Are You an Empath?

If you’ve stumbled upon a spiritual journey, chances are likely that you are an empath meaning you are highly sensitive to energy. This should be considered a gift, but if you don’t know how to recognize the difference between outside energy and your own energy, especially if that energy is negative, then it can become a problem. Erik, with the help of our wonderful channeler, Denise Ramon, explains how you can tell if you’re an empath, how to make the most of it, how to shield yourself from negative energy and discern what is yours and what is not, how to raise empathic children and much, much more! Be sure to book a session with Denise soon.

But first, I want to share that Mark Ireland, author of Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go and Messages from the Afterlife: A Bereaved Father’s Journey in the World of Spirit Visitations, Psychic Mediums and Synchronicity, came into Houston on business and asked if we could meet for dinner. So of course my husband and I had to take him to have Tex-Mex, margaritas and all. We had a wonderful talk. What a lovely man. He and his wife of 40 years also lost a son. His death was caused by an asthma attack during a hike. That prompted Mark to seek a spiritual path, and aside from writing his very impactful books, he certifies mediums via a very rigorous point system. Actually, I supposed his journey began at birth because he is the son of the famous psychic/mentalist, Richard Ireland. Watch these incredible YouTubes. He is uncannily talented!

As many of you know, we haven’t had a radio show for two weeks! One reason was Thanksgiving and the other was a storm that knocked out the liveparanormal servers. But we’re on tomorrow for Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. There are three ways to listen: Listen on the phone line, click on the “Listen” icon on the right sidebar of the blog or click on this link: For this show, a psychic medium from the U.K. will introduce himself and then he and Veronica will channel Erik as he answers questions from listeners. Their respective websites are No more than 15 minutes before the top of the hour, call 619-639-4606 to ask Erik your question.

Oh, and a shout-out to my dear friend, Judy Maxwell, who, as a talented jewelry artist, sent me a lovely necklace with a laboradite crystal. She must know how much I need grounding! I looked at her site and there are so many wonderful gift ideas for the holidays. Check it out HERE. And oh my god, the prices are so low!

And now for the main event. Please enjoy, and remember that the transcript follows!

Elisa: Hello Denise!

Denise:  Hi, how are you?

Elisa: Long time no see, I’m doing fine. We did this all catch up thing, you know between each other because we haven’t talked in awhile and both of us are doing good. Out there, you guys, Denise and I, doing good. What about Erik? How you doing Erik?

Erik:  Good.

Denise:  He’s really excited, he’s real happy, he’s just real happy, real bubbly.

Erik: Hi Mom!

Denise:  He’s just real happy, it’s almost like he’s got some really good news that kind of excitement.

Elisa:  Well, what is it Erik? What are you happy about?

Denise:  I have chills.

Erik: I love my new nephew.

Elisa:  Awe, Liam.

Denise: He’s been there to visit him, several times.

Elisa:  Awe.

Erik:  I love his spirit, his energy. That’s going to be on magical child, that comes into the family.

Elisa: Oh my gosh!

Erik:  You’ll start seeing it as he gets older, you’ll start seeing it more.

Denise: But he just seems very excited. Real excited to talk with us tonight, he saying. Yeah, just real excited.

Elisa:  Well, I love you!

Erik:  I love you, I love you so much, Mom.

Denise:  And he can feel your love for him, he says.

Elisa:  Oh God, of course.  Anyway, we are going to talk about, well I don’t know if we’ll be able to get through it all but how do you know if you’re an empath, a healer, a teacher and maybe if we have time a star seed. So, you want to start with, how do people know, I mean there’s a lot of empaths and I don’t know maybe a lot of the new generation coming are empaths, but how can you tell if you’re an empath and why would you be an empath?

Erik:  We all have these abilities to feel things, but some of us are more sensitive than others. A good way to know if you are is, if you have trouble growing up, like interacting with people because you get your feelings hurt easily or you just didn’t like something about somebody or kind of picky with friends, and family members would say “oh you’re so sensitive”, “you’re always crying” and stuff like that. Those are good signs that you’re an empath, or you have those abilities because you are always feeling more than what other people do. You feel more emotional, and then people try to find reasons why you’re emotional, well, it’s because you’re spoiled or because you’re one of ten kids or because you’re adopted or because of this.

Elisa:  They explain it away. Well, is it always negative emotions or can it be positive ones too, if you’re an empath?

