Channeling the Consciousness of the Coronavirus


I’m not sure if the coronavirus has a consciousness because some scientists think viruses are non-living and others think they are. But here, with medium, Jennifer Doran, we find out a ton of information wherever the source! PLEASE hit the NOTIFICATION AND LIKE buttons. Share, too! Jennifer can be found at

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hello miss Jennifer how are you doing
and how are you Eric I love you
I’m doing great he says I’m doing
fantastic I love you good
Maria was up in your room cleaning the
mess at Eastern made she felt goose
bumps I’m sure that was yes she liked
that a lot
sometimes she’ll feel you ruff ruff up
her hair yep tingling yep the tingling
in the hair yep
that’s right all right so we are gonna
try to channel the corona virus itself I
don’t know if that’s possible is it
possible Eric because I’m you know it’s
debatable whether a virus is a living
being or not yeah sometimes it’s a yes
um no yeah so I I personally am going to
have Eric’s help here to get into the
virus I maybe some people could channel
the virus directly I feel like I’m gonna
do it kind of through Eric all right
here almost all these are from blog
members and it might have come here
might not be a party UPS all right is
the whole conspiracy thing about and I
haven’t read these really sorry is the
whole conspiracy thing about China
developing this virus and holding on to
a secret antidote which they are using
in order to literally take over the
world true okay so what Eric is telling
me and what he has been telling me is
that he says it’s not a simple answer he
says this was this was an illness that
went from animal to human and then it it
you know kind of more human to human
very very quickly what he says is that
what what China did was not give the
information as readily as they should
have yeah make clay in a
cloak-and-dagger this a bit and that
they do have you know there are
scientists and and in laboratories now
that have the ability to weaponize this
but we probably do it here too
I don’t know it’s it’s pretty much
across the board any kind of you know
you have you have to know it really he
says it’s not weaponizing it necessarily
to use it against people but what you
need to do is weaponize it so that if
somebody else uses it against you you
know how to treat it
yeah or you can just like peace through
strength so so basically you mr. perota
virus or mrs. Colonel virus so you um
did you come from the wet market and or
did you or did scientists have
accidentally released from the lab or
both like the scientists were working on
an infected bat you know it was not
purposely it was not purposely does not
done to control the masses or to weed
out people or anything like that but yes
there is this whole animal to human and
also if being in the lab thing okay
it’s both pieces but it’s not
intentional but the whole cloak and
dagger thing that they did after not to
notify the rest of the world what was
going on yeah PR I guess but that’s what
you said Eric on the eboard which is
kind of like an eric we G board said
that it was not intentional so what
makes the corona virus so much worse
than the current influenza epidemic I
think thirty three or thirty thousand
thirty seven thousand people have died
yeah it’s because it’s because it
specifically targets that respiratory
okay the respiratory whereas the flus
don’t necessarily specifically target
the respiratory so that’s the that’s the
problem in the and well and he says the
flus had the vaccines there was their
stuff to do for the flu this is new yeah
and we don’t have heard yeah we don’t
have heard immunity left yeah so why are
we sheltering in place now and social
distancing with you and never have with
influenza SARS h1n1 swine flu zika ebola
and others because this is just it’s so
highly contagious yes the other stuff is
contagious but this is so highly
contagious and it spreads so quickly and
the problem he says too is that people
don’t know that they’re sick when
they’re sick yeah I mean you can be a
symptomatic everybody problem you know
you have a flu you know there’s a
prodromal phase where you don’t have
symptoms where you can still spread it
but it’s not like so long as you know
the corona virus yes
the corona virus a spirit energy no okay
can you tell us what we will learn from
its effects once it’s a subside or
actually now okay so so there’s there’s
some things medically um you know like
Eric’s just medically people got a
little too comfortable at being able to
control stuff from the diseases so he
said this puts the medical community and
the scientists on their toes a bit like
we need to kind of really stay on top of
stuff and maybe necessarily don’t look
at animal viruses as not being a problem
for humans you know so it’ll do that but
