Channeling Ted Bundy, Part One

Let’s start with the positive:

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful birthday greetings. I wish I could have replied to all of them! I so enjoyed my weekend camping in San Antonio. It was so relaxing. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.

Now for the creepy and not so positive, our interview with Mr. Ted Bundy. Brace yourself.

Me: I was thinking about interviewing someone evil, but maybe it’s a bit dangerous for you, Jamie? I’ll let you decide. What about Osama bin Laden?

Jamie: We have to talk to that guy?

Me: Well, we don’t have to if you don’t feel safe.

Erik: Oh, let’s talk to Ted Bundy!

Jamie: Oh, god, Erik; how do you even know these people?

Me: Okay! Ted Bundy; he’s on my list.

Jamie: Oh, is he?

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: He was a creepy guy, wasn’t he?

Me: Maybe they’re not really creepy as discarnates. Maybe they do what they do to teach or to learn. Or it could be that they’re just a bit lost.

Jamie: That could be true.

Me: Yeah, some of them, anyway.

Erik comes in with Mr. Bundy.

Jamie: He’s kind of handsome looking.

Me: Yeah, supposedly he is. Hello, Mr. Bundy.

Jamie: He’s got a nice voice, too. Wow.

Ted: Hello.

Me: I guess you probably know we want to interview you in hopes of learning from you—at least from your mistakes. That said, I appreciate you coming by. My first question is this: Why did you commit the crimes that you did? Was it part of a spiritual mission or contract? Was it related to personal baggage from your last life or lives before that one? What happened?

Ted: Yes, it was part of a spiritual contract I signed up for. I knew I was to have this life. I knew who I was at a very young age. I didn’t value life the way others did. It was different for me; it’s not that I wanted to kill it or harm life. I just didn’t have the same values.

Me: Why is that?

Ted: That would be the question: Why did I come in that way? I was to play a certain role—not that good and evil need to exist—

Jamie: He’s a good talker, too, by the way.

Ted: Not that good and evil need to exist for people to learn their lessons, but often, that’s how the story plays out. If there’s no villain, there’s no good guy.

Me: Ah, okay. Now, when you crossed over, what was your life review like? Did it evoke any epiphanies or realizations?

Ted: I realized that I was forgiven.

Me: Aw. Good.

(I truly can’t believe I’m feeling sorry for this guy and that I’m happy he’s forgiven.)

Me: I bet your life review was a bit rough, though.

(Long pause)

Jamie: Oh my god; the guy actually HAS emotions. Wow.

Me: Aw.

Jamie gets a little choked up and takes a few seconds to compose herself. I’m wondering now if the Ted Bundy charisma had affected us as it did with his victims.

Jamie: He’s not playing it, either. All of a sudden, it was hard for him to talk about. 

Ted: Yes. Upon my passing, I got to experience all the pain and suffering I inflicted on dozens of women.

Jamie: Dozens? What?

Me: Mm hm.

Ted: To understand my position, after death was the first time that I could really feel what I had done. Many people told me I didn’t have a heart; I understand that, now, but when I was living, I couldn’t grasp that, because I never felt pain or suffering. The pain and suffering of others simply amused me.

Me: Oh, yeah. I understand what you’re saying.

Ted: I wanted to know more about it, and to know more about it was to experience it.

Me: So, when did you start feeling that emotion? Was it during your life review, or was it right after you crossed over?

Ted: No, it was during my life review.

Me: What were you here to learn, and what were you here to teach?

Ted: Well, Ms. Elisa, I don’t think I was here to teach anything. Mine was a very selfish life. I didn’t have a broad outlook on life; I was not striving to be something greater or better. I was striving to be more cunning, more mischievous, and more manipulative. But the power of that kind of control and discipline—

(Jamie listens)

Jamie: He’s describing being able to be one person one minute and another person the next minute. Isn’t what they call psychotic? Psychopathic?

Me: Oh, yeah!

Ted: And it was under my control; I wasn’t possessed by another entity. I didn’t worship some evil god or the devil. It was really—

Me: It was all Ted.

Ted: Yes, I was a very ignorant and loose young boy who went too far and had no concept or grounding to ever get out of it. It was my time. I deserved to die.


Young Ted Bundy

One short announcement: Jamie and Erik’s next small group channeling conference call will be on May 3rd 12:15 CST (1:15 EST) and it’s bound to fill up quickly since she only takes a maximum of 9 people. You can sign up at If the group fills up before you get a spot, email me at and I’ll see if Jamie would consider holding another conference call a bit sooner than usual.

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