Finding Comfort and Hope

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! Rune and I are camping again in Galveston. It’s pretty cold, although not Minnesota cold, and we even had a bit of sleet in the morning. My morning got off to a rough start when the hubs pops his head up from his pillow and says, “Oh my god, it’s nine o’clock!” My heart sank, because I sleep in until 9 most weekends, waiting until Rune wakes up, takes Bella outside to pee and takes a shower. As soon as I hear him squeegee the shower walls, I reluctantly raise my weary body out of bed, usually accompanied by an exaggerated eye role. That’s the WORST part of my day. Getting out of bed. After 3-5 minutes, I’m fine, but damn it’s harder as I get older. On the other hand, I LOVE waking up and looking over at my bedside clock to find it’s only 2:00 AM. A quick calculation of how many hours of sleep I have left fills me with instant joy and relief. 

Anyway, before going on to today’s post, I want to announce two awesome events I’m having at my house very soon. Both involve healing, so if you suffer from any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual condition and want relief, these are for you. One is being hosted by Dr. Andy Hahn in mid-March. Check it out here:

Dr. Andrew Hahn Three Day Experience (Enneagram and Guided Self-Healing) | Buy Tickets in Houston | Ticketbud

Dr. Andrew Hahn Three Day Experience (Enneagram and Guided Self-Healing) – Houston – March 15, 2019 at Houston, TX, USA. Find event and ticket information on Ticketbud.

The other is being hosted by Tammy De Mirza in May. Check that one out here:

Healing Workshop with Tammy De Mirza – The Freedom Alchemist ™ | Buy Tickets | Ticketbud

Healing Workshop with Tammy De Mirza – The Freedom Alchemist ™ – May 3, 2019 at Houston, TX, USA. Find event and ticket information on Ticketbud.

Be sure to read their fascinating stories. Come to both of them if you can! I’d love to see you! Now, for today’s Erik encounter. Enjoy!

My name is Hannah, I’m a 28 year old wife and mother, and I have had some experiences recently and have questions regarding them. I was hoping I may be able to get some help, or more or less insight on these phenomenons. Since childhood my family and I, particularly my mother and I have been known to have what we call in our own humorous, yet serious, way “the sense”. I remember being about 4 in my grandmother’s house and staring in the door way and seeing these ghostly animals walking back and forth (it was not a dream!) fast forwarding throughout my life, I was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety at six years old. I never dared let me friends know as I grew up. I struggled so much all my adolescence and it was far from easy. I never had taken any medicine for these issues but counseled through them instead. Almost 2 years ago I had a huge down spiral and fell into a crippling depression. I lost my will to live. I turned my nose up to what I felt were “cowards” who took their own lives when they had babies to care for. My children are now 9 and almost 5. I never imagined I would have these thoughts and even more unlike me was I didnt care if I left them I just wanted OUT! My mother (moms always know) could see my struggle when no one else could and begged me to get help. I did, and for the first time in the 22 years of my diagnosis I am taking medicine and have gone through counseling and have never felt better. The reason I’m rambling here (lol) was during this difficult time I shunned God away and although not raised religious, I have always had my own faith and pray morning noon and night. These particular few years I did not. The day I got help I told God I would come back to him and prove I can be what I once was I just needed the guidance. In the last year my fear of death had become an obsession. How odd that 2 years ago I longed for the end. Then once I received treatment, I could not imagine living a short life. Partly because my fears had been fueled by tragic deaths that occurred in the last 5 years. At 23 I lost a dear childhood friend. Both my grandmothers that year as well, 2013. 2016 my father in law was diagnosed with terminal cancer and 3 months later was dead at age 61. The next year 2017 we lost my 40 year old sister in law to a brain aneurysm. Then just recently last month our lifelong family friend I grew up with had died in a horrific car to train accident and she was 26. I had come across channeling Erik as I was researching other things to keep my mind busy as I usually do. My comfort I felt was IMENSE. Almost exciting to hear that these myths and Hope’s are true reality. Watching your orb video in Erik’s room I thought I may try myself. Now this is huge for me because as I said as a child I always felt someone with me or something there. I saw those “ghost” animals or whatever the hell that was! Lol and I was terrified of anything scary. Oddly enough I have never been scared trying these videos. I have tried 5 times,  day and night (my husband wasn’t convinced at first so I did it also in the light) what we saw was unreal! So many orbs! Responding to my requests as well. So excited I still shotted a lot of the orbs. Unknowningly I had a discovery in the orb. A FACE! Honestly I was scared as all hell when I saw it, but I had to know more. What I see is my father in laws face!!! I showed my husband who is a HUGE skeptic and he even saw his father. Just yesterday I did this again alone in the light and still shotted the frames. I caught the face again! I cant completely tell if it is the same face or not but it is very similar. The reason for me trying the videos was actually to reach my grandmother and grandfather who I was extremely close with and although they have been passed 12 and 6 years, I cry every day (even hug my grandmas ashes in the grief moments, so weird I know) I wanted to see them. I had my clarity and confirmation she does hear me asking for her to show me her. She came to me in a dream a day after recording and clear as day said do you see me now? Laughed her signature laugh and woke me up. I am going to attach the photo of the faces. I think my father in law maybe haunting are house. He has never done anything scary if it is him. But I’m so curious as to why he is hanging here. His couch and chair are down there so I thought maybe his attachment to his items. Also my husband is the baby of 5 and although I would never tell his siblings but he is “the golden child”. I’ve asked for signs and I’m not sure if I’m missing them. Also asked Erik for a prank (lol). Maybe Erik can answer or maybe you may have some advice. I would never have known anything or even dabbled in this if I had not known about the channel. Thank you so much to you and Erik and the awareness and comfort you are spreading. Sorry for the book here! Take care. Love and laughter, Hannah.

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