Erik:  Their all positive but you have to learn how to channel it to where you know it’s a positive thing.

Elisa:  I’m going to get into that, I am definitely going to get into that later but, so what actually makes somebody an empath? Do they go in with a spiritual contract? Is their energetic field different and more open? I mean what, how does that work?

Erik:  It’s definitely a contract, like this is one of the descriptions of your personality that you wanted to have. Once you become aware that you are feeling a lot there’s a way to keep yourself grounded and if you want to shut it off you can, because we have a choice in this. We want to do this, we shouldn’t look at it as it’s a bad thing, this is really such an amazing ability to be able to say that you have that you can do this because when you accept it you quit resisting it and you quit fighting it and quit hating it, and you stop saying “Oh God, I wish I wasn’t such an empath, when you just embrace it and then start using that energy.

Elisa:  Yeah, to do good.

Erik:  Yeah and for guidance because then you can navigate through that.

Elisa:  Oh, that’s true, because if you have a feeling, some sort of emotion, first you’ve got to determine whether it’s coming from you or somewhere else but then you could use that to help you guide yourself through your heart, is that what you’re saying Erik?

Erik:  That’s a good analogy Mom.

Denise:  He tells me that you’re an empath.

Elisa:  Oh, my Mom and Dad, said when I was little, like an infant in the crib, I would cry all the time and I would hold on to the top, the rails of the crib cry and cry, and my Mom and Dad would look at each other and says there’s something drastically wrong with that child. They would say it all the time, and they reminded me through my adulthood.

Denise:  Yeah.

Erik:  You’re an empath, but you are able to ground yourself a little bit more and that’s the scientific part of you that medicine part of you that helps you with that. Yes, as you were saying to guide it through your heart, because when you start feeling, and that is part of the empaths journey or the sensitive people, that we have to figure out what is our energy and what is somebody else’s.

Elisa:  So that we can use it as compass, otherwise if you are going by somebody else’s energy and their emotional energy then you’re going to be guiding yourself with their compass and that ain’t going to fly.

Erik:  Right. When you realize that it’s theirs but we have a tendency, healers, empaths, you know we have a tendency to pick up that persons energy like absorb it for them because we want to help them and we do that sometimes subconsciously and then it’s like people start of having a good day and then by ten o’clock in the morning they’re all pissed off and angry and they don’t realize, especially driving down the street, you’re picking up all that energy, everybody’s.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik:  Half the people on the freeway are not wanting to be on the freeway and so you’re picking up all that and of course you tie it into yours and then you start saying, well, it’s you and its the job and its the home.

Elisa:  Yeah, I mean but I’m going to get into prescriptives or you know solutions, eventually, if you’re an empath in one life does that mean you’re an empath in all your lives? Or can you just pick and choose?

Erik:  You can pick and choose. Usually, when we get to this point, that we really enjoy being this.

Elisa: Because people like to feel I guess, especially if they know which feels are their own, is that what you’re saying?

Erik:  There’s an awareness about it, there’s an awakeness about it. You can choose to not feel as strong if you want to. You can decide the level, by just not being around that type of environment, that cause for you to look at. Like minded people, just start doing what it is.

Denise:  I’m trying to explain. He’s saying like one of the things is to ground yourself a lot and often.

Erik:  Diet is a part of it, and you.

Elisa: Oh, wait, wait wait, Erik, hold up, buddy, I’m not ready to go to the solutions yet.

Erik:  Okay.

Elisa: Because I still have to ask, he’s always one step ahead, but you know you go into a room where, somebody had just had a fight, and they’re gone, you can still pick up that energy right?

Erik:  Yes, you can.

Elisa:  Oh, so I mean.

Erik:  But also, you can go into a room and feel the uneasiness, that’s a good time for you to check yourself out, and say, well, this isn’t mine because I didn’t feel this way before, it must be in there. It must be something in here and then you just let that be where it is. You just don’t take it on.

Elisa:  Okay, so, all right, we’ll talk about the solutions now, see you weren’t that far ahead of me. So, okay you get up in the morning and God only knows what’s in your day, I mean hopefully it’s going to go all right but you never know, you have to prepare yourself. What do you do? Do you surround yourself, do you do any kind of visualization like surround yourself with a golden bubble, or you know, take us through the day, on what to do Erik?

