Becoming a Medium

Before delving into this fascinating topic–one that should interest everyone wanting to communicate with the Other Side–I want to show you something beautiful and magical that blog member, Nancy Bleyer, handcrafted for me. A beautiful crystal wand with other crystals and meaningful things on either end. She channeled Erik to figure out exactly what to use. The card at the bottom was created by her daughter! When I unwrapped it, a mob of kids ages 3 to 10, ran up to me like moths to a flame. It’s like it attracted them instantly. They all wanted to hold it, but since it’s very fragile, I had to hold it at the same time. Then there were the questions,”Can I have it when you die, Mimi?” “Wait, what about me? I want it?” Jesus.

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Okay, here’s the main event. Veronica teaches people how to develop their mediumship skills so check out her School of Spiritual Arts. I can’t believe what she gives people for a measly $25 a month, plus she offers a lot of free stuff. She’s a very giving soul. Check her out at The transcript follows, but please play the video for a while to generate ad revenue.

Elisa: Hello, Miss V, how are you doing?

Veronica:  Hey there! I’m doing awesome, we’re ready for some big snow here on the East Coast, I can’t wait.

Elisa:  You’re so lucky! We have an Arctic thing coming in, like a polar vortex, I don’t know, Saturday and Sunday. It’s going to get cold for Houston, like 29.

Veronica: We’re going to get a big storm. Yup I love big snow.

Elisa:  I really like inclement weather, but without anybody getting hurt basically.

Veronica: Oh, absolutely, absolutely!

Elisa:  So, guys Miss V and I were talking about how she forgot this is our day to do the session, I never forget, well I do forget but that’s why I put out my list of to do’s on my ical app, you know on my icalendar on my iPhone, and not only that, everyday I look at my ical and I write down an index card with index card for the next day, right, pay bills, look at this, well I’m almost finished with everything. Take bath, really? Go get the mail that’s another one, anyway.

Veronica:  I love you. You’re crazy like me.

Elisa: It’s a little pathetic, a little bit pathetic but anyway we are going to talk about, or you are going to school us on mediumship, some of the things that we, the peons can do to communicate to Erik, guides, deceased loved one etc. Hi Erik, I love you!

Erik:  Hi, Mom, I love you too!

Veronica:  He’s like all jazzed up today, for some reason, listen this is so bizarre, I tell you, I always smell Cheetos and it’s his feet, he doesn’t have any socks on he says and he’s just playing with his toes like this, like they’re opening.

Elisa:  Really?

Veronica: He’s doing some weird ass toe thing, and his hair is like a hot mess.

Elisa: Oh, it always was, always, I don’t think he, I don’t know if that thing ever saw a comb unless I put it through there.

Veronica:  Well, I want to say this and he always knows what I’m going to say but I can not until, if I said it every single day until the day that I wasn’t walking the earth, it would not be enough to the thank you, Elisa and Erik, for everything, and I mean, and I’m going to get emotional, I mean everything that you have done for me because I have a gift, whatever but the gift is only as good as people knowing about it, and Elisa, you’ve changed everything for me.

Elisa:  I’m so glad. I want to help people, I want to help people who deserve to be helped especially. Everybody deserves to be helped but you have a gift, a very, very good one. I mean you’re really awesome, and I am really grateful that you’re giving my son a voice, so.

Veronica: He said to me, when he found me, and he did find me, so let me just start really quickly.

Erik:  Tell them from the beginning.

Veronica: I had no clue what Erik was or who Erik was, rather, sorry dude! And this beautiful soul, Marla Martinson came to me and she’s the Beverly Hills Matchmaker and she said to me, do you know Elisa Medhus? And I’m like nope, don’t know her. Do you know who Erik is? I’m like, nope don’t know him. I’m here doing my little psychic thing, which by the way is different than mediumship but I’ll share that with you.

Elisa: Yes.

Veronica: And she says you’ve got to meet Elisa, and so I say Okay, whatever I’ll meet her. I had no clue that I could do mediumship, I mean I guess I did but I didn’t, I was like I don’t know if it’s my thing, your boy, your boy took me and I feel like if he could have picked me up by the back of my shirt, walked me over there and said do this, because I was quite frankly, I was shitting myself, thinking I don’t know, I can’t do this, I was nervous.

Elisa:  I bet, it’s scary.

