your head and he’ll say I’ll heal you.

Elisa: *gasps* Whoa!

Michelle: Now, he’s always seen me do this but it’s so interesting to see him go to and do this now.

Elisa: Oh, that’s awesome.

Michelle:  When I had breast cancer, he would just curl right up to me and sometimes just want to put his hands on my back and I didn’t understand energy or anything at that point. I didn’t have the awareness but now with the awareness, I’m able to go and really look at what was happening and see how all of that really did heal me and really did save my life.

Elisa: That’s so cool. Why are so many of these healers coming in now, 2012 on up?

Erik: It’s in preparation for what’s happening, for the ascension, a lot of the changes we’re having. Everybody is ascending whether they know it or not, they are ascending.

Elisa: Oh! Nobody’s going to be left behind.

Erik: Physically, the Earth is ascending.

Elisa:  Oh okay.

Erik:  Physically our light bodies, so consciously it’s up to each individual whether they are ascending or not.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: A lot of the healers are helping those that are ascending to energy healing to help clear their chakras, to help physically help people feel better. A lot of people during awakening have a lot of symptoms of extreme anxiety, like ascension flu.

Elisa:  Yeah, oh!

Michelle: Like purging through the body, is that what you mean? I had a lot of skin rashes.

Elisa:  Yeah, I do now!

Erik:  Your sensitivity, is part of ascension. You having that pull out like that.

Elisa:  Oh! I’ll have to bring that up to my dermatologist on my appointment. I’m sorry these are ascension symptoms.

Michelle: Oh, trust me, trust me when I’m at my specialist appointments, there are some of them that I feel I have to hold my mouth shut because they’ll be like what about this, oh don’t worry about that it’s just ascension. I’m not concerned.

Elisa: I’ll send a psychiatric consult out for you. That’s what it’s going to be. Okay so, let’s see what other questions do I have. Oh yeah and of course if these kids are empaths too you have to do some of the things that we talked about in another session on empaths, I had a session with Denise Ramon and Erik had all sorts of advice on how to protect and raise kids that are empathic. Anything else you want to talk about?

Erik: I just want to mention awareness is healing. Awareness itself is healing.

Elisa:  Oh yes.

Erik: It’s healing for everybody, your children, yourself, the people in your life, those that you love, having the awareness that yes this is happening, or yes this did happen, or this is what’s going on, having that awareness is the biggest step to healing. It’s healing in itself. Be okay with where ever you’re at, don’t get stuck on labels because we really are all a little bit of this and a little bit of that all mixed up together, so we really are the same thing, some of us just have higher percentages of one thing or another.

Elisa:  Yes.

Erik: Within us that makes us a little different, so the joy is what you’re able to do right now and that’s discovering all of this for yourself, and that might mean reaching out to somebody as teaching them, that might mean that you’re being a student for a moment, that might mean you might need to go to a healer, that might mean you’re a medium. Whatever you are in what ever you do in life, the acceptance, and not putting too many boxes on it, just go with the flow.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik: And just be able to enjoy.

Elisa:  Follow your heart, your intuition.

Erik: And that’s it because that’s the path of telling you the truth. Nobody’s going to tell you the truth any more than your inner guidance.

Elisa: Exactly. Do you think this is my last question, I just thought of it, do you think that if you know you’re a healer or if you feel like your child is a healer, should you take some energy, or healing classes or encourage to take energy healing classes?

Erik:  Yes, again this has to do with the drive. If you’re driven to do this, if you’re driven and interested sure.

Michelle: He’s using me as a really big example today.  I don’t want to keep talking about myself.

Elisa: No, awesome.

Michelle: I took Reiki, and I did the whole thing, but I don’t save I use Reiki, I use energy because I just follow it where my guides tell me where to go and what to do.

Erik:  Michelle didn’t know anything about energy, she was teaching herself, so to be able to have those courses it helped her to understand what life force is and what this does and what that does, and it helped her to be able to put real constructs, like okay these courses this is happening because it’s the bridging of the mind to be able to take what we may have perceived as illusion and to be able to put it into physicality with ourselves.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: So, doing classes and that is a great idea, if you have a child that is clearly showing interest in doing these things, whether you’re taking the class and sharing with the child, sharing the appropriateness that you feel is best for them. Having them understand even as small children about their own energy bubbles and those type of things and how to deal with that.

Michelle:  We used to tell our kids to put the energy that doesn’t feel good to blow it into a bubble and take that bubble and we used to throw it out the window and then ask the fairies to pop it.

Elisa: All right so it can go down to Mother Earth and Mother Earth can recycle.

Michelle: Yes.

Elisa: There’s so many types of energy healing techniques, there’s quantum touch, and all that.

Erik:  That again goes right down to a defined personal preference.

Elisa: Okay, so it depends on the person. Okay.

Erik:  Yes, some people are going to be really, this is my modality, and this is what feels good. My advice is just be open, be open to change and learning new things.

Elisa: Sounds awesome. Thank you, Michelle Gray, you guys can hook up with her at, and I will put it here. And Erik, I love you.

Erik: Love you Mom.

Elisa: All right bye.

Michelle: Bye.

Elisa:  See you, thanks Michelle.

Michelle:  Thank you. Bye.



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