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I don’t know if you guys are familiar with the YouTuber/channeler, Abbey Normal, but one of her videos came to my attention that I found disturbing. Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s kind and has good intentions and she expresses her own truth, but in her video, “Healing Erik Medhus,” she talks about how he died in agony and therefore his consciousness is in a perpetual state of agony. She said because of that, he’s demonic and she’s working to heal him. If she had read his book, however, she would know that he went through extensive healing and therapy. No demonic spirit could possibly affect so many lives in such positive ways. No one knows a child better than his or her mother, and I know my son’s energy. It is happy and whole. Even knowing this, the video, at least the part I could stand to watch, upset me and my entire family. Still, it is her truth and, although I’d like for her to take it down, she has every right to free speech so I honor and respect that. Just venting is all. 

Thank you, Kristen. I needed this!

Hello I was just moved to express my gratitude for the impact that channeling Erik has had on my life. The topics that are discussed have taken me on a journey and exploration of my own belief system and have opened my eyes in so many ways. I have watched your most recent video on Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Freddie Gray. I have a unique perspective on these issues being that I am an African American woman as well as being the wife of a police officer. While I do feel that the topics that you bring up are valid I was wondering if you may consider incorporating individuals from the groups that are being reference involved in the recording of the videos to give a comprehensive message that includes questions from individuals from the specific group being referenced. Not just videos referencing African American people but any topic relating to race religion gender, or any dividing difference that could be furthered by bringing those individuals into the questioning on video.I think that the work that you do is phenomenal and could only be strengthened by bringing in other voices in your questioning to ensure that these important messages have the proper questions and messengers to reach the widest audience possible.

In gratitude,

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