Veronica: So, fast forward, we did our session and I look back and I’m cringing on the first session but you didn’t post it, and I didn’t know.

Elisa:  I didn’t?

Veronica:  No, I didn’t know there was a backlog.

Elisa:  Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Veronica:  And so.

Elisa: Oh, you probably thought, oh my God she hated me.

Veronica: Yes! So, three weeks went by and I said to my husband, I really fucked that one up, I blew that!

Elisa:  Oh, others do that too, so wait did you not like our stuff? But yeah, I’ve got like I don’t know maybe 3 or 4 weeks in queue so,

Veronica: Huge right? But I didn’t know that, and Erik is telling me all along, it’s going to be okay, and I was like I’m not listening. Anyway, you posted it and like shit blew up, in a good way.

Elisa:  Awesome!

Veronica:  So, Erik, yes thank you! Erik and I talked about this and the reason that we agreed that we would talk about mediumship is because Erik has said all along by 2025 this profession, this spiritual stuff, this understanding is going to become very mainstream and Erik also acknowledges that he is one of the forerunners in bringing this forward.

Elisa: Oh, there’s my boy!

Veronica:  And he’s very innovative, very cutting edge, he’s the man, okay totally.

Erik:  The more that people understand how absolutely natural this is the more normal it’s going to become.

Veronica:  So, he said to me, actually he said to me, Veronica, as simple as you are. (laughing), I love you Erik, but he goes as simple as you are Veronica, you’re the perfect person to make this very approachable and unscary for people.

Elisa:  That’s right and Erik too, he so relatable, he’s not like up on a mountain top, like welcome my dear love, you know that kind of stuff, he’s like hey man.

Veronica:  He says fuck a lot.

Elisa:  Yeah, you guys both curse, I love it. So, do I as you know. But who is this Marla lady?

Veronica:  Marla Martinson is the Beverly Hills Medium, Beverly Hills Matchmaker, she has a beautiful YouTube channel, in fact maybe she could be somebody that could be on our radio show or something.

Elisa:  Yeah sure!

Veronica:  She is an awesome person, and she’s very spiritually based.

Elisa:  Ah, good.

Veronica:  Let’s talk Marla, shout out, love you girl.

Elisa:  Yeah, we love you Marla!

Veronica:  Yes, so anyway that’s my story of how I got here. Very quick, going back, I was 25 years old, I’m 56 now, I was pregnant with my second son, I lost my Grandfather, he was my beloved, he basically raised me with my Grandmother, I was devastated. I couldn’t catch my breath, I couldn’t sleep, it was the middle of the night and he appeared to me. 25 years old, I had no clue what mediumship was, I had no clue what psychic was, I didn’t believe in God, and he stands my Grandfather in front of me, and he says to me, I’m okay, you need to take care of that little boy inside of you, now I didn’t know, it was 1987, I didn’t know I was having a boy, they didn’t tell you that then.

Elisa: Oh yeah, wow!

Veronica:  So, low and behold I had a boy but anyway he appeared before me, he looked very young, as they sometimes do.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica:  Because they go to a time where they were, I guess most happy or something like that they say, but I recognized him, so that was my first experience with mediumship as I know it. So, fast forward, I didn’t really do mediumship until your boy found me.

Elisa:  Wow! So, what did you do with all of that information? Did you see spirits or anything, after your grandfather appeared, did you have any other encounters with dead people?

Veronica:  I did but I never labelled it. Again, it’s like the fish that swims in the water, he doesn’t know that it’s water that he’s swimming in.

Elisa:  Ah, yeah.

Veronica:  It was hard for me, and it went out recently and I’ve been working really intensely with Erik, there’s just a lot of stuff coming out that he and I are conceiving but I’ve been trying to understand, how do I articulate this, how do I teach this when it’s just so natural to me?

Elisa:  Yeah. Oh yeah.

Veronica:  We’re breaking it down step by step, and he’s helping me write a curriculum and we’re just.

Elisa:  Good! I want that spiritual online school and maybe we’ll have a charter school, I don’t know if I want to get involved with the government.

Erik:  Do your own thing.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica:  You know, the one thing that Erik has taught me, and I just want to say that I don’t want this to be the V show at all because it’s not , it’s not about me, but I want you to understand that I’m a regular person and just like me anybody can do this and so a couple of things, I’ve been getting a lot of emails and a lot of messages from people saying that I’ve changed, I look different, my whole vibe is different, my energy is different, and I have taken the steps to care for myself in a whole different way, I haven’t had sugar in 9 months.

