Channeling Joan of Arc, Part Two

Enjoy the second and final part of the interview with a woman who sacrificed herself for such a divine principle.

Me: Can you share a life that most influenced your one as Joan of Arc?

Joan: I didn’t have many lives or experiences as women.

Jamie: She’s showing me more images than talking about being in the Greek wars marching on foot, looks like barefoot.

Me: Hm.

Jamie: Bare chested with spears and planning war, being a commander of a group of men and starting to see that there were strategic ways a fight a war and win. She went to war then, and she died at war then.

Me: Have you reincarnated?

Joan: No.

Me: Do you plan to?

Joan: No.

Me: Were you an angelic being here on Earth? I wonder about that. Or were you just a regular human being like us?

Joan: I know I was once an angel, but I fell centuries before the life I had as Joan of Arc.

Me: Oh. What do you mean?

Joan: I gave up my life as an angel to have a life on Earth.

Me: I see.  So you made sacrifices even then. Can you tell us about your afterlife?

Joan: It is peaceful.

Me: That’s good. And what does it look like?

Joan: I’m neither male or female. My biggest focus is on the Middle East, creating freedoms and peace. 

Me: Do you think we should be at war ever, or do you think we should stay out of everyone’s business?

Joan: There are only a few times that you should go to war: You should only go to war when you do not fear the death of your own self. If you do fear the death of your own self, then the solution to the difficulty should be by communication.

Me: Well, the problem is that those who declare war aren’t the ones who are put in harm’s way. Then war should not be declared. So, given our situation on Earth now, do you think we should not be in any of the wars we’re in now?

Joan: It’s true. I was captured in war and given the opportunity to murder myself.

Me: Oh, wow!

Joan: And I declined. I had a very public death.

Jamie: She doesn’t show how. She just shows that eyes are watching her.

Of course we all know she was burned at the stake.

Joan: If you don’t have that vi—

Jamie (to Joan): I’m sorry; can you use another word?

Joan: If you don’t have that power behind where you would give your own power for what you believe in, then there is not enough energy and strength behind it for a war to occur.

Me: Oh. Well, of course, if we get out of all these wars, some people think there’s a threat of terrorists having free reign to do a great deal of damage across the globe, so that’s like being willing to die for the lack of war, isn’t it?

Joan: What is wrong is the men deciding that the argument is valued enough to lose lives but not putting anything of themselves at risk.

Me: Yep.

Joan: If they would, watch how fast resolution would occur.  

Me: Oh, interesting. What do you think about the state of humanity now? And do you have any advice or messages for us?

Joan: Never be fearful for standing for your own beliefs. A true powerful person has the wit and compassion to listen to others and the strength to change if they believe it is needed.

Jamie (to Joan): So you’re saying it’s good to stand for what you believe in, but if you find that you’re growing and changing with it then do that as well?

Me: You can change your convictions as needed as the times and circumstances require?

Joan: Yes.

Me: Okay. Yeah. A lot of people cling to their convictions and don’t change them when as new information comes along.

Joan: Yes.

A woman of many words.

Me: So, what do you think about the state of humanity now besides that it sucks?

Jamie (laughing): She laughs about it. She doesn’t feel that it sucks. She doesn’t really know what kind of word that is.

Me: Oh, of course not.

Joan: The state of humanity is in a very divided space. There are many different small parts that have no communication with the next. The world has grown faster than what it can sustain. I would focus deeply on learning communication.

Me: Yeah. And that’s what you had the courage to do. Communicate. You communicated as a warrior, but in a way, you communicated in a broader sense about rights and justice.

Joan: Thank you.

Me: Erik, do you have any questions?

Erik: She’s very hypnotizing! I really don’t have any questions, though.  Actually, I’ll say mesmerizing. That’s a better word. Mesmerizing.

Me: Maybe that’s her secret for having such power over the masses! Well, thank you so much, Joan!

Joan: Thank you.

Jamie: She does kind of a shallow bow, not a curtsey.

Joan leaves.

Me: I get the impression that she was a bit intense and boring.

Jamie (laughing): Yes! She was!

Me: Did she speak in a monotone voice?

Jamie: She did!

Me: I bet it was not by coincidence that her name, Jeanne, sounds a lot like “John.”

Jamie: Yeah, I bet!

Me: Erik, now that she’s gone, what did you think about her?

Erik: I’m so shocked that they didn’t burn her on the stake as soon as they found her being red-headed and hearing voices and seeing angels? I mean, come on! Hello? Definition of witch back then!

Me: Oh no! 

For those of you who participated in yesterday’s grieving parent’s conference call, please email me at so that I can give you the link to download the mp3 to your desktop. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

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