Erik:  That’s a good start, one of the best things to do is, meditation and the purpose for the meditation is really for your own benefit because that in it’s self helps ground you and then that gets you familiar with this energy, it gets you familiar with when you’re connecting with your higher self energy, you can get familiar with the energy of your guides, some people want to connect with their loved ones and to get in touch with that force and as Denise says the God-consciousness, the love-consciousness, your gut feeling, because when you start getting in touch with that then you start knowing what those different energies feel like.

Denise:  Erik’s energy feels very different from other people’s energy that I connect with.

Elisa:  Really? In what way?

Denise:  Yes. Erik just feels more solid to me and I don’t mean solid as in form, but just more anchored to me.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Denise:  He just feels closer to me, than other people’s energy, even my own family, you know.

Erik: Get familiar with those energies and while you’re doing that you’re learning to trust your own intuitive guidance.

Elisa:  Yeah. Erik were you an empath when you were here?


Erik: Yes, definitely.

Denise: He’s showing me his head just going like this (nodding).

Elisa:  Oh yeah, gosh yeah.

Erik:  Yes, I was.

Elisa:  Okay so, is there a special grounding mediation or are there different grounding meditations?

Erik:  There’s not just one special one. It’s whatever, there’s millions of them on YouTube.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Erik:  There’s different formats because what works for me may not work for you or work for other people. Some people it’s like walking on the beach, you know just getting their feet in that salt water, for some it’s walking in the woods or something, some are sitting in their chair or standing in the dirt or some are you know.

Denise:  He’s showing me everything, he’s showing me like cleaning house, pulling weeds, there’s not one particular way.

Erik: Music helps people to keep their mind focused on what their intent was but you know there’s not one specific way on how to do it.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik:  Just find something that feels good to you. There’s not a right or wrong way to do it, the only thing is consistency.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik:  It’s kind of like your meeting somebody that you really like for the first time, so you spend more time with them on a daily basis or you know you like call them often or you want to go have dinner with them, and treat this the same way like it’s somebody you really want to get to know and you want to spend a lot of time with it. This is another way of showing yourself self love.

Elisa: Ah, yeah, that makes sense.

Erik:  Because you’re taking time out for just you, that nobody else can participate in, it’s like you’re saying to the Universe and to yourself “I’m worth this 15-20 minutes”

Elisa: Yeah, and if you don’t have time because you have to go to work, just simply things, I prefer active meditation like doing dishes, folding clothes or whatever. Just go outside barefoot in the grass, hug a tree, the one I like the best is to imagine, I don’t know maybe this is not a grounding exercise but I think it is. Imagine white light from Source going through your head, throughout your body and shooting out of the soles of your feet, go down to the core of Mother Earth and then Mother Earth with shoot it back up to your heart or whatever, or you can make Mother Earth, well you can’t make Mother Earth do anything, but make it go up to the souls of all the living creatures that need it or even the people on airplanes or whatever, you can visualize that. Or visualize roots growing out of the soles of your feet and down to the core of Mother Earth. So, there’s all sorts of ways to do it right?

Erik: Absolutely! Absolutely! What happens is when you’re doing dishes or folding clothes, you’re centered, even though you’re doing stuff, your mind is idle, you mind is rested. No offence Mom, but what you’re doing is mindless stuff, so your mind isn’t.

Elisa: I like mindless stuff because I don’t have a mind anymore practically.

Erik: Because you’re not having to think about what you’re doing, so that way you’re able to get into the.

Denise:  You know I do the same thing, like when it’s sweeping or mopping or something, I really just start going into the zone.

Elisa:  Yeah. Cleaning out the grout on my tile, I get some kind of evil pleasure out it but all right suppose you do, get into some bad energy, maybe something that comes obvious like your boss is down your neck about something or you know you just start feeling bad and you know it’s coming from somebody else’s energy, what can you do, like can you visualize just clipping their energetic threads that are attached to you, that’s maybe one thing or do you do some sort of visualization, what do you suggest when we get to that point, of course go out if you can and ground yourself again but what else?

Erik:  That’s a good one, to visualize you’re cutting the cord, when that’s happening and your boss or co-worker or who ever it is, is really taking charge at you so to speak, that’s when you can just sit there and visualize this white light going over you or what ever colour energy brings you peace. You can visualize the amethyst colour, you know that type of purple coming from the Amethyst, you can visualize yourself being (inaudible) a bunch of crystals of your favorite colour crystal or just start visualizing yourself being at the beach or just whatever it is, just start doing that, because when you’re doing that, then you’re out of that energy field so to speak of that ugliness coming with you and you’re able to focus on your breathing more and you’re hearing what they’re saying but you’re not internalizing what they’re saying. Sometimes, you just have to some deep breaths during the process of it, but there’s times when they will catch you off guard and you’re not thinking, okay let me do this A B C D.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik:  But what you can do is, you can go to the bathroom or you can go back to your desk and you can do that, and just take some deep breaths.