Elisa: Oh good!

Veronica:  25lbs, I cut my hair off.

Elisa:  You look good!

Veronica:  Thank you, self development. And so that brings me to my first point, if you are truly looking to be a medium or to just talk to your loved ones on the other side, it really begins with having a great understanding and foundation of who you are, because think of it like this, we’re talking to the spirit world with our thoughts, with feelings, with energy and if you got a bunch of messed up shit going on up here, and you can’t even navigate day to day life down here, how are you going to go ahead and pull them in?

Elisa:  That’s true.

Veronica:  It’s not going to happen.

Elisa:  It takes self love but it also involves taking care of the body and the mind.

Veronica: Absolutely! Absolutely, and so it’s really about honouring the shell that houses the soul, so that brings me to my next point, what are we? We’re a soul, we’re a body, we’re a soul, and then we’re spirit. So, spirit is all out here. People point and they say up there, there is no up there, they’re all over us, they’re here.

Elisa:  Right, I hear they’re like four inches above our dimension, and Erik said the dimensions are kind of swirled into each other like one of those ice cream cones, where you have the chocolate and vanilla.

Veronica:  Yup, everything mixes together. Even if you don’t know it, right now, there is spirit all over.

Elisa:  Wow!

Veronica:  Just like Erik is a person, you know I call him Erik, I say dude, I talk to him just like he’s here, because he is here and not just to Erik, everybody has that ability to just be here to just show up. When we die, our body goes away but our soul and our spirit which is the spark of God that animates the soul stays alive, so the personality and the person who we are, we just carry that with us as Erik has shown to the next level, if you will.

Elisa:  I thought the soul was the spirit when it’s in a body and it becomes just a plain old spirit after transition but that’s not true right?

Veronica: No because the soul, the souls is, the spirit is the spark of God, so if you look at the big picture, the energy that surrounds us is the spirit okay. Each one of us has a little bit of the spark of the spirit in us and that’s inside the soul and that’s what gives the soul the animation, that’s what gives the soul the wherewithal, the spirit part of is that part of us that wants to go out and it wants to explore and it wants to be all over the place, the soul has purpose, the soul came in to learn something and the soul, if you like this analogy, the soul is like the kite, excuse the anchor, because the soul says all right, I ‘m here to learn this lesson and I got to us the personality, I’ve got to get the personality on board to use the lesson, and the spirit’s going, no let’s go experience life, anything is possible, so there is a balance happening there.

Elisa:  All right so, I guess the spirit is one of those fractals or tendrils that Source put forth in search of having and experiential knowledge of all facets of love, and the soul is the one who is learning, remembering that lesson by being in a body and having the human experience?

Veronica:  More like the worker bee, the soul is the worker bee.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica: The soul is going out and having experiences, bringing to life the spirit right.

Elisa: Got you.

Veronica:  So, when we die, as Erik has shown us, you can not kill energy and we are at our core. The soul is not a tangible thing, the soul is not tangible, the souls is energy.

Elisa:  But I always was afraid, and early on I was afraid that, energy can be neither created nor destroyed but it can transform from one form to another. So, I thought maybe, what if Erik turns into thermal energy and dissipates, what do you have to say about that?

Erik:  That’s not part of the process.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: That’s not how the process works for the human being. It really isn’t how the process works.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  There is a very core reason why we are here, there’s a very core reason why we can go into the continuum. The very reason you are here is to build on who created you and what created you, the energy that created you and that is the energy of love. If you think about it, you know why is the world like it is? Why is everything so fucked up and people are so selfish? There is only one answer, there ain’t no love.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik:  And so, I’m going to out and do to you what is in my heart, and so if we look at what’s in our hearts, honestly, we’re going to see that is the behaviour that we’re taking out. So, as the spirit and soul are here on earth and doing their work, the job is to align everything with the energy of the soul which is love, the soul can not be love.

Veronica:  And now Erik wants me to address something with regard to evil entities, because I personally get emails and questions in my school of spiritual arts, oh would the evil entities take me over, what if I channel and somebody bad comes in, here’s what I was told, and Erik and I have talked about. The Law of Attraction is at work, so, if a medium, if a conduit is pure and is of love and that’s all that there is, the highest level of power of vibration, there’s no way anything else is going to get through.

