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Meanwhile, here’s some great information about The Ascension.


Climate change, economic upheaval and governments run amok. Are we staring into the face of our own extinction? Do we need to “Rise Up and Fight” in order to ‘save’ ourselves?

Or, is this all part of a mass, collective awakening for humanity?

I’ve reached millions of people through radio shows, conferences, audio blogs, books and articles. I make a comprehensive case — rooted in scientific fact — that we are experiencing a mass evolution; transforming our ethics, compassion, wisdom and overall intelligence — our consciousness — to a much higher level.

Religious prophecies from practically every culture on Earth described the times we’re in now — the weather changes, chaotic social conditions, wars and unrest — and say it directly paves the way for a Golden Age.

If you think all the wildness of our modern time is building up to a punchline of doom and disaster, then you’ve missed the point. What we are currently experiencing is only a transitional stage, and I believe we’re already seeing the worst of it.


I have constructed an elaborate scientific model that describes how this evolution is happening, and why.

I have also generated thousands of pages of intuitive data that give us the Big Picture of what this is all about — and have also turned out to be prophetic in very specific and striking ways.

I will be sharing a wealth of ‘new’ revelations from that prophetic data in this article — Part I of a series I will hopefully be able to release over the next 2-3 days. The subsequent parts will back up this data with some utterly groundbreaking new research that will answer many questions I have been getting privately.

By the time you’ve finished reading this article series, you may be far more convinced that the negative forces you see on this planet are crumbling to dust right before your eyes. This is an inevitable consequence of the awakening we’re all going through.

The prophecies were given to help show you what’s going on — in this very moment of time we now find ourselves in.


When we combine the most credible sources of intuitive data with the stunning new discoveries in consciousness science, we can safely conclude that there is a purpose to the Universe, and we are not a random accident.

Life is abundant, and it emanates from a “consciousness field” that creates matter, energy and Mind as we now know it. Everything — even physical matter we would not normally think of as alive — emanates from this living energy field. Life is built to evolve, and in fact it is inevitable that it will continue to do so.

Evolution does not stop until we have all completely reunited with our true identity. The Universe is ultimately a compassionate, sentient, loving, singular consciousness — the One Infinite Creator — and we will all return home.

In fact, since space, time and physical reality as we know it is ultimately a grand illusion, we have already returned. We never left in the first place. All we need to do is awaken to what IS, and we’re there.

Nonetheless, within the illusion of space and time, our evolution will continue. If we reach a true awakening, we can step out of time and return home. And even if we stay in the illusion of space and time, we will continue evolving. The next major ‘quantum leap’ forward in space and time is happening as we speak.

Once complete, this ‘quantum leap’ will make ‘miracles’ seem commonplace. Telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, psychic power and prophecy will be standard abilities that everyone possesses… effortlessly.


We will have technology that can interface directly with our minds to amplify these ‘miracle’ abilities to an even greater degree — such as to levitate giant blocks of stone and build sacred structures with them.

Limitless free energy. Non-polluting, unending and completely clean. No more power lines. No more blood for oil. No more coal. No more nuclear. Never pay again. Obliterating the need for a money system. Greening the deserts. Ending poverty, famine and homelessness.

Gravity-shielding technology. No need for roads. No need to ever buy a new ‘car’ again. Go wherever you want. Never fill the tank. Cities that hover in the sky. Pop over to the Moon or Mars to visit friends and family. Build majestic structures considered impossible by today’s standards.

Healing devices. Nullify cancer. Cure diabetes. Eliminate heart disease. Conquer depression. Regrow limbs. Effortlessly restore perfect health regardless of the condition. Feel 100-percent alive, 100-percent inspired, all the time. Live for hundreds of years.

Stargate travel. Use naturally-occurring traversible wormholes to travel impossibly vast distances. Move through time as effortlessly as you move through space. Go wherever you want, whenever you want, using natural physics laws not yet discovered in mainstream science.

Cynics may laugh and call this ‘fantasy,’ but the simple fact is that all of these technologies already exist.

Right now. Here on Earth.