Elisa:  Or you could punch them in the throat, that always works.

Denise: That’s a good one.


Elisa:  I’m kidding, I’m kidding people, don’t listen to me. Sometimes if somebody’s yelling at me, I like to envision this plexiglass shield and their little meanness and words are just plink plink plink plink and ricocheting off of it, but everybody has their own special way, right?

Denise:  They do, and I visualize, I have a plexiglass bubble over me when I go to the mall or something because sometimes all those energies just get a bit much for me.

Elisa: Oh yeah, I can imagine.

Denise: And so, I just do that and that helps a lot.

Erik: You know, just do whatever.

Denise: He’s laughing about the punch in the throat.

Erik: You can also picture them as a target throwing darts at them, just whatever to take away. When a person is doing that to you, it can’t penetrate in you unless you allow it to.

Elisa: Yes.

Denise: He was kind of joking about the target.

Erik: Use it as a shield, like they can’t come in. You visualizing a plexiglass and that just pinging off of you, that’s a really good way because you’re not allowing it to get into your energy force and you’re telling your ego and your thoughts that this isn’t going to touch me, it’s going to go away.

Elisa: Oh good. What about making the shield of white light or whatever and just pushing it toward them and wrapping them up in it, like in love or darts full of love potions, boom, boom, boom, imagining that.

Erik: That is really good, that is really powerful. Everyone should try that at least once because you’re going to see a difference in them. Or a lot of times you can tell when somebody’s about ready to go off, go fly off the handle, start visualizing sending them white light, sending them love.

Elisa: Do you do it to their heart or?

Erik: You can do it all over, you can do it to their heart whatever it is that you want to do.

Denise: He’s showing me like where it starts at their feet and just goes up through all of their body, he’s showing me.

Erik: You’ll see a drastic difference in people when you’re doing that because what would normally make them fly off the handle, you’ll see how the respond differently with that. You know, you can’t help but be nicer when you’re being treated with love, and they don’t know that’s what you’re doing but their getting that energy from it, they’re getting that vibration from it.

Elisa: And since you’re busy doing that, you’re not an open receptible receiving a lot of negativity, negative energy.

Denise: You’re right, you’re right.

Elisa:  The shield of love.

Denise: Because you’re not allowing it to penetrate with you.

Elisa: Right.  All right so do people who are empaths, do they need to do something on a regular basis like use sage or palasanto sticks you know every once in awhile to cleanse all their rooms at home and their cars and their work environment, and do they need to get their chakras cleaned and balanced every once in awhile. I mean are there things they should do on a regular basis?

Erik: It’s an individual process because some people don’t feel a need, where they have to cleanse their whole house because it’s what they allow themselves to bring into the house. In the workplace, of course it’s always good to clear it out because just start fresh and you can do that just by wiping down your desk or your cubicle or whatever it is you work at, you know with just some wipes. Just wiping it down, and just your throughts “I’m cleaning away all the old stuff’. Your thoughts are very powerful and so you don’t have to have the oils and the sage and the crystals and everything to do all of that. It’s all in the vibration, dusting or wiping it down with a wet towel will do the same. With people who have kids coming in and out of the house with their friends, you may need to cleanse it, doing a clearing on it. Its whatever ritual works best for you. Some people do it with the sage, some people do it with bells.

Elisa: Oh yeah, I use Tibetan bells, bing, in each room.

Denise: Yes.

Elisa:  In each room, bing. Because I’m lazy, I don’t want to sit there and you know.

Erik: No but that’s a good way. You can do it like that.

Elisa: Plus, you get to say bad energy, go away, get recycled by Mother Earth, because you don’t want to just spread it around, you have to make Mother Earth reabsorb it and recycle the energy because she is very effective at doing that.

Denise:  Yes, very much so.

Erik: But we know when we need to do that cleansing ourselves.  When you’re taking a bath or taking a shower, visualize the water that’s clearing you and stuff and that is real powerful.