Elisa:  For sure.

Veronica:  Except love.

Elisa:  That’s only when people are alcoholics or depressed or super negative or yeah things like that, that they seem to.

Veronica: Or.

Elisa:  Like energy attracts like energy.

Veronica:  Yes!

Elisa: The lower denser energy is what’s going to create those little, what you call them dust bunnies under the bed that Erik talked about where the dust sort of collects together and makes a big monster.

Veronica:  Makes the monster. The Ouija board has gotten a bad wrap, okay because people think the Ouija board is evil. The Ouija board is the Ouija board, what you bring to the Ouija board is what could potentially be evil. So, let’s just say, I’m going to use the Ouija board, I’m going to sit with somebody who wants a reading and we’re going to use the Ouija board, I’m going to be of love, I’m going to have the intention of love, person across from me is going to have the intention of love, guess what, we’re going to get love. If I go out on a bender, and I get shit-faced, and I drink and I get my buddies and friends and I say come on let’s do the Ouija board, guess what, I’m opening myself up to the potential of somebody that’s not pure, that’s not loving that could come in. Do you see how that works?

Elisa:  Yeah, and you have to create some sort of intent, and prayer of protection before you use these things, dousing rods, pendulums any of those kinds of things. So, to me what Erik tells me, everything is energy and all that energy is light, and all that light is love so, love is all there is. Even the evil, the darker, it’s just on the lower spectrum light/love, so it’s just kind of real dim on that side.

Veronica:  And actually, Erik and I are putting together in my school of spiritual arts. We’re putting together some colour work therapy, teaching the energies of colour. So, when I look at people’s aura and I can see the outline of the aura that surrounds your body, I can see potentially what’s happening, what’s going to happen, where you’re going, it’s very cool.

Elisa: Interesting. I hear that brown aura means that they’re lying.

Veronica:  We’re not there, we’re not at that dark colour, we’re working on the higher end of the spectrum.

Elisa: Oh, that’s good. Okay.

Veronica: Yeah. So, one of the things that I talked about self development, I’m looking at my notes here, one of the things that we have to have if we’re going to do mediumship is power. So, not power like maybe like you think, but if you remember the energizer bunny.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica:  The little, you know, he went on Energizer batteries so a battery was the energizers power, just like the energizer bunny needed power, we as mediums, as conduits need power, so where do we get power? This is a false belief, people believe that we have to go into a meditative state to connect to spirit.

Elisa:  Oh! I thought you had to.

Veronica:  Well, here’s what we know, meditation is a very passive act, at least certain meditations. So, think about this, if we go on a meditation, and mostly we close our eyes and oh look at there goes the beautiful water and it’s blue and the clouds are fluffy, guess what? You’re very passive, you’re just chill, nothing happening there. Connecting or linking to spirit is an active act, you have to be active to connect or link to spirit, so instead of mediation, there’s a different kind of meditation that one does that is more active. That is just really filling oneself with the power, with the light, if you will and that comes from focus, that’s a focus meditation.

Elisa: Does it involve breathing? Being aware of your breath because that puts you in the now, when you’re aware and focusing on breathing, you’re in the now then.

Veronica:   Absolutely, and to do really good mediumship, really respectable mediumship, you have to be in the now.

Elisa:  Yeah. Oh, that’s so hard for me.

Veronica:  Well, for all of us, but after you’ve been doing this for awhile, it doesn’t take a lot to plug in. I want to address some comments people have said to me, how is it that you can go on channeling Erik and you instantly connect?  Well anybody that instantly, that can not connect instantly needs to look at going back and practising a little bit more because the spirit world isn’t like I’m going to plug in, I’m going to unplug, I’m going to plug in, I’m going to unplug, in a sense it is, but in a sense it isn’t. Once you open up and you understand that you are a medium, it comes.

Elisa: You’re there.

Veronica: It just comes, now it might take a few seconds for the person that you’re bringing in to show up, you know that’s possible, but I shouldn’t be doing a mediumship reading and going, all right just give me minute, I’m trying to find the connection, oh let me see.

Elisa:  Ah, they went out for a short beer, or you need to tell them hey, you’re in the bathroom, pinch it off. I need to talk to you.

