Channeling Jesus, Part Five

Enjoy the final part of Jesus’s interview. I know some of us, including me, will have withdrawal symptoms!

 Me: So, what do you think of the state of humanity now?

Jesus: It is what it is suppose to be. When you remove yourself from the human life, you’re able to see the possibilities. The possibilities that we see are not yet exposed to the masses on Earth. I know that there is an opportunity for the people for a great exponential growth.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Can you please share about when that will be and how that will impact the people that are still there?

Jesus: When inventions and spirituality come together.

Me: So, science and spirituality will be bridged in some way?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: When will that be? Another twenty years, another five years?

Jesus: It will start reaching—

Jamie (to Jesus): Uh, yeah.

(Pause as Jamie looks back and forth between Jesus to Erik)

Jamie: Everyone’s having a conversation right now.

I laugh.

Jesus: It will start to leak out in about four more years about what’s already been done, and then from there, it will take about ten years for everything that’s already been done to really come to light and really be explained, because it’s going to affect how you learn, who you are, what the school systems do, what businesses are based on, and what beliefs are based on. It will affect everything.

Me: Oh gosh, yeah. Absolutely. Is everything in the Bible true? Is it basically a spiritual document?

Jesus: Back in the day that it was written, it was considered very enlightening, but over time, people have outgrown it. The morals are still true, but the stories they weave around them are being taken too literally when in truth they are written by humans with personal perspectives or personal opinions.

Me: So, it gets distorted. Eckhart Tolle talks about how some of the things you say get taken too literally. Is he on the right path?

Jesus: Yes!

Me: Okay.

Jamie: Wow, does he do that in the book?

Me: Yeah, he does that in “A New Earth.” It’s really great. So, Jesus, do you have any messages for humanity?

Jesus: The work must come from within, not out.

Me: Yes.

Jesus: The work must be internal so that you may then begin to create a community.

Me: Would you say that the most important thing is to recognize—and by recognizing therefore destroy the ego?

Jesus nods his head yes.

Me: Okay. Does the ego have a purpose?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: And what is that, to create the illusion of separation, to create duality and contrast, or none of the above?

Jamie: The way he shows it in my head is the ego is the foundation of the house. It has it’s own place; it shouldn’t be on every floor; it shouldn’t be on every board that built the house; it shouldn’t be in every piece of artwork and furniture—

Me: So, you have to have that space—that inner space of conscious awareness that is devoid of ego?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: Okay. What would you like to tell us that we don’t know or that we’ve totally misunderstood about you?


Jamie (giggling): Oh, that created laughter!

Me: Oh, good! I made Jesus laugh!

Jamie (laughing): And, um, Mr. Crisp thinks Jesus is a very good-looking man!

Jesus: One physical misconception is that I have brown eyes, not blue. Another misconception is that I was specific in who I would speak to—that I was very private. That is very untrue. It was actually the disciples around me that felt like they needed to protect me. It was why I gave the Sermon on the Mount, talking so freely to so many people. It’s was why I chose to walk from city to city so that I could reach others. I did not judge if you believed my word or not. I loved you just the same. Third misconception: I do not condemn people. I do not stop people from reaching God.

Me: So, it’s not like if you don’t believe in Jesus, you go straight to Hell? There’s not the big rapture where everybody dies except those who have been baptized or who have accepted you as their Savior?

I can’t remember the exact prerequisites.

Jesus: Correct.

Me: Well, of course, that never made much sense to me. Was that all created as a power play by man or is it just an honest misinterpretation?

Jesus: It’s a power play by man.

Me: Yeah. Okay. One more question. What about the Shroud of Turin? Was that yours?

Jamie: Oh, are you talking about the face on the—

Me: Yes!

Jamie: Erik asked that earlier, but he never responded, and we kept talking. When he talked about the tomb—that’s when Erik asked him.

(Long pause as Jamie listens to Jesus explains)

Jamie (to Jesus): Okay.

Jamie: So, it is.

Me: It is him or it’s not?

Jamie: It IS him.

Me: It is him. Okay. Well, Jesus, thank you so very much. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Jesus: I give you my thanks especially in the desire to seek honesty not driven by curiosity or (unintelligible) or money.

Me: Oh, of course not. Okay, well, I love you. I really do.

Jesus: I love you, too.

Me: Aw, bye.

Jamie: He waves. He walks through the wall. Phew.

Me: Are you okay?

Jamie: Yeah; it’s much better when he got on the other side of the room. The closer he got, the harder it got for me to, you know.

Me: Was it a good feeling or a bad one? Was it an overwhelming joy or—

Jamie: I’ll freak out when we turn Skype off!

Me: I bet so!

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