it’s also gonna change society general
in general you’ll see you’ll see a lot
less physical affection moving forward
even after this has done a lot less
handshaking he said you’re gonna see
people wearing masks you know in some
countries that’s pretty common in the
u.s. less common but he says you’re
gonna see people flying with masks just
see people just out and about with masks
this will be a pretty common thing so it
does change it does change us but in the
medical aspect of things and on the
social it does so will it be more like
in the business world will the be less
business travel and more
videoconferencing as far as meetings is
concerned yes it’s a possibility because
what this is gonna do is show people hey
you don’t actually need to spend all
this money doing this one this works
just as well yeah what about online
schools I mean more schools be more in
the public schools or well private
the public school you’ll see it more in
the high school on high school level
okay you may see people homeschooling a
bit more but in high school you’ll start
to see more distance learning as they’re
calling it now okay what is the
spiritual contract for the collective
for this so why are the big things for
this and and I actually Eric is saying
we talked about this in the last Corona
video that we did is that what this does
for the collective people who are here
is it actually makes it so that we have
some common ground okay yeah it’s the
only thing that is affecting every given
on earth yes so it creates common ground
no matter what race no matter what
religion no matter what country you’re
from there’s this common ground and and
what he says is during this which I find
this actually to be very interesting
when we’re going through crises in our
lives and our individual lives the the
spirit vibration raises around us
because we’ve got spirit guides may be
extra spirit guide energy all good
Pacific spirit guides that’s come in to
help us so basically even though we
might not notice it the entire globe
right now every individual person has
like more spirit guide energy more high
vibration from the other side so he’s
saying we’re working really hard over
here because of what is going on there
to kind of help keep you guys going
through this that’s a sweet yeah so so
there’s a side effect of actually a
raised vibration that we’re probably not
noticing because a lot of us aren’t
noticing because you know we’re kind of
in fight-or-flight mode right now yeah
but be wary of your thoughts people try
not to try not to have thoughts of fear
try to have enough hope and to know that
this will there will be good that comes
out of it so is it also a part of the
contract for us to become more
self-reliant like make our own gross
stuff and
gardens be more sustainable I mean I
don’t know yeah there’s that that’s um a
side effect of it he says Eric says it’s
kind of a side effect of it yes okay but
not really pinned in the contract Sarah
Lee but yes becoming less wasteful you
know what can you really do without what
can you really go without that kind of
stuff it’s um it’s a good lesson for us
but it’s sort of a side effect yeah I
mean you know my whole lifestyle is
pretty much shelter in place anyway but
you know now with the market going down
it’s like we’re tightening our belts and
we’re realizing that we don’t we need so
much less than we think we really do and
also it seems like even though we’re
social distancing and not being showing
affection physically it seems like
there’s more of a connection between us
and et cetera everybody pitching in to
help each other so in Mascis for the
masks for the health care providers
things like that yes yes it’s because
during times of crisis people do come
together so there is definitely that
that going on you know it’s just kind of
softening everybody he says it’s gonna
soften everybody’s hearts if they if
they let it yeah so you know that kind
of happened after World War two
you know people helped and pitched in
and Rosie the Riveter etc etc no more
nylon stockings and stuff and also after
9/11 I mean people together but that
didn’t last to last longer yeah why
again because it’s a global thing these
other things were not necessarily global
they didn’t affect everybody on the
planet this really does affect everybody
and he says also one of the things that
will come out of this on an individual
level is people just be more
appreciative of what they do have yeah
that’s good well
and maybe every little you know outbreak
of the flu that comes around
maybe it’ll also remind people before we
went through will there be another wave
like October January yes second wave
like they’re worried about in China it
is possible but this it’s possible but
the second wave won’t be nearly as
catastrophic as he says you are gonna
build up immunity to it yeah is gonna be