Veronica:  (laughing) Exactly. I just get it, like it just connects, like Erik, Erik’s in. I don’t have to wait for Erik to show up, Erik just comes in. So that’s the other important thing, so power is vibration, power is energy, and power is, you want to build spiritual stamina because when you do mediumship readings, you can be drained very quickly of your power.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Veronica:  And I think when I channelled Steven Paddock, that was a different kind if channelling because he actually came into me, and that’s different because that’s called trance-channelling, okay.

Elisa:  You didn’t like that at all.

Veronica:  No. That’s passive channeling because I didn’t really do anything, he just came in and took over which that hasn’t really happened to me since. But what I do, and what most of us do, is evidential mediumship, where we’re giving evidence, we are connecting and giving evidence and so a good medium, a really good medium should be able to give you at least 3 pieces of evidence that they have your loved one with them.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica:  Something, I’ve always been able to do. A lot of people will say well it sounds like you’re fishing, well here’s the thing, how many times in this life, right here, have you had a conversation with somebody and you ain’t got a clue what they’re saying, you haven’t understood them.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica: I mean, what do you think it’s like with the spirit world, sometimes the connection isn’t clear, sometimes it sounds warbled, sometimes you know, they might be saying stay, and I’m hearing J, I mean.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica:  Mediumship is not 100% accurate, every single time.

Elisa: No.

Veronica:  There’s times where it’s not.

Elisa:  Yeah, that’s what Mark Ireland, who certifies mediums, he says that it’s not like so and so says the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, it’s like quick fox brown dog, like that, it’s not that easy.

Veronica:  Correct. It is definitely something that you need to practice, and if you’re serious about doing it, you need to find yourself a good teacher, somebody that is willing to step up and give you feedback, but it should always be a positive feedback. There should be nothing negative that comes into this work. There just shouldn’t be, there’s a way to say everything in love and with positivity.

Elisa:  Absolutely. Yeah.

Veronica:  You know it’s, so I was talking about the battery and so how do we get power, where does power come from? The biggest resource of power that we will have comes from ourselves.

Elisa: Oh, I thought you were going to say chocolate, dammit.

Veronica:  I haven’t had sugar though, I haven’t don’t do chocolate.

Elisa: Oh, you’re good.

Veronica:  But the biggest resource comes from ourselves and so imagine that I’m carrying a load of shit, not literally, figuratively. I don’t have enough money and I’m fighting with my husband and my kids are driving me nuts, and my car won’t start and then I sit down to do a session.

Elisa:  Oh God!

Veronica: I mean come on, I take what I do very seriously, people pay me good money and they expect me to show up being whole and complete and so every day it’s about me keeping myself in tip top shape, mentally, spiritually, and physically. When you sit down to do a reading, and you come to the reading with this self love that is so evident and so powerful, that’s one source of it. The other source that feeds us as mediums is the person that’s sitting for us, the recipient.

Elisa: Oh, god yes. I mean some of the responsibility is on the sitter, people don’t realize that.

Veronica: Absolutely. Now, because people are choosing to come to me, you know or the others, you know they are paying to come to us and so, we’re hoping they’re going to come with an open mind and you know but I have done readings, demonstrations in group events, where people have been there to trip me up.

Elisa:  Oh yeah of course.

Veronica:  Right. And that detracts from the energy that’s feeding me as the medium. So, if somebody’s in the audience that’s feeling skeptical, I do this, I go up to them and I just say look at, I know you don’t believe this, I know it’s not your thing but for the respect of the rest of the audience can you please at least give me a virtual hug if not a real one.

Elisa: Oh good.

Veronica:  And that kind of sets the tone you know, gets people shifted, and so there are the places we get our energy from. I

Elisa:  People like that, they create this tense energy that’s just so hard to penetrate, it’s just so heavy.

Veronica: And have you ever just talked to somebody and you just felt like you know they’re not there, they’re just not in alignment with.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, yeah.

Veronica:  And then it becomes like pulling teeth.

Elisa:  I know. They kind of have the vibrational frequency close to each other, you know.

Veronica: And the other thing is, I love to laugh, and Erik and I know this, we love to laugh, we’re just pranksters and all over the place.

Elisa: I love that, I love it.

