Can Some Mental Illnesses be Caused by Negative Entities?

According to Erik (wonderfully channeled by Michelle Gray at, sometimes mental illnesses are misdiagnosed. For instance, some cases of schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder and others are actually caused by negative entities plaguing the person, attaching to his or her energy body and whispering horrible things in his or her ear or appearing as terrifying black shadows with glowing red eyes leading the mental health care professional to believe they are having auditory and visual hallucinations and paranoia. In my new business, Atlantis Scalar, Inc. ( I’ve had two such cases in only 6 weeks. In the first case, the parents’ young daughter was about to be institutionalized because she was unable to function in life. After closing the open portals in her energy body and removing all of the negative entities around and attached to her, she made an overnight recovery, has a new job she adores and is currently a pre-med student. Another case is a young man a misdiagnosis of schizophrenia. Of course, oftentimes there are patients with confirmed diagnoses who suffer worsening symptoms because of negative entities because they feed on negative energy. They want you to be miserable, depressed and addicted to substances, particularly alcohol. Erik has so much to share! IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE HAS A MISDIAGNOSIS OF A PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESS, I CAN ASK ERIK FOR YOU AT ATLANTISSCALAR.COM. There is a specific option for that question under services. Or if you are concerned about worsening symptoms and want to consider portal work, please go to “Services” then “Energy Work.”

But first, if you missed our last radio show, here’s your chance to listen. IT WAS AWESOME!! Tuesday, Erik discussed the ubiquitous problem of bullying. It’s not just isolated to schools, It’s a problem in families as seen in domestic violence and sibling abuse; it’s seen in interdepartmental bullying in the military, police departments, fire departments, the workplace and yes, even in congregations. Why? What’s more, what can be done? Fortunately, we had our power trio to give us the guidance we need: Motivational speaker, pro wrestler and personal development ally, Jamin Olivencia from, medium Jennifer Doran at and, as always, our wise spirit guide from across the veil, my son Erik Medhus. Then, after 20-30 minutes, Erik took questions from listeners, and the answers were channeled by Jennifer, as well. Be sure you check out her site at Last, if you want to talk to Erik during future shows, call in to 646-716-9735. You can also access the show through

One more thing before before the main event. Here’s an email I recently BCC’d my Atlantis Scalar peeps who I now consider to be a family, and I know many of you are part of the Atlantis Scalar family, too.. We all seem to be bound, in many ways, by the traumatic experiences we’ve had and/or the struggles with a lack of abundance.

“First of all, I want to let everyone know that the full site is up! Thanks, Lukas! I just have to spell and grammar check when I have a chance. It’s As you will see, we’ve sharpened the definitions for individual, couples and family portal work, added guardian angel names, chakra work bundles, and Master Angel Erik Consultation, which I think is important to avoid purchasing services that are unnecessary. I want you all to save money for healing if you need that down the line.

Also, many of you have received a notice that your order has been “completed” but that doesn’t mean the service is finished. It just means the payment went through. I know that was confusing!

Funny story #1:  Erik has this thing about my feet being dirty. There’s a chakra in the middle of feet, so feet have to be clean. I discovered that when I asked, “Erik, is everything set to go?” The answer was no, and after a bunch of questions, it came down to the fact that my feet were dirty. So I usually have to have a wet and a dry paper towel to clean and then dry them off before my work. Well, the other day, I was walking around my work area and the floor was slick and grit-free, rare for a household with three messy dogs. I asked him if he and his Divine Team had cleaned the floors and he answered yes. Hopefully, they’ll get to the windows next.

Funny story #2: I kinda want you guys to get to know me better and I want to get to know you better, too, because it would be nice to be one big family. Most of us have experienced a lot of trauma, so a family connection would be a nice thing. In fact, I’m thinking of including a live chat and a community forum for you guys if you’d like. So here’s my first story. I was driving my youngest, Annika, and her friends to volleyball practice. (a car full of 6th graders.) For some reason, I started sharing the story of how my parents accidentally overdosed me on nose drops when I was 6 months old. My grandmother went into the bedroom to check on me and return to my mother and asked, “Does Elisa usually sleep with her eyes open?” My mother, a physician, knew what that meant, rushed in, clearly determined that I had had a cardiac arrest and started CPR. I told the story in a very animated way, and the eyes of the little girl beside me grew wider and wider by the minute, jaw opening inch by inch. I told them how everyone piled into the car, how my grandmother started driving like a bat out of hell, while my dad, a thoracic surgeon, was vomiting in the back seat from a migraine. When we got to the emergency room, my mother was still conducting CPR. The pediatric resident on call wasn’t able to get IV access. (The little girl let out a gasp) so my mother had to do a venous cut down and IV access was established and my vitals were eventually stable.

Then, silence. Deafening silence in the car. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the little girl whispered, “Did you make it?” I howled in laughter and said, “Well, I guess if I’m driving your ass to volleyball practice, I did!”

Okay, a few more ideas for Atlantis Scalar: A video page with different videos: One for Professor Erik where a medium channels him on a variety of topics related portals and all the services we offers and more. I will call out for topic suggestions from time to time. I will also have a dedicated YouTube channel for you, too. Another video for the video page: I’ll have our healers submit their own videos so you can get to know them. A third video for the video page could be your own. You can talk about your trauma, the effect the portal work has had on you and/or others, etc. And each of these videos will be stacked so you can scroll, for example, through all of the healers’ videos on one window, all of Erik’s on another and all of yours on another and all of the YouTube ones on a fourth.


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