immunity so yes there will be it’s kind
of one of those things he says like it
might cycle through yeah okay like the
flu does and stuff but it won’t be this
is this is the big one yeah I know
so if it if we do have a second wave
what is that most what month is that
most likely to happen in the winter
months with the flu season is that like
October November
yeah November through February yeah
March yeah on the eboard I got January
or October January I can remember let’s
see um will it be seasonal like the flu
like rear its ugly head you know go go
so you go back to like a bird
whatever is it’s gonna kind of at the
end of it after after the end of this
this whole thing it’s gonna be kind of
more like the cold okay where it’s kinda
like you can sort of get it anytime but
maybe there’s more cases of it in the
colder months the winter months okay
okay this is from somebody is it true
that the media is trying to distract the
public with kovat 19 well they didn’t
cause it to cover up the global mass
arrests of the latest pedophiles from
from presidents the Vatican high-ranking
officials to people in the entertainment
it’s what Eric is saying is it’s not
necessarily that they’re doing it to to
distract us however there is other stuff
going on in the world right now that we
are distract the co vid 19 is
distracting us
yeah I don’t think the media has any a
purposeful intention of correct yeah
okay right is JFK jr. alive and behind
qqing on and bringing down the Cabal
with Kovan 19 being the perfect decoy to
distract mainstream media no all right
Eric kind of Eric kind of looks at me
like no okay okay we talked about some
of the most life-changing permanent
changes we will see in the next year
from this experience the online video
conferencing more self-reliant yeah it’s
gonna be a lot more of that kind of
stuff what souls are at the epicenter of
spiritual awakening via coronavirus and
who are the catalyst players try JFK jr.
etc that question okay I mean to the
court embarrass what can we do to
eradicate you stay inside okay what
components reading in what components of
viruses are you created with capsid I I
think you have to took I don’t know so
that’s information that I have no
knowledge of so I’m very hard for Eric
to give me any information about yeah I
think it has more spikes than the native
one as we said before and two coats when
the capsid
and then the RNA inside but what else
can we do to eradicate you well what
about the malaria and the Plaquenil
and easiest from mysen company yes yes
so they are having some luck with that
apparently there’s all kinds of you know
all kinds of stuff you can do washing
you know the detergent kills it so
easily it’s if it’s on surfaces it dies
easily yeah guys you know not touching
your face all of the things that we know
that we need to do but really until it
runs its natural course and we start to
build up some antibodies we’re not
eradicated it ya know we’re not getting
rid of it I don’t think it’s ever gonna
be totally eradicated no smallpox right
no no no okay well is it heat-resistant
or is it will will heat kill it like
summer months yeah we can it make it
less variable right so like on surfaces
and stuff the heat the very high heat is
going to weaken it or kill it or
whatever you want to call it urgently to
Erick me about viruses being are they
dead or alive or yeah he made a joke
about they’re like sea monkeys
oh yeah sea monkeys so like sea monkeys
are so cute yeah come like dehydrated
right yes and so then you have to like a
virus isn’t really dead or alive yeah so
it needs something it needs something to
is a host yeah it needs a host but if
you don’t if it doesn’t have the host
it’s not really alive okay it only lives
there’s a host yeah okay is your purpose
to bring everyone’s attention on how
insanely materialistic disrespectful and
disconnected we’ve all become is that
one part of the contract it is it’s it’s
more mature the materialistic it’s more
there there will be a light shined on
how little we really need to survive the
light shine on how how often we touch
our faces I realize it’s incredible it
is incredible
was this attack for a certain human
species relation to birds to change
their DNA no okay was it released in
time in the time of planetaries
and to try to prevent Earth’s or our
ascension by keeping the vibe low the
vibration lower no because this is
actually ultimately raising the
vibration okay I mean not only the
spirit guys well the Archangel stuff but
also us you know having that commonality
that common ground this is a community
that wanting to volunteer and help for
the American Red Cross they’re not that
desperate well and also what Eric says
is that when you’re just going about
your day to day life you’re not really
necessarily being hopeful in your life
you’re just sort of going through the