Veronica: If you can’t laugh, if you can’t levitate yourself with laughter, you’re probably not going to do, I don’t want to say you can’t be a medium but it helps to have that levity, that sense of humour. To be able to laugh at yourself because think about it, I have had people call me up for readings and I do virtual, over the phone, and I get on the phone and even before I’m on the phone, I’m like oh this is going to be like pulling teeth and you get on and you get Hi, I’m calling for my reading (in a monotone voice).

Elisa: Oh.

Veronica:  And in my head, I’m going, what the fuck, I’ve got to shift this, and then I start laughing in my head, like alright, what can I do, and then I start hearing things about them and I’m able to speak to them, and then all of a sudden, we’re laughing.

Elisa:  Oh good.

Veronica:  So, it’s really about the medium also having the wherewithal to create the environment to support the power.

Elisa: Right. Create the levity etc. Shift the mood, change the person’s perspective.

Veronica: Does that make sense?

Elisa:  So, how do you develop spiritual stamina again? Is it just about practice?

Veronica: It’s about practice, but in the short term, because stamina is the long term, so if you were going to run a race, you would not go out and run a 10K in just one day of deciding you were going to run a race.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Veronica:  There needs to be, you need to get the stamina, you need to build up to run that race. The same is true when you want to do mediumship, you need to build the stamina, so you can get fed okay, daily through prayer, through inspiration, through visualization, through affirmations, right so there are other things too. When you are doing group work, audience feeds you, and the other thing when you’re not doing mediumship work, it’s important to look at who surrounds you, because if you’re living in an environment the persons that you live with, it’s fine if they don’t believe in what you do.

Elisa: But you don’t want them to attack.

Veronica: Correct.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica:  That’s going to push down number one, your confidence and number two your stamina, your power, your energy.

Elisa:  Yeah because you’re only human, you know.

Veronica:  So, you want to look at who you’re surrounding yourself with, and that’s important. Now, obviously you can’t move out of your house if your husband is that person, but there are things you can do, and this is why, self development is so important. So, this is not my case, but let’s say it were. Say, my husband didn’t support what I did, he was you know, just a nay sayer and he hated what I did, you know as I develop myself, self development which is foundational for mediumship, I would then be able to love myself enough to say wait a minute, I need boundaries here. It’s okay to have that opinion but it’s not okay for you to take away my energy and cram it down my throat.

Elisa:  Awesome!

Veronica:  Right? Because there are a lot of people, we’re not going to divorce people over maybe that’s his religious belief, I have to respect that and in turn I have to turn it around so that he respects that about me. Now that’s not my case, my husband very much supports me.

Elisa:  Good.

Veronica:  But you see how it could be if there were some that weren’t supportive.

Elisa:  Oh, I’m sure that there are cases like that too.

Veronica:  Absolutely.

Elisa: But yeah emotional honesty, you got to be emotionally honest and set your boundaries. You know the Allie O’Shea, I can’t remember the website but if you just look at Allie O’Shea, Google her, she has a great self love workshop that I think is amazing, so if you’re getting into mediumship, I think that it’s something to consider, but of course you have the Spiritual Arts school, so we’ll talk about that whenever you want.

Veronica:  Yeah, but you know it’s really important to understand that that’s the foundation for everything.

Elisa:  Oh yes.

Veronica:  I also quickly, I have to cover the mind. I have always been somebody that’s been fascinated with the mind. Everything that we experience and Erik can attest to this, in his world comes from mind, so we have the conscious mind, we have the sub-conscious or the unconscious mind and we have the super conscious, okay so the conscious mind is this mind right here, the rational mind, the mind that makes the lists, the mind that check the, she the literal rational mind. Then we have the sub-conscious which some people call the unconscious mind, and that’s where all of our experiences reside, okay? So, everything that we’ve every experienced in our life, lives in our unconscious mind and most people unwittingly live from the unconscious mind and here’s an example why, I worked in dentistry for a lot of years and we would see kids, and we would have these 4 year old kids coming in, they have no concept or should have no concept of the dentist, they’re just getting they’re little teeth polished but they’re terrified. So, somewhere Mommy or Daddy had an experience or they watched something or saw something and learned to be, so now they carry with them through their lifetime this fear of the dentist. And so, in this sub-conscious/unconscious mind lives our phobias but also our imagination lives in there and story telling and imagination are pivotal when it comes to psychic, medium and mystic development. The super conscious mind is the higher self, it’s the soul, that is the bridge to the spirit world, so we have the logical, rational, the imaginative, the creative, the intuitive mind and then we have the soul or the higher self mind that connects us, so that’s how it works. It goes up, when spirit’s talking to us it comes down, it flows down through us, so spirit will connect with us and it will come in through out super conscious mind, the soul will process it and will bring it down into the intuitive mind where the clare’s will go to work, we’ll hear things, we’ll see things, we’ll smell things and then the logical, rational mind will bring it out and speak it.

