broken crucifix

A couple of days ago, I said,”Erik, not only do I not mind you pranking me, but I welcome it. It’s just gotta be evidential; not something that I can explain any other way.”
The next day, yesterday, having completely forgotten that I ever said that, my family and I visited the bat box in Gainesville. As we drove onto the college campus, I smelled marijuana. I smirked to myself, and thought, “…on a college campus, go figure” but I also felt Erik’s presence; meaning I felt an energy shift, and thought of him at the same time. I wondered why I thought of him on a college campus, and wondered if he went to college, and dropped the thought.
After watching the bats, as we were walking to our car I reached up to straighten my necklaces. As I lightly touched the crucifix I wear, it slipped off the chain and into my fingers. There was absolutely no resistance whatsoever.
I figured I’d lost the connecting ring, or loosened it, and put the crucifix in my pocket.
This morning I decided to put it back together, but when I looked at the wire, it was closed – too closed to have slipped off the chain. THEN, I remembered that I asked for something “evidential” and thought that this was pretty much the answer to that!
I showed it to my daughter (she of the sharper eyes)and she agreed that the space in the ring is not big enough at all to have slipped off the chain. Then, I remembered how easily the crucifix slipped into my fingers without any resistance on the chain, as though the wire just slipped right through the metal.
Touché, Erik. I give you this one. Well played.

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