motions yeah whereas this has created a
lot more need for hopefulness which is a
higher vibration emotion okay and just
being concerned about our loved ones
this reminds us how much we love other
people in our lives is the virus virus
from a past life to come back to pick up
ones that had taken before no okay is
this a a plan for many people who
succumbed to the virus planned exit
points yes why well anytime there’s mass
deaths yeah something it does create a
kind of global a global kind of empathy
compassion um so any time in the history
when you look back on mass deaths okay
it it’s horrible but there’s always good
that comes out of it okay
well the vaccine be effective yes people
are gonna load it up with viruses or
maybe a microchip no it’s not dangerous
in that way but there’s always some some
danger to vaccines for some people
like the young beret from the fleet it’s
not very common little but correct same
how many overall deaths will they be in
the US and also in the world as a whole
I mean just how many figures I guess yes
we’re you know we’re six figures
hundreds of hundreds of thousands for
the u.s. well know global you know yes
yeah like the high six mid six low six I
what I’m seeing is somewhere in the mid
okay what about in the US low high mid
whoa yeah
okay let’s see my question for the
corner barber says how long will these
travelers fix’s between Europe and the
US last and also how long would a stay
at home a shelter-in-place
last for the states who have enacted it
so timeline stuff is always tricky
because the people don’t do what they’re
supposed to be doing it extends this
yeah what eric says there’s potential by
June July we’re kind of back to a
resemblance of what normal travel used
to look like okay when will the economy
economy start to recover if people get
their jobs back yeah yeah once once we
start travel in this kind of stuff June
July and the economy does recover
he’s quite adamant that it does recover
and there’s good at well I don’t know if
I’ll be able to tell you what there’s
gonna be but there’s going to be other
parts of the economy that end up
stimulated because of this oh really
okay so maybe that’s medical healthcare
yeah yeah and also kicked home good milk
it deliveries and hellofresh and stuff
yeah I gotta say again yeah we discussed
the meal deliveries last time and the
problem with the meal delivery stuff is
once this all gets back to normal those
drop again exactly because they were not
doing well before this yes
so that I
I remember I kept saying something about
that something about that well they’ve
hit a peak so if you’re investing now
there’s not a shorter yes
what connection do you have if any to
the deep state Illuminati global elite
New World Order and population control
I guess so nothing nothing no are you
engineered as a bio weapon therefore
they’re from they deform we already
established that you know at least well
I mean there’s the native and there are
some bio engineered one yes yes and they
engineered it just because peace through
strength kind of thing right not to not
purposeful okay yes it has to be once
something like this happen they have to
engineer it so they know how to combat
it they have to yeah that’s true yeah
that makes sense
yeah are you part of the revelation from
the Bible I don’t know anything about
the Bible sorry I don’t either but are
you part of the revelation so the way
Eric is putting it is you could make
this fit into certain aspects of the
Bible which I don’t know my Bible but
yes I guess plague you know like this oh
yeah kind of fits into that so it’s not
specifically spoken about in the Bible
like specifically to the color they know
now of course but it’s you know it’s the
best chillins okay so I know that every
time something goes wrong in our lives
there’s so many horrible things have
happened to us we go what’s next locusts
yeah if true this I think the same
person who is the Antichrist what Eric
is saying is that the Antichrist is not
necessarily a being like you might think
okay it’s it’s more like the darkness
maybe it’s our own dark energy the
darkest in all of us yes it’s it’s like
that like the dark near the
that last sort of thing is is what
brings us down to that lower level or
the deep state the global elite the
Cabal the Illuminati are they part of
that darkness a dark energy oh yes it
can be but not necessarily not
necessarily individua individual but the
groups like this the secret groups the
especially if they have nefarious plans
yes it can be but again not like a
specific Antichrist like yes is it
actual being you know okay well the
airline’s ceased to exist no okay Eric
said repeatedly that the world would be
changing soon is this the beginning of
the change yes yes and one of the
prediction things that March and April
of 2020 there would be a mass conscious
