Erik on Fatigue, Part One

This weekend is all about baby showers! Kristina is nearing her due date, so we’re all excited to welcome a little girl into our (slightly) crazy family. We have an all girls baby shower Saturday and a coed one on Sunday. What else am I going to do? Take all my towels and sheets out of the linen closet and any stray ones from bedrooms and bathrooms to try to organize them into complete sets. It pisses me off that I have sheet sets missing pillow cases, towel sets missing washcloths, and things like that. Our bed has had mismatched pillowcases for months now. Having a household with 8 people makes it difficult. And I’m not about to buy new sets because that shit’s expensive! (Although I see there are some towel sets and sheet sets for around or less than $20 that look pretty good if I get desperate.) Wish me luck!

Incomplete Freaking Sheet Sets!

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Here’s the first part of our series on the spiritual basis of fatigue. Thanks, Janice T. for the immaculate transcription and thanks, Emma, for the amazing channeling of my boy’s voice. As always, the YouTube version follows. 

Elisa: Hello again!

Emma: Good evening!

Elisa: Well, we have a little time left so I thought we’ll pick a very short subject. Hello Erik! I still love you since I told you 30 seconds ago!

Erik: I still love you too, mama!

Elisa: We’re going to try to every once in a while, cover the spiritual basis of some sort of disease or disorder. So I know you can have fatigue for variety of real medical reasons; hypothyroidism, diabetes, all sort of stuff. But some people just feel tired, and they don’t have anything “wrong” with them…Why is that?

Erik: Well, the faster and more demanding our society becomes, the more pressure we experience in our lives, and the more quality family time, and “me” time, time for ourselves, it really starts to become non-existent. It’s all about being productive; it’s all about making money; it’s all about being financially stable and following all the rules and regulations that society tells you to follow. So eventually we start feeling more and more crushed and burdened and squeezed into these tight little molds that society prescribes for us.

Emma (chuckling): He’s kinda showing me how they’re kinda pushing people into a mold and going (Slapping one hand into the other cupped hand) “There ya go! You’re doing great!”

Emma laughs.

Elisa: Human Jell-O! Jell-O molds!

Erik: Not only that, but the busier we are, the less in touch we are with our bodies and our loved ones and our dreams and our mission for our lives. So what is fatigue? Fatigue is always a sign that the energies inside of you aren’t flowing the way they should be flowing. They aren’t flowing freely through you, but they are getting stuck in places that they shouldn’t be stuck. So let’s just go real quick over because it can have so many different reasons.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Erik: It really can, but let’s go over few very common reasons that most people are suffering from. First of all…

Emma: He’s going (pointing index finger upwards) “Steeeep one!”

Emma and Elisa laugh.

Erik: Too much mind, too much mind. When we think about being tired, being fatigued, we usually link it to more like a physical activity; we worked too hard; we worked out too hard, went to the gym too much, and we always consider it like that. But when we think too much, you have the same fatigue; you have the same exhaustion. So looking at which mental activities really drain you the most is fear of course, being fearful, worrying all the time, anxiety, pain and believe it or not the most common one is having the thought of being tired. So let me explain that, and you’ll recognize this: A lot of people will say this: when a person says all the time “I’m tired, I’m tired”, well guess what? then you’re gonna attract that. You get the Universal Law of Attraction where you start to create that, and every morning you’ll wake up tired because that’s what you’re sending out. So be careful about what you’re sending out. If you’re tired, find ways to re-focus on something that gives you energy, that gives you joy, that gives you pleasure. Watch a funny movie. You’ll feel re-energized afterwards when you’re laughing your butt off!

Elisa: Mm hm.

Erik: Play with the kids, have some fun with…

Elisa: Take ecstasy…just kidding!

Erik: Or just have a massage, do some “me” time! Figure out something, a “me” date, where you can just kinda get spoiled and relax and things like that. So be aware of your thoughts. Now number two…

Emma (laughing): Erik’s making number two hand signs and going “two, two, two…”

Elisa (rolling her eyes and laughing): Erik!

Emma: Self-betrayal.

Elisa: Wow.

Erik: How can I explain this? Okay, when we betray ourselves, we end up doing what everyone else says we should be doing. For example, we need to stay in a job that we hate because it’ll bring financial security, and what is society telling us? That we need to center our lives around buying and consuming and upgrading the materials that we possess. It’s all about the materialistic right now.

Elisa: Uh huh.

Erik: So self-betrayal is essentially replacing our authentic needs with the expectations, the judgments and the demands of others, and it just takes a lot of energy to be somebody that’s not you!

Elisa: Exactly!

Erik: It takes an enormous amount of energy to fake somebody! So, how do we solve it? Ask yourself, go inside, do some soul searching. “What do I want to experience in life?“ “Where do I want to go?” and “Is all this bullshit worth my health? Is it worth my happiness?” because a lot of people think that it is.

Elisa: It never is. It never is.

Erik: It is not! So that’s number two. A lot of people are doing this. At least 90% of the population is doing things that are not for them but is really for others to score points on something that they are losing in anyway so hmph! It doesn’t make any fucking sense to me!

