Beginning A Friendship with Erik

Hi. I have been a fan of Erik for some time, even though I never met him. I had read his story and hear the channeling sessions online. I am a female, 46 years old and at a lost point in my life. I had recently quit a job that I thought I was no longer suited for after 7 months, with no other prospects in front of me. I live with my 89 year old father and take care of the house and laundry even though he still pays the bills. I called on Erik not so much that he’s famous, but if he could possibly show me what I am doing wrong. If there is anything more I should be saying or doing so that I could become successful. Since being in the retail profession since I was 16, do I stay in that profession or choose something else? I have thought about going to see a psychic, but not sure about this route. My brothers do not live in the same state as I do and are already successful in their own lives. Being the second oldest in the family, I should be where they are or even further. I just don’t know where I go from here and if my decision of my next job or profession will be the correct one for me. I called on Erik only for a possible friendship and enlightenment on what I should do next. I enjoy looking at the channeling sessions online very much and hope that they continue helping a variety of people. Wishing you the best of luck.

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