Elisa: Or in some cases, will discount it, and say that’s just my imagination.

Veronica:  But this is assuming that we’ve been trained, but you are absolutely right, and that is a big stumbling block.

Elisa:  It is.

Veronica: Number one problem people have when it comes to doing mediumship or psychic work, how can I know if it’s me or it’s spirit? How do I know the difference? How do I learn? So, I created programs to help you understand the difference because there is a discernable difference.

Elisa:  Yes.

Veronica:  And it’s key because again when spirit talks to us, it’s going to be in thought form and Erik is reminding me, it’s going to be in feeling form in the body.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica: So, we will get a feeling. So, I want to do a little exercise for the viewers.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica:  Everybody wants to know, where’s my soul?  How do I know where my soul lives? So, I just want you to get quiet, and I just want you to focus on asking the question, where is my soul? Where inside of me is my soul? And eventually if you sit long enough in that, you’re going to get a feeling of where the soul is, now there are 3 different places of where people think the soul resides, none of them are wrong because it’s a unique and individual experience for you, but Elisa where do you feel your soul?

Elisa:  Oh, well I don’t think it’s inside my body, I think it’s bigger than my body.

Veronica:  So, when it talks to your body though, and it uses your body, where do you think it is?

Elisa:  I don’t know here or here, I’m not sure.

Veronica:  Interesting! Very good, because there are 3 places and up here, if you take each finger over the ears and you meet them at the top of your head, that’s where your seat of the soul can be, is right there, so that’s one place.

Elisa:  Sometimes, I feel like it’s coming from here though.

Veronica:  The other place is here.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica:  And the other place is right here, the Solar Plexus.

Elisa:  That’s another place, can you have it shift geographically, like Hey, I’m moving to the suburbs, I’m going go here or is it always in one place?

Veronica:  This is the seat of the soul for me, right here.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica:  Every time I get something, it comes right in my gut, right in my gut. It’s a gut feeling.

Elisa:  Well, that’s true, because I can discern intuition from my imagination with the feeling I get here, but it’s sometimes it seems like my soul talks to me up here, so I don’t know.

Veronica:  And I get up here. When I’m being spoken to up here, when it’s my soul, I will get tinglies on the top of my head, it feels like electrical things. Sometimes it feels like rain, like water is coming down my body. I just before we got on this call here, on this video, I did a reading for a woman whose granddaughter drown and I could feel, she came into me and she laid her head, right on my heart and my heart got so hot that I got flush and she just started pouring out information. So, she actually was laying on my chest, so we were soul to soul and it just was a beautiful experience.

Elisa:  So, it could talk to you from here, your higher self, so I could have 2 places? Or only 1?

Veronica: No, you can feel it here today, it could be your belly tomorrow.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica: It can just wash over your whole body.

Elisa:  Wow!

Veronica:  Again, another key to being a really good medium is to become aware, so knowing what your body feels like is important. Knowing that you have a relationship with your soul is so important and so a soul, and soul is feminine energy. She is always a she.

Erik: She is always a she.

Elisa: Interesting! Why is that?

Veronica: Just because it is the intuitiveness, it is the knowing, it is the gentleness, it has always been that she is a she.

Elisa:  Oh! Wow.

Veronica:  Now, they can have male characteristics.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Veronica:  But she is a she. So, if you think about it, you know archetypes, archetypes are how we define our lives, so an archetype might be, she’s a mother hen. So, if I say you’re a mother hen, right away the soul steps up and the soul goes this is what a mother hen does, this is how a mother hen takes over, so mother hen is a nurturer right, that’s your soul. So yeah, just a couple little things I thought that, I hope it was succinct enough, that people got enough out of this that they might have an interest in going a little bit deeper into themselves.

