Channeling Jesus, Part Four

Oops, I was supposed to publish this yesterday but left it in draft mode. I’ll  re-publish part five tomorrow. My bad!!

Happy Easter everyone! I plan to polish Erik’s marker and freshen his flowers, giving it a more cheerful, springtime look. Now, enjoy part four of the Jesus interview.

Me: How many children did you have?

Jesus: Five.

Me: Five!

Jesus: Five and two died young.

Me: Aw. Can you share a past life that most influenced your last one as Jesus?

Jesus: Past and future lives.

Me: Okay. Which one would you like to share?

Jesus: Not all of then were as clear as the life I was able to have—

Jamie (to Jesus): I don’t understand.


Jamie (giggling): Erik, my translator, describes.

Me (chuckling): He can get a job at the UN now!

Jamie: He says that Jesus was trying to state that though he had many lives, it wasn’t just the one where he was this amazing saint and son of God, that all the other lives he experienced have somewhat had that characteristic about him. He’s always been this spiritual person, the healer. The person who encourages energy work, afterlife thought and beyond. So, I asked, ‘Can you narrow it to one you want to share?’

Jesus: It was 1962. I came in as a very sick white baby in the United States. I lived my life in the hospital.

Me: Aw.

Jesus: I was never able to come home. I had a wired frame on me. My muscles would not grow, so they created a frame so I would be able to move about. I lived until the age of four.

Me: You lived four years in the hospital?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: Aw. What was the reason for you having these hardships, and how did that impact your life as Jesus since we can affect the past?

Jesus: As the little boy, I was very happy; I knew no other life: to be able to run or play.

Jamie: It’s like his skin would tear and his bones would break, and he came to impact the doctors and the nurses and the family he came into, and, in turn, he finds the life of those who struggled the most impacts the community to make a change. He takes time to reincarnate as some of these beings to impact and give peace to the people about what death is, about what life is meant to do.

Me: Okay. Are you currently on the Earth in some form?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: Really? Where are you?

Jesus: I’m in India, a woman.

Me: A spiritual teacher or healer?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: What’s her first name? I don’t want to give last names, because you never know what would happen with that!

Jamie: M-o-n-a is all I can see. It seems to be a shortened version of a longer name.

Me: Okay. What do you do while you’re in the afterlife? What’s your life’s work there?

Jesus: Giving peace to those who arrive.


Me: Good, good. I hope I meet you when I get there. We’ll give each other a great big hug! 


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