Denise: And he’s telling me the colour changing and it is powerful when you visualize the water changing colours on you, and just cleansing, and you can do that to cleanse your chakras as you’re doing that. If you know you’re an empath and you’re doing work, especially working with others, it’s good to go have some type of body work done just to help keep the energy moving, it’s just part of self care.

Elisa:  So, what kind of body work? Like cleansing and balancing chakras for example?

Erik:  You can go get chakra balancing, crystal healings, massages a real good. Anything of that nature. Going to get acupuncture, anything like that is real good.

Denise: I’m asking him if foot massages are good, because you know we have all those foot massage places around.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Denise: That are inexpensive.

Erik:  Absolutely, you know the reflexology, all of that.

Elisa:  Yes, I’ve heard of that. Yeah.

Erik: It’s all real good.

Elisa:  That’s good. I saw somewhere an energy cleaning technique, is you imagine this frame with a screen in it, and you just take it and move it down your body and get all the bad energy out and just put it outside in the earth, and then it’s really important to take the bad energy that might be on your bed because you spend a lot of time in bed and shoo that out the door into the dirt. What about crystals, should we have certain crystals in our pocket or under our mattress if we’re empaths?

Erik: If you believe in the crystals, you know if you know that they have energy, definitely. We all should carry some kind of grounding stone on us.

Elisa: Yeah. What would be the most grounding?

Erik: Of course, Hematite is really good for grounding.

Elisa: Oh good.

Denise: And he’s showing me like a big boulder.

Erik: You don’t have to carry a big rock, it can be the size of a quarter.

Elisa: Well yeah.

Erik: Or a nickel, it’s the energy. When the sun’s out or the full moon is out, lay out your crystals. You can even put water in a glass and leave it out, during full moon for it to get the energy and then you can use that water to clean your crystals.

Elisa:  Cool. Or I hear you can clean them in salt or in the dirt, Mother Earth.

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa:  So, yeah make sure you do that on a regular basis. Black tourmaline is that pretty good for grounding?

Erik:  Yes, it is, and it also helps to redirect energy.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Denise:  When he says it redirects, it’s almost like it helps to redirect the energy, the lower vibration of energy into a more loving direction.

Elisa:  Ah, okay.

Denise:  He’s showing me how it just turns around into a more loving energy.

Elisa: That’s cool, I know they have these bracelets, and the probably have necklaces too where you can those certain crystals but they also have some lave beads that absorb essential oils and so you can just put a couple of drops of what maybe lavender oil is that very grounding or is there something more grounding than that? Like Patchouli or?

Erik:  Those lava beads are really good, they have a lot of energy in them.

Denise:  I want to say minerals but there’s a lot of activity going on in those.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise: Yeah, that’s what he’s telling me.

Erik:  Lavender is good, but there are some other ones. Lavender’s a safe one for everyone.

Elisa: Okay.

Denise: He’s doing a lot of oils at me.

Elisa:  Well just name one of the most grounding.

Erik:  Geranium is real good for grounding.

Elisa: Really?

Denise:  Yeah, I don’t know what Geranium is good for but he’s telling me Geranium’s good for grounding.

Erik:  Sandalwood is good for grounding.

Elisa: Oh, I bet.

Erik:  That’s real good for grounding.

Elisa:  I always was drawn to patchouli, the smell of patchouli, so maybe that’s grounding too and I knew I needed it on a subconscious level.

Erik:  It is but that’s a very strong scented one.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik:  The scent is strong.

Elisa:  But then every time you feel like you need some, you sniff it and you can put that on children too in school if they have trouble like staying grounded, a lot of these people, kids with ADHD may just be empaths and energy is just coming from every where and they can’t focus on what they’re doing so sometimes things like that will work or a necklace with a similar arrangement.

Erik:  Cedar.

Denise:  And I want to know.

Erik: Cedar’s real good.

Elisa:  Those are all real similar, aren’t they? Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar, I mean they’re real woody scents.

Erik:  Those are real grounding. A lot of the ADHD, ADD kids they are real feely and until they learn how to constructively guide it and navigate through it, really the worst thing that we’re doing sometimes is putting them on medicine, but that is another topic Mom, I know.

Elisa:  Yeah, I know that definitely, definitely is. Yeah, like Arlene is she an empath? Because she has really trouble with paying attention during time tests, math tests especially and you know she struggles in school just like keeping up and paying attention.