Elisa: No!

Erik: So there you go! Be yourselves people! Be yourselves and you’ll be a lot happier and lot less fatigued! I can guarantee you that.

Elisa (nodding): Right.

Erik: Now, another one, and I think a lot of people are struggling with this one as well, is the lack of clarity about why you’re really here. “What’s my mission,” right? A lot of people are feeling lost, and so when this happens, there’s two yous. Let me explain that. There’s the physical you and there’s the spiritual you, the energetic you. And when the two yous are out of balance, you get all whacked up and your body doesn’t know what to do anymore and it just starts to absorb a lot of negative energy and gets completely out of whack. This creates fatigue. It creates feeling lost; it creates all kinds of negative emotions. So, see if there’s a way that you can calm yourself down, that you can kind of bring your awareness to “Now.” We’ve talked about this a lot, Mom, but trust me, mindfulness really create happiness and creates a healthy body. So, is that meditation great? Is that yoga great? Is that kickboxing fantastic? Whatever it is that you need to do to kinda bring your focus in the “Now” moment where you’re solely focusing on what you’re doing now, and then what you’ll do is: You’ll start getting more clarity in the mind; you’ll create more space in the mind, and then while you’re here, those questions will be answered! You’ll get insights! You’ll get connection to your subconscious that knows exactly why you’re here, where you’re going and what you should be doing!

Elisa: Plus, you said in previous session, Erik, that breath work can get you in that because when you are aware of your breathing, you are definitely in the Now. So maybe there are books or guided meditations on breath work, I don’t know. Are there things like that?

Erik: Yeah, it doesn’t matter; you can be mindfully driving your car. What you’re doing is just focusing on you in the car, in the traffic. But what most people do is drive their car and think about what all they have to do, and they’re worried about tomorrow, worried about what’s gonna to happen in 20 years,and what’s gonna happen in Korea (haha!)

Elisa gives a big smile.

Erik: That’s the whole thing; we’re constantly in the mind and we’re not in the Now. We’re always in another space. If you want to connect to spirit, if you want to know what you’re doing, if you want to feel if you’re on the right track or not, then we need to contact our subconscious. But the only way to get there is by bypassing the conscious and to really be in the Now because the conscious mind is always in the past or in the future. It’s never in the Now. So if we can align those two, if we can align the conscious mind with the subconscious mind, then we will get the information through very easily. Does that kinda make sense?

Elisa: Yeah! So, in a nutshell, when we have this kind of fatigue, what is our spiritual body trying to tell us?

Erik: Our body is trying to tell us that there’s something not right, that you’re off track or that you’re too focused on what other people want. You’re too focused on what they think you should be doing. So for everyone out there who has this kind of fatigue that they can’t figure out and if there’s nothing physical going on like you’re not sick but you just feel tired everyday, stop for a minute. Examine yourself. Try and see where this fatigue is coming from. Is it because you’re not on the right track? Is it because you’re doing things that you hate everyday? Is it because you feel like you’re not doing what you should be doing? Figure it out! Everybody’s gonna have to kinda go deep. It might also be something emotional like unexpressed thoughts, unexpressed emotions, not dealing with grief the way you should, not dealing with certain emotions. If you’re suppose to be grieving and you’re just blocking it out, then you’re not processing that information, and when that’s not being processed, that takes a lot out of your energetic body because it needs to be processed. Sometimes we need to grieve; it needs to be processed.

Elisa: Yeah. The only way through grief, as I understand it, is to lean into it, and get through to the other side.

Erik: Sometimes with childhood trauma, if you’re hiding from it and trying to forget about it, then your body is like “Uh uh, no, it’s still there; it’s still there!” There’s this energy that’s just stored there for years and years and years poisoning your body! There are so many different reasons that can cause fatigue because it’s on a cellular level and it’s about the energy that’s basically being sucked out of the cells because we’re not energetically in balance with ourselves, with who we are, with what we’re doing, with how we are processing things. So take a close look, people. Sit down and take at least 15 minutes a day…

Emma does a big exhale.

Erik: …and just breathe. Just be present in this moment, at this time, and kinda release all your expectations and all your demands. Stop being “you” for a minute and just become one with the universe for 15 minutes a day. If you can do that, I can guarantee you, you will already feel instantly better.

Elisa: Well for some people, would cognitive therapy work to try to get through those emotional issues?

Erik: Yeah, whatever needs to be done, including energy healing. If you’re really just feeling drained and you just can’t seem to find anything. You’re doing what you love; you’re having fun; you love your family and there’s no history of trauma, then maybe try some energy healing. If it’s really because of trauma, see if there’s anybody you can talk to about it. Make sure that you trust that person; make sure that you really feel comfortable with that person. Stop lying to yourself, people! Stop lying! “I AM happy! I swear! I got money in the bank! I hate my job, but I’m happy!” Stop lying to yourself; be honest with yourself. If you hate something, change it. If you’re not comfortable in a relationship, change it.If you’re not comfortable with your roommate, move! Do what you need to do so that you can experience a joyful life instead of constantly being restricted by fears and other people’s negativity.

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