Elisa: Yeah, well we might need to do another part to this but I don’t want to finish without you telling us a little bit about your school for Spiritual Arts, like how long is it, I mean how does the whole thing work?

Veronica: Well you know again, Erik has been a big part of all of this with me and honestly, I get freaky, goofy emotional, but if it weren’t for you and Erik, I don’t even know what to say I’d be doing, I’d probably have a j-o-b.

Elisa:  A muggle job, you would have a muggle job.

Veronica:  The school of Spiritual Arts, it’s an online school and it’s open to people who are willing to step out of the box, to people who are willing to show up and do the work and be patient and learn discipline and they have a true desire to love themselves and heal and help the world.

Elisa:  Are they live? Or are they archived? Or how does it work?

Veronica: So, the way it works, is there is a monthly fee, it’s $25 a month.

Elisa:  Oh my God that is so cheap! For what you get, and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback too.

Veronica:  If I could do it for free I would but I have to pay overhead.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Veronica:  But anyway, you get me essentially. I’m in the Facebook group, you’re asking questions, I’m there, I’m doing lives daily. I have a library that’s offsite, there are probably 50 some videos on different topics already in there.

Elisa:  Wow!

Veronica:  I have a live call webinar at the end of each month where I teach on a specific topic, I answer your questions in written format. I mean for $25, listen nobody.

Elisa:  That’s crazy!

Veronica:  Nobody’s teaching at that level, and listen I’d like to think that I have a certain level of integrity that people will understand, that I’m all about putting out the best.

Elisa: Yes.

Veronica:  If it ain’t the best, I’m not going to put my name on it. I mean and that’s not egotistical, that’s just.

Elisa:  It’s the right thing to do.

Veronica:  Yeah, it is the right thing to do, but anyway so school of spiritual arts you can find it on, and like I said you just have to be a serious student, you just have to want to learn and listen any baggage you might be carrying, be prepared to let it go because, I very discerning about who is coming in because think about it, if you come in and you’re carrying shit and you’re going to go on and you’re going to post on the page, I ain’t having that. I don’t care, you can pay me $3025, your ass is out.

Elisa:  No, I totally agree. But yeah you have to have that foundation of self love and if you have a lot of negative thoughts, what about the SoulHappy girls, or .org, they have a little short program that’s very reasonable that will reprogram out of your subconscious, you know the iceberg, the conscious is just this little tip, and 90% is the unconscious, and then replace all of that shit, the baggage with positive thoughts and so that will probably help you become a better medium.

Veronica:  Absolutely, you know that’s what I love about this show, you’re bringing so many resources forward.

Elisa:  Oh, I’m so glad they are there, I mean with their gifts, there’s so much that could save so many lives, there’s so many lightworkers around that are there to help us all, so.

Veronica: And you know the other thing is mediumship, people say to me well do you call your own family in? And I can not read for someone close to me, like I can’t.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Veronica: Like my husband’s father died in this room, I saw his soul go, I can’t bring him in, because number one I know him, I can’t give evidence of somebody I know and so, I just can’t bring him in, so I don’t work for family, it’s not how it works, but if you’re looking to do your own family or you want to do your own friends, I really think too, people can do it, but I’m all about, with the school of spiritual arts I want to bring forward credible, reputable mediums.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica: And I’m not saying that other people aren’t, but I’m saying it’s important to me.

Elisa:  Oh, there are a lot of un-reputable one! There’s plenty of them.

Veronica:  We’re not a circus act, I am looking to make with Erik, this has always been our mission, looking to make this profession very reputable.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica:  By 2025, this is going to be the norm.

Elisa:  I hope so, and we’ll hopefully have a TV show going, I can’t tell you anything about it though, or I will have to kill all of you, or give everybody a non-disclosure agreement. Hopefully this will bring awareness about spirituality and we will turn paranormal into normal.

Veronica: Totally, because it just is all normal, there is no paranormal.

Elisa:  Absolutely! Well that sounds great! Anything else you want to share Miss V?

Veronica: No but thank you for allowing me to share this with people because Erik and I are just like we’ve got to get the momentum going, we got to get them here.

Elisa:  We’ve got 6 years, come on let’s go people. All right thank you, I love you, and you guys check out Veronica Drake at I will definitely put that stuff right here, and I love you Erik, come visit.

Erik:  Love you Mumma

(blowing kisses)

Elisa:  Bye love you Miss V.


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