Erik:  She is, and you know there is so much more that she excels in. Her creativity.

Denise:  And I feel like when he’s saying that, her artistic side needs to be expressed more, because that’s where she can get centered and being able to focus.

Elisa:  Well I told Michelle, I would take her to art camp in the summer, but I don’t know for some reason she didn’t ever let me do that. I guess she was too busy with school and such. What about diffusers, by your bedside or in your work place that can put out some of these scents, does that help?

Erik:  Yes, but you know, you have to be careful where you’re buying your oils because that’s a real big thing now, is everybody has these diffusers and they’re selling these oils that are synthetic.

Elisa: Uh oh.

Erik:  So, you have to make sure that where you’re buying your oils that you’re getting essential oils and some synthetic type stuff.

Elisa: Oh yeah, no, I can’t imagine, that probably wouldn’t work at all. Might make it worse before it makes it better. What about grounding sheets? I’ve heard that there’s these sheets that you plug into the grounding hole, not the two pluggy things but the little grounding hole in an outlet and it’s supposed to ground you, maybe would help adult or children that are empaths. What do you think about that?

Erik: Those are really good, they really absorb a lot, they have something like that for dogs.

Elisa:  Really? Interesting.

Denise: He’s showing me how those sheets just really absorb and kind of helps keep you grounded.

Erik:  But they’re kind of pricy.

Elisa: I know.

Denise:  Because he’s showing me dollar signs.

Erik: There is truth to those, they’re really good.

Elisa: Okay. I bet you they make some that you can sit on at your workplace too, maybe, I don’t know but it’s worth a look.

Denise: He’s showing me that there’s some kind of mat or something you can put in a chair, is what he’s showing me.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  Some kind of mat.

Elisa:  Anyway, Amazon its people. Google it and see what you can find if your feeling rich. I don’t know how much they are, I looked at it a long time ago but I just can’t remember.  All right, let’s talk about one more thing and I think we’re going to just this one topic, I don’t think we have enough to really explore, so it will be kind of a short session but do you think there are more empaths now, and is it a generational thing where the newer kids coming into the world are more empathic?

Denise: When you were asking him that, he was showing me back in the 30’s and 40’s type, there were those empaths and intuitives and all that coming in, and he’s showing me like there wasn’t as many I guess aware of it. Where they’re senses were heightened to where they were aware of it, but he’s showing me an influx of them coming in now because there is a shift going on, on this plane whether people want to believe it or not and these people are coming in groves because they’re very much a part of this, helping this shift and he’s told me this in sessions with some of my clients that we are strategically placed on this planet. So, we’re not here by mistake and the people over in Iceland are not over there by mistake or know we’re all strategically placed because our vibration is needed. He’s showing me groves of these empaths, these kids coming in and they’re just knowing things.

Erik: Even the ones that are already past adolescence and they’re in the 20’s and that, they’re very much the same way because a lot of them are like, they’re not wanting to conform to a lot of ways that other people, to like you and Mom have.

Elisa:  So like Indigo’s pretty much?

Erik: You could say that they’re like that, yes but they just come in with an intuitive knowingness about things and they don’t.

Elisa: They don’t take crap from nobody.

Erik: And they don’t question it.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik: They don’t question it like, Denise would about thing, just about life in general. Like oh I can’t do that or these just keep going.

Denise:  You know and I see that with my daughter even, how they just have a knowingness he’s telling me.

Elisa:  What about Michelle, your sister Michelle? She seems like she’s an Indigo but I don’t know, is she an empath? Is she an Indigo?

Erik:  She definitely is, and that was she was so driven to go into the field that she’s in.

Denise:  Is she the nurse or the doctor?

Elisa:  Yeah, she’s the emergency room nurse, what about your older sister is a doctor what is she?

Denise: He smiles.

Erik:  She’s a healer.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, I can tell.

Erik:  And with being a healer of course you’re an empath.

Elisa:  Oh yeah. Is that why sometimes, well I don’t want to divulge that actually, what about your brother Lucas?

Erik: He’s a very sensitive soul.

Denise:  And he is, I think he’s just a sweet as ever. His energy is.

Erik:  Yes, he is, he’s very compassionate.

Elisa:  Yeah. Okay.

Erik:  He’s just very compassionate, if he chooses to, he could really tap into his intuitiveness and really get that going, because his compassion and the intuitiveness, he really could if he wanted to.

