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For some reason, my grandson, Easton, is very connected to my husband. Early on, whenever he saw “Pappa,” he would cry probably because Rune has such a strong and dominating presence. Now, he goes around the house calling for him or crawls up in his lap to snuggle. When I say, “Pappa” went bye-bye, he starts to whimper. Well, now every time they FaceTime, he gives Pappa a hug and kiss. Check it out.

Easton’s Hug

In case you missed my announcement earlier, Veronica and I were only able to do half of the submitted questions, but we plan on finishing the rest up this coming week. Both Emma and her are booked up on questions for September, but if you check back during the first part of October, they’ll probably be open to more. Check every day because they both book up so quickly, often within a few hours. 

Blog member, Nancy Dench, has tried a couple of mediums that she really likes and thought they’d be a valuable addition to our group of mediums, so I’m having trial sessions with them early next week. It’ll just be personal questions, so I won’t post them, but if all works out, I’ll be introducing them soon. Their names are Carrie Wilson and Lisa Domenici. 

Great news! I just received the transcript from Debra R. of the Laci Peterson session, and I will post it as a YouTube sometime today. Very soon, for those of you who prefer reading, I’ll publish it as a blog post.

Enjoy these great stories.

Story #1

I was first introduced to Elisa’s book by a publicist she was working with who sent me the book when I was on the radio a few years ago on KMMT. I interviewed Elisa about Erik and the book, and when I was in the middle of reading it at home, Erik let me hear him clear his throat one early morning, waking me up. Then he said the word “Already?” to me when I was finished with something too personal to write about here 🙂 ….. Then somehow the book disappeared. Maybe Erik put an invisibility cloak over it. Nonetheless, I bought the book again a few months ago and I’m reading it again. Erik, please don’t make it disappear again before I’m finished with it and with book #2. You’re a great mom, Elisa! Thank you so much for sharing Erik’s insights. He is just confirming what I already knew in my heart about what happens when we go back home!

Story #2

This happened a few weeks ago. Both situations happened in my dorm room. I always had this purple comb that I would use to comb my hair. The next day I looked for the comb, and 99.9 % of the time it was in my purse. My purse is very small so a person couldn’t possibly miss it. So, in my mind I’m thinking one of my roommates must have taken it or I left it in the community bathroom. 2 days later I looked in my purse and the comb was in my purse. I was really puzzled and thought, ” I could have sworn I looked for it.” So, I assumed it must have been Erik.
I also had an incident with my fan. I always sleep with the fan on, but a couple nights I chose to turn it on. One time I KNOW when I went to sleep the fan was off. I woke up during the night and I could have sworn the fan was off when I went to bed. This happened twice…. Am I tripping or is this the work of Erik?

Story #3

I was booked to have a Skype session with Emanuelle on the 7/11/16, this would be my first session with a medium, I was excited and nervous in equal measures. The evening before I decided to sit on the bed and do some crochet, I put my hook and scissors down while I sorted a few bit out. When I went to pick it up it was gone, nowhere to be found, I even had my husband come in and do a search, to no avail. I just knew it was Erik and said so, i gave up looking a did some sewing.
My first question the next day was” had Erik moved my hook” it was a definite yes from our cheeky spirit, and he has yet returned it…..?.

The session was amazing my Spirit Guides and Angels came through with so much information and love, It was a great comfort to know my grandma is one of my guides, she was amazing, so full of love and knowledge, I didn’t need to ask questions she just knew my concerns and worries and gave amazing guidance as did our cheeky spirit Erik, it was a great comfort to know Erik was there during the session and I loved the fact that he thought my nan was great ?

Thank you so much Emanuelle for sharing your special talent and Elisa for your bravery in sharing your story and your precious son.

Much love and gratitude
Amanda xx

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