July Arrives

For newcomers, this is the substitute teacher in for Elisa on her day off. Today the first day of July starts the second half of 2012. We ask Erik to step up to his internet pulpit (and suggest no grabbing of it or anything else, as a break for Jamie!) How long that might last, well….who knows? … Continue reading

Sensing Murder

I found this use of psychics for detective work one of the most convincing yet. Skeptics, can you explain this? http://youtu.be/08tlhiZ4H4I BE SURE YOU SHARE ON FACEBOOK AND OTHER SOCIAL CONNECT AVENUES! We need to spread the knowledge and … Continue reading

Ted Bundy’s Victims, Part Two

Before we embark on the eye-opening journey through the words of Bundy's collective, I'd like to ask you a small favor. As a surprise for Jamie, I'd like those of you who can to write a little something about what she means to you. After all, she has given our Erik a voice, and for that I am so … Continue reading

Channeling Ted Bundy, Part Two

I'm sorry Jamie and Erik's channeling conference call filled up so quickly, guys. I think it was only a matter of hours. I'll see what I can do to get Erik and her to host another one sooner than usual. Here's the final part of Ted Bundy's interview: Me: Yeah. I know this may be a bit obvious, … Continue reading