I have spoken directly with whistleblowers who are not only aware of these technologies, but they have used them — as a part of their day-to-day work.


On an individual level we are learning to love and respect others, while also learning to love and respect ourselves. Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries, while still loving the people who accuse us of ‘ego’ for standing up for ourselves.

It is learning to confidently and politely say ‘no’ when someone wants to manipulate and control you, while simultaneously avoiding sarcasm, anger and victim consciousness in favor of peace and acceptance. You’re not judging them as a person; you simply do not agree with their actions in this situation.

It is learning to be so at peace with yourself that you can withdraw from someone who wishes to abuse you — if they do not respond to your polite request that they change their behavior.

You can be so at peace within yourself that you walk away from abusive people who refuse to change, and you choose to be alone — for a time — without feeling alone.

You do not need to consciously or subconsciously manifest drama, chaos and misery in order to give yourself a struggle, something to fight against — to keep you from feeling bored and ‘dead inside’.


All the best spiritual teachers say we have a very backwards society in many ways. Our favorite songs and movies often enshrine codependent, clingy, needy behavior as if it were a sacred process of self-sacrifice.

We all have the “subconscious Judeo-Christian bias” that tells us if we’re on a spiritual path, we should martyr ourselves. Offer up our lives to our enemies without opposing them. Lie down in front of the tank or bulldozer even if we know it isn’t going to stop.

Eventually, after enough cycles of torture, we tire of this — and we go from the ‘victim’ who pleads for the love and acceptance of the abuser to the angry, negative and ‘tough’ person who doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

The majority of women in the Western world have taken on this role, to varying degrees, after untold generations of sexism and very real oppression.

Enraged by the ‘double standard,’ they demand compliance, but then quickly lose all interest in the feminine, sensitive men who would worship them enough to give it to them.

Many men do the same thing with women — it goes both ways. Aggressive meets passive, and either they both grow and evolve, or their paths separate… often after a prolonged, bitter struggle, which may continue right up until the death of one of the participants.

On the ‘aggressive’ side, we become so suspicious and distrustful that we live in constant sarcasm. Trusting no one. Building an ever-tougher wall around our heart to protect our soft inner core that is still hurting so deeply inside. All the defensiveness is just a surface veneer that hides how wounded and tired we feel inside.


Of course, this ‘aggressive’ stage is not the end, but merely another level within the soul’s journey. The culmination of the awakening process is, as I said, learning to be your own protector without losing the love and peace you feel inside.

You learn to be fulfilled within yourself — without the constant need for validation from others.



Enjoy this beautiful song, Believe, by Morgan Page. My daughter, Michelle, thinks it’s about The Ascension. I’ve included the lyrics so you can be the judge!

I caught a glimpse of the future
I thought a hint, like doom

Tick tock, two minutes to go
I should have seen the signs years ago
Tried to warn them it was coming
Tried to tell them what I’d seen

I saw the towers crumble
I saw the long distance fall
And I can see how you’d think I’m crazy
But you’re the one with no sense at all

I want to believe
In the light of a dream
Place that we go
World that we know
In light of a dream

I want to believe
In the light of a dream
Place that we go
World that we know

In the layer in between
Of this life and a dream
In a place tied to the past
I should have known that it never lasts

I saw the people rising
I saw the great divide
And I could see how you think I’m crazy
But you’re the one that tried to run and hide

I want to believe
In the light of a dream
Place that we go
World that we know
The light of a dream

I want to believe
In the light of a dream
Place that we go
World that we know

And the world gets lost
When it gets to be so heavy
How did they get the control?
Is there any way we can go?

Put my heart in your hand
‘Til you squeeze all you can
How you gave me life to make me
Hold my heart and you’ll save me

I want to-ooh believe
In the light of a dream
In a place that we go
Beyond the world we know

I want to believe
In the light of a dream
Place that we go
World that we know
In light of a dream

I want to believe
In the light of a dream
Place that we go
World that we know

I want to-ooh believe
In the light of a dream
In a place that we go
Beyond the world we know

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