Denise:  When I say that, I feel like Lucas will use that when he wants to, you know its kind of like having a weekend car, he’ll use it on the weekend but doesn’t want to drive it during the week.

Elisa:  Yeah, that’s good. He’s free to do anything like that. What about your sister Anika?

Erik: She’s real solid, there was a shift in her when I crossed over and she was able to anchor herself.

Elisa:  That’s really interesting because before that you know she had some anxiety problems a little OCD and things like that but now it’s just like, she seems like my husband can, compartmentalize stress, I mean not really take it to heart as much, so what about your death made that change in her? I mean for awhile she was worried, every time somebody came into the classroom with a note from the principal to get somebody out of class, she was worried what it all said.

Denise:  Yeah.

Elisa:  But what was the change?

Erik:  She really got in touch with life, and she had to make sense of it.

Denise:  When I say make sense of it, she had to find balance with those sections of her life.

Elisa:  Yeah, yeah, you’re so right. Spot on.

Denise:  And that’s what she really worked on.

Erik:  She’s extremely smart.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, she’s awesome.

Erik: So, she was able to strategically place everything in a spot and make it, like filing stuff in alphabetically order. She knew how to get all of that, and then when things need to be rearranged she knows how to rearrange it.

Elisa:  That’s so true. But do you think that these kids also and for other of you guys out there when something like this happens, learning about and becoming spiritually aware, does that help with empaths? Leaning about all sorts of spiritual matters or not?

Erik: Definitely it does, because it really helps you to understand what’s going on. A lot of times people who are this way don’t grow up in an environment where people can explain to them what’s going on with them. It’s almost like you’re on a journey of your own.

Denise:  And I know that for me because I did not grow up in a churchy home or a spiritual home.

Elisa: Okay, okay so you said a bunch more are coming in now, is that only because of the shift, where a lot of people are becoming spiritually aware or do they actually serve a purpose? Do they have a job to do that they’re coming in to do?

Erik: They definitely have a job to do that they are coming here, we can think that this whole world has gone to pot, we can think this world is falling apart and everything’s a mess but we just need to hold on because these people that are coming in and these people that are growing, they’re making a huge difference.

Elisa:  Yeah, the Indigo’s aren’t they supposed to create chaos, knock down the old structures and the little crystals and maybe there are others come in and rebuild it in a spiritual way?

Erik:  Yes, and more so, and they are doing it literally and figuratively. What was working isn’t working anymore, it feels real uncomfortable but especially the younger generation.

Denise: And he’s showing me people 30 and younger.

Erik: To them it’s not that crazy or feels that uncomfortable because they just intuitively know and think that everybody knows what direction to go in. And they don’t feel as hush hush about it.

Denise: Like when I was growing up.

Elisa:  Yeah. I know. All right so what about babies, infants, newborns to ten are they a total subsect if empaths?

Erik:  They’re not like the babies when we were babies, because there’s an awareness that they’re coming in already and a lot of them are picking families to help.

Elisa: Nurture?

Erik: Nurture and to push them to explore that part of them, so some of them may not be in the best families, some will be in families that they help nurture it, it just depends on what they’re needing.

Denise:  It’s almost like, I don’t want to say like the coming of Jesus but they’re here to bring awareness to what we intuitively know but have been taught to supress, like we can’t know all of this, and so.

Elisa: Jesus is coming look busy.

Denise: (laughing) I know. It’s to bring all this up, in this awareness.

Elisa:  Okay so, two more questions. What kind of mental and physical illnesses could you find in an empath that is not protecting themselves, I mean don’t know how to discern between their own energy and someone else’s. I’m sure anxiety, maybe? OCD? What?

Erik:  OCD is a big one, anxiety, which goes with panic attacks.

Elisa:  Oh, agoraphobia, I bet?

Denise:  Yes, that’s what he was just saying. 

Elisa:  I think I channelled that from him.

Denise:  Yeah because he was showing me people that don’t go out the doors, they’re scared, he’s showing me how that develops, so yeah agoraphobic.

Elisa:  They don’t want to be around big crowds, of course, you know it makes sense.

Erik:  Right, and then they just start narrowing that down to where there’s no crowds or nobody around.

Denise: But you wanted to know what kind of diseases do they get, is that what it is you asked?

Elisa:  Yeah, well also is depression common among empaths?

