Channeling George Harrison, Grand Finale

Enjoy this final part of the interview with George Harrison!

Me: What about regrets? Do you have any?

George: Not many.

Erik: Dude, talk about your family, because you started showing pictures of family.

Jamie: Apparently, he has one kid.

Me: I don’t know.

George: I regret not being there longer for him, but the openness and the conversations—that was all balanced. There’s just a wanting to stay longer. It’s a little regret.

Me: Okay. What do you think was your proudest accomplishment while in the physical?

George: My ability to keep my marriage successful and alive.

Me: Good! And did your sense of accomplishment change after you crossed over?

George: Not at all. No. That’s really what I wanted out of my life.

Me: Aw, so sweet.


Me: What past life most affected your life as George Harrison?

George: That’s a very clever question.

Jamie: Um, Ce-zar? He was a Ce-zar?

Me: A czar, maybe? A Russian czar?

Jamie bursts out laughing.

Jamie (still laughing): I’m pronouncing it wrong! Erik!

Me: What, it was Erik pronouncing it that way?

Jamie (giggling): That’s what he was telling me to say! He told me to say “ce-zar!”

Me: Oh, Erik!

Jamie (to Erik): That’s okay, joke on me! You turkey!

George: So I was a czar in Russia. I was born into the family, into a wealthy, political family. Every movement was watched. I had an interest in the arts and in music, but it wasn’t important in that century when I was in power. It always piqued my interest such that when I had away time or when I had the power to throw celebrations or gatherings that I’d always include the arts and music as number one.

Me: Good.

George: I really wanted that for myself, but no way did I want to come back into power or into anything political the following life. If I wanted to do anything political, it would have to be through music or through the arts. That’s every wish I got in the life of being a Beatle.

Me: Aw, how great! Now, is there anything else you want to share with the world?

George: Most people are concerned with exploring the world. I think the true concern is exploring the inner self. Go within, not without.

Me: That’s so true. What an unexplored frontier, and you did that so very well, George.

George: Thank you for that complement.

Me: Sure. Hey Erik, your turn, Baby. Wanna ask him a question?

Erik: Yeah. What’s your favorite song, Mr. Harrison?

George: Nowhere Man! I want you to figure out why, young man.

Erik: Okay.

Me: Well, thanks so much for allowing us to ask you these questions, Mr. Harrison. It’s been an honor, of course.

George: Thank you very much.

Me: Even after death, you continue to illuminate the world.

George: I hope I will be able to continue that. I would also like to thank the people who keep me in their hearts and heads, and I’d like to thank those who keep the music alive. Please, will you do this for me?

Me: Of course! Thank you, Sweetie.

Jamie: He’s waving goodbye. Wow, he’s hugging Erik!

Me: Aw! Is Erik squirming and looking embarrassed?

Jamie: Naw, he’s hugging him big!

Me: Aw.

Jamie: It reminds me of the Japanese when they hold up the peace sign like “Peace.” Erik’s like a Japanese person doing that. He’s doing little peace signs!

Me (to Erik): Wow, you got a hug from George Harrison! That is pretty awesome!

Erik: That’s going down in history!

Me: Yeah, what’s up with that? He must be a very huggie guy. Of course you were, too—very affectionate—or “are” I guess.

Erik: Yeah, he—

Jamie (to Erik): Did he? When?

Jamie (to me): He was just telling me that when George hugged him, he whispered in his ear, “You have what it takes to be a success, “ and just kind of hugged him tight.

Me: Aw, of course you do, Erik!

Jamie: That’s probably why the hug was so long; they were talking.

Me: Aw, you know you do, Erik, right?

Jamie (choking up a bit): He’s just smiling so big.

Me: I love you, Baby.

Erik: Mom, this is incredible. Did you ever think that we would be doing this?

Me: No, huh uh.

Erik: I’m dead, and it’s still surreal.

Me: But you’re not really dead.

Erik: Okay, I’m no longer in the physical plane.

Me: There we go.  There we go.

Erik: So surreal.

Me: Wow. Okay, now for some comic relief…

We go on to interview George Carlin.

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