Awesome Erik Visits and Pranks

Enjoy these great stories!

Story #1

Hi Elisa!!

Yesterday I finished reading Erik’s book, “My Life After Death”. In it he talks about how he likes to show up as a dragonfly. He says he like to show up as a orange, black or green/blue one.
Well, I’ve never heard of a black dragonfly before. I thought they all had some colour to them.
A few hours after I’d finished reading his book my daughter called me into the house.
Somehow a dragonfly was flying around her living room! And it was a black one!! I was amazed and asked him how he had gotten into the house!

We so much enjoyed having such a cool visit from your sweet, awesome Erik!!! Thank you Erik!!! I’ll never forget the day I Actually saw you as a black dragonfly!! Thank you all, Kim, Robert, Elisa and Erik for enriching the lives of so many, including myself and my family! We are forever grateful!!!!!

Story #2

I was led to your site after I had posted my reaction and resources to a non-Erik related video about the afterlife. About 3 months after I’d posted, someone responded to my post giving your website-the person said the Erik material was the most illuminating he’d ever read on the afterlife. So I started to read your blog from the beginning (had to give that up–my computer at the time was too slow!) so I read both of your books on my kindle. I loved them both-they resonated with me so deeply and I’ve shared them with many others. I’ve had a oouple of Erik encounters. One was a couple of months ago when I was having relationship angst. I walk almost everyday and usually spend a little time meditating on my favorite park bench. I had a sense of Erik sitting beside me and simply putting his arm around my shoulder as a comfort. I really appreciated it (I’m not too much into pranks!) However…at some point I lost my kindle cord to repower it. I searched and searched. Eventually I found a brand new cord (longer than the old one, which made it easier to read while I recharged) in a completely sealed plastic bag. I hadn’t bought it-it was just there very obviously on my desk. The marmalade is definitely a prank. I love having seville orange marmalade on my toast in the morning. I was making a shopping list in my head and went to check on marmalade. There was an unopened jar in the pantry. I thought “Hmmm, I don’t remember seeing that there before-and it’s not on the shelf where I usually put it.” So I went back to make sure it was there. Yup, still there. So I didn’t buy any at the store. I came home…and it was gone! My husband swears he didn’t touch it. So, the moral of the pranks are “Erik giveth (the cord)…and he taketh away (the marmalade). But it’s better than bad smells 🙂 Thanks for the work you do to lessening the space between the worlds!

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