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Hi Elisa,

I have been watching your you tube videos for a few months now.. My whole life I have been avoiding contact from the other side of the veil, Out of fear, As I grew up watching my older sister delve into the Occult world, she lost her ‘connection cord’ to Gaea and fell into a permanent psychosis. I always had a very special and close feeling about the spirit world, naturally. Even after that traumatic stage of witnessing my sister deteriorate, My yearing to learn more and more about the spirit world was so deep I started to self educate myself on all things spirit, occult, and natural phenomenons. After learning how to protect myself from any low vibrational energy, I began to experiment with all things New Age, All the while exercising extreme caution.. I never allowed myself to communicate with any other spirits, Even though I knew deep down I could totally open that door, I could never trust what was on the other side. I stuck with reading Tarot, Runes, which in turn exercised my intuition, Watching your Videos I got to know Erik, And I really enjoyed listening to his wisdom, So much so that I decided to reach out to him. It feels like the right time in my life to begin my purpose in this world.
Started off with my 5 year old son’s Teddy that speaks with every button you press. Having it in the toy box, tucked away in my living room, It would go off on its own when i would walk past.. I’d hear “peek a boo, I see you”.. I knew straight away it was Erik letting me know he’s presence. Its been a couple of weeks now, Erik communicating with me through my son’s teddy, through songs being played in my head that I can sense its him playing around.. Only a few says ago I decided to practice channelling him. For the first time I feel safe with the Idea. It went really good.. His information was coming through, even though my connection still needs a lot of practising, We began with me writing down words he would put in my thoughts and so forth,,, We have agreed to meet once a day during meditation to strengthen my connection line with him… At Dusk, 4pm to be exact!! Lol..
I want to solemly express how blown away I am with your strength Elisa. I am in total AWE of all the work you do. Having a son myself (only child) I cannot fathom those extreme painful stages you had to go through. I also want to express my gratitude for all your work, As because of Erik, I feel like I can finally begin to live my purpose in this world, His presence fills such a deep void in me, And he’s energy is so full of absolute LOVE, So absolute that I cannot contain the abundance of it. Tears of absolute pure joy stream down my cheeks when he is near. He really is Angel. My fear and doubts still pop up here and there, And so does Erik, helping me ignore them. I am forever grateful for this encounter, And I know this will be the start of a beautiful life long friendship.
I will update you on our progress once again, In the mean time your videos and blog posts will keep me entertained, and most importantly, Enlightened.

With much Love, Light and absolute gratitude..


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