Erik:  It is big time and it’s because some of it not all is that they are resisting this. Really, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to have this, it’s just you have to learn how to navigate it, it’s like having a sports car that goes 60mph right away, you have to learn how to handle that, it’s the same way with this. You have to do these morning rituals of meditation, grounding or whatever,

Elisa:  Yeah, the things we talked about, yeah. What about substance abuse, especially this big opiate epidemic, is that a symptom of all these empaths coming into the world?

Erik:  Not all, some of that is a symptom of poorly prescribed medication. Of course, there’s a lot of drug addiction and alcoholism with empaths because they’re trying to stop that because who do you go talk to when you have this.

Elisa:  I know.

Erik:  You can’t talk to a doctor.

Elisa:  Yeah, especially if you’re not in the family that understand all of this or among peers that understand it. All right so any, name at least one if any physical aliment that seems to be prominent.

Denise:  Yeah, because he keeps telling me arthritis.

Elisa: Oh.

Denise:  That’s when I asked you that question. He’s telling me arthritis.

Elisa: Oh wow, okay.

Denise:  That’s what he kept telling me was that arthritis was one.

Elisa:  Okay, I’ve got one question, so the main thing is also to ground our self, protect our self, but how to do we turn this gift of being an empath to being a positive tool, what can we do with it? What can we do with that gift?

Erik:  When you stop resisting it, then you’re going to start running into people or people are just going to be around you where you can start helping them, or guiding them on what they can do and directing them because with an empath, you just intuitively know things and you can let them know about their feelings because you’re going to be able to feel their heartache and you’re going to be able to help direct them on how they can help themselves. And when you do that, that releases the anxiety in you and the uncomfortableness in you and then you’re not holding that stuff in, you’re letting it go out to the person that it needs to go back to.

Elisa: That’s good, not resisting that seems so right, and you know it must be awesome to be able to really really in tune with your heart and be able to listen to what it’s trying to tell you so that it can guide you along the proper paths. Well that’s good.

Denise:  Yes.

Elisa:  Last but not least, these little kids that are coming up, how do we protect an nurture them?

Erik:  Talk to them very honestly and openly.

Denise:  And I’m laughing at him because he’s says stop talking this baby talk shit to them.

Erik: They don’t need that.

Denise:  And the way he’s talking I feel like he’s talking like when they’re around 4 or 5 years old.

Erik:  Just start being very honest with them and talking with them. Of course, you don’t tell them, you know you have to do things that are age appropriate.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Erik:  And understanding for them, but just start talking to them and be very honest, there’s nothing wrong with teaching a 2-year-old on how to clear themselves, you know.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik:  Just go around clapping, you know, or with bells to clear themselves. When they feel unhappy or cranky or something, that’s a good time to say let’s clear you and so they just start getting used to that.

Elisa:  And to learn how to go out in the grass with bare feet.

Denise:  Yes,

Elisa:  Or maybe you could start using the crystals and teaching them what that’s for and things like that.

Erik:  Yes. Babies can feel the energy in those crystals, no matter if we think they do or not. Just look at their face when you put a crystal in their hand.

Elisa:  Oh!

Erik: Just start being very open with them, very honest and just start talking about this stuff.

Elisa: That’s awesome, I mean Michelle, Easton when he was an infant had trouble sleeping, cry, cry, cry, she put a crystal, I think tourmaline she put, under his crib mattress and no problem from that point forward, so it does work and it also just, when they get old enough to teach them to ask themselves is this mine or is this somebody else’s and teach them basically all the things, Erik, you and I and Denise have talked about. Well I guess we’re out of time, anything else you want to add to that? Either Denise or Erik?

Erik: Your children are more intelligent than what you think they are.

Elisa:  You’re talking about everybody’s?

Erik:  Yes, make sure you just talk to them openly about this stuff because their more receptive to it than your Grandmother is.

Elisa: It’s true. All right, thank you so much Denise, thank you Erik. I love you all, you guys check Denise out at Check out Erik’s book, it’s a page turner, My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven and come visit the blog because there’s so much there that’s not in the YouTubes guys, I mean a lot, a lot of other interviews with famous dead people and all sorts of stuff.  The first several years we only had the blog and you know it wasn’t super long ago that we started doing video sessions so check it out Erik’s spelled with a K, bye everybody.

Erik: Bye, I love you Mom.

Elisa:  Love you Erik. Love you Denise.

Denise: Love you too, talk to you soon, bye bye.

Elisa: Bye.

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