awakening right yeah it’s the start of
it this is a long process he’s right
this is definitely a piece of that
puzzle that’s so cool
war famine and pestilence are part of
the revelation must be the same person
president Trump describes Koba 19 as the
invisible enemy and they we are at war
with it 151 countries are at war with it
so it’s safe to say that this is a world
war pestilence is defined in the oxford
dictionary as a fatal epidemic disease
co vid 19 is definitely a fatal disease
as over 3500 blah blah as of 3:30
famine is the question so I guess when
will the famine occur because you know
the the farmers are really suffering
because 10 percent of the dairy goes to
our schools and the restaurants are Oh
most of my closed down and you know
things like that so will there be a
problem with famine so I don’t know what
that had to do with the epidemic disease
are talking about then they jump right
to famine yeah I I’m not really sure
either but I’ll answer that question
era kissing you know they’re already our
places where there’s famine anyways so
we’re talking specifically in the United
States right now this is one of those
things where it’s like scarcity is
sometimes an illusion yeah there will be
enough food this is awful that they’re
dumping milk because it’s I mean surely
I can distribute it find a way to
distribute it – yeah there’s countries
who are starving and stuff you know yes
and there there will be stuff like that
worked on the problem is is that there
is there’s still too much rigidness in
me like what do you call that yeah yeah
it would seizing stuff on other ends not
just ours customs customs oh it needs to
be some there needs to be some kind of
leniency and the custom stuff so we can
move things through quicker yeah all
right one more place is one as one of an
important part as they will stay open
through this hard time to feed the
people it’s been a madhouse of people
especially when our palettes of toilet
paper and paper towels are brought out
to the floors work she or he must work
there my question is how many Walmart
associates will get sick from the
transmission of koban 19 and how many
will die that’s just too hard to answer
because your III will involve there if
people if they can wear masks so they
can you know if they it’s just too hard
to wash their hands more involved yeah
why did Pelosi Adnan kovat relief things
to the bill like the 500,000 for a
waterworks project in Utah money for the
some Art Center in the Kennedy Center
and and carbon neutral Airlines by such
time why don’t you do that now
understand I I’m going to preface this
me Jennifer I am NOT a political person
okay almost no medium is so don’t shoot
the messenger
okay I have no preference here
but Eric said because she was trying to
be slick and then he was like folding
something up in a napkin and like here
I’m gonna pass you this napkin here’s
this napkin and then inside the napkin
and there’s all this other stuff that
you didn’t know was okay the other
crisis yes
taking advantage that’s exactly what
Eric was saying was taking advantage
should have been only relief yes
medical and financial etc but because
you know that’s not how they’re wired to
think they’re opportunists both sides
I’m not speaking favorites they’re
opportunists and that’s how they’re that
is how they are wired to think I would
say they should be line-item veto or
troubles nope we’re not going to do that
give money to them no we’re not gonna do
the Green Deal here this is pure package
but then it gives too much power to
every resident on yo side so please ask
or Nevarez collective about stopping it
does Oh queer seaton and epi gala gal OH
Cait catagen let me go check Utterson
galley was zinc vitamin C and D work uh
it will for some yes how do you know if
it’ll work for you we okay do you know
exactly when you made the jump to humans
and yeah somewhere towards the end of
2019 okay when you go dormant like the
SARS and stuff they go hide out in the
bird population wherever you hang out
okay so what I’m hearing is that they’re
still still is gonna be corona amongst
the animals okay that’s not it
yeah I guess them yeah so it’ll still
exist within the animal population but
this will remain within the human yeah
population so it’s
not necessarily going to jump back to an
animal and then come back although there
will be risk of animal contamination
again yeah well maybe are the are you
gonna be just endemic like like leprosy
is endemic in armadillos so are you
endemic in like bats and other animals
yeah it feels like it’s gonna kind of
stay within them yes yeah yeah that’s a
yeah okay yeah the the one in bats
endemic and bats and other animals maybe
I don’t know is the native corn a virus
and the one that’s affecting us is the
bio yes because when it made the jump
from animal to human it changed very
quickly yeah are you kidding