Channeling Mahatma Gandhi, Part Four

If you guys don’t see a post Friday, it might be because I’m too busy having fun in San Diego! I’ll try my best though!

Me: Can you share a little bit about a life that most influenced your last one?

(Long pause)

Jamie: Erik and Gandhi are talking. Erik’s giving examples like, “Oh, a future life or there was one that was similar to, you know, your characteristics as Gandhi.”


Jamie: He’s talking about being  (pause)—it’s so interesting—he’s talking about being a coyote.

Me: Mm. Interesting!

Jamie: Beautiful scenery that I’m looking at. It’s a forest with just perfectly straight trees. One after the other, after the other, after the other. Perfectly straight. There’s snow on the ground. The coyote has a very slim waistline. Very thin, but the front is extremely full. Thick, thick fur, just beautifully groomed. No scars, no dirtiness. The animal’s gorgeous.

Gandhi: I held this life as a male coyote. The coyote family—the pack—depends on everyone having a specific role. The communication is so in depth that they don’t use language. They use only the emotion. Only the cry can reflect the emotion that’s within.

Jamie: Being a lead male-alpha, he would often go off to seek direction of to find food, and then call for everyone to follow. It was his choice whether to kill or not.

Gandhi: They are a very loving animal. They’re very caring, and they do not attack without purpose. There’s such  balance to being in this family structure that there is even times of deep fasting for every member of the family all together. And it becomes such an enlightened and beautiful moment between everyone within the family. I wanted to experience this as a human. What I noticed is when I became human after having this experience that my pack—my immediate family—it did not possess the same strong boundaries as it did when I was the coyote. I recognize that my pack is not my immediate family. My pack is every man, every woman that walks on Earth. And it was daunting for me to understand that I, just being one, would not have the voice big enough to pull my pack in. This is what I wanted to do for myself, to show to myself—

Jamie: He puts his arms out.

Gandhi: –and to my family as a whole. I would say this is the experience I had; this is the life I had that was most influential.

Jamie: He’s kind of assured of himself. His head kind of nods and he’s very comfortable in my chair. His feet are not on the floor. He tucks them up. One knee up like this—one foot is on the chair, and the other leg is wrapped around.

You have to see the YouTube video for the image.

Me: Okay, now Erik, I’ll have to say, I want you to start thinking about questions for Gandhi, okay? Because that’s the last question I’m going to ask and we’re almost finished. Okay?

Erik: Okay.

Me: Okay. Now, in terms of earthly time, Gandhi, have you reincarnated or do you plan to?

Gandhi: Yes I have, and I still have plans to reincarnate back to Earth.

Me: In what way, uh, who have you reincarnated as? In other words, what is your role on the Earth now?

Gandhi: My role on the Earth will be the same as who I was.

Me: Okay.

Gandhi: And it will be between animal and man.

Me: In earthly terms or earthly time now what is role? The same now? I understand that in the future, in future time, but are you doing the same kind of work right now.

Jamie (chuckling): He smiles and kind of tilts his forehead to me and he says, “There is no future; there’s only now.” It’s like he’s asking me, “What is she talking about?”

Me: No, I understand that, but in the same time Jamie and I are in, in terms of sequential time.

Gandhi: For the sake of human understanding, I’m on Earth today.

Me: And doing the same work you’re doing now. (I meant the work he was doing as Gandhi, of course.)

Gandhi: Yes.

Me: Are you a female or a male.

(Long pause)

Jamie: Uh, he hasn’t said a word to me. He’s waving me off the question.

Me: Okay. That’s fine. Tell us about your afterlife and the work you do there.

Gandhi: My afterlife is as I create it. It has every moment filled with joy and literature.

Jamie: His purpose is to continue to be the man—


Jamie: I said, ‘that was confusing. Can you say it again?’

Jamie and I both laugh.

Jamie (to Gandhi, still giggling): More simple, if you can break it down a little bit! 


Jamie: –to be every aspect of every life he is experiencing—to pull them together and be that man, to be that soul.

Me: Okay. Now, I know you’ve said a bit about this, but again I’d like you to just summarize the answer: What was your spiritual mission as Gandhi, and do you think you accomplished that?

Gandhi: My spiritual mission was to show by example. We have talked about many of these already in our conversation, and I feel that I did all that I came to do.

Me: Can you share what your most important spiritual mission was?

(Long pause)

Jamie: His most important spiritual mission was to let people live.

Me: Oh my goodness. How profound.

Jamie: He smiles, and he says, “Thank you.”

Me: Okay. You’re welcome. What do you think about the state of humanity now including India?

Jamie: He’s saying it still brings tears to his heart. This is why he regularly meets with men and women of government status all over the world. It is why he encourages his grandchildren to carry on his work that he did on Earth, so that it may not be left behind.

Gandhi: It is why I am doing the work I am doing now with you—

Me (clearly taken aback): Oh goodness.

Gandhi: so that by chance, by perfect intervention, someone is watching and is wiling to change the way they perceive themselves. There are so many different ways to learn, and one way might be a simple interview as we are offering today. One way might be to read a book. One way might be to see it laid out in front of them through example. I just encourage people to never rest, to always grow towards allowing emotional truth to be their first priority of their life. Al the rest will follow.

Me: Okay. Now, were you here to learn anything?

Gandhi (with forceful emotion): Struggle. (pause) Struggle.

Me: Do you think you accomplished that?

Gandhi: Yes.

Me: It sounds like it. And I suppose it was your spiritual mission, but you were here to obviously teach something, too.

Gandhi: Teach by example.

Me: Okay, and you obviously accomplished that!

Jamie (smiling): He’s nodding his head yes.

Me: Do you have any messages for us? Any final messages?

Very long pause.

Jamie: Erik’s talking to him.

Jamie (laughing): God, Erik can just—he can just talk to anybody, can’t he?

Me: Oh, yes.

Jamie: He’s saying just really off the cuff things to get him to crack up like he busted out with, “Gandhi, you should tell people on Earth to be safe drivers!” Like, it’s completely random and has nothing to do with—but it’s like –and then the other one was, “or how not to prevent forest fires.”

Me: Oh my god. Erik, why are you doing that?

Jamie: Gandhi, he’s tickled! Totally tickled by his, just off the cuff—if was just a weird moment.

Me: And why are you doing this, Erik?

Erik: C’mon. It’s okay that I have the balls to do this sort of thing that nobody else will do but wants to do!

I laugh in agreement.

Jamie (still giggling): Oh my god.

Me: And Gandhi, what I your answer to that?

Gandhi: Laughter is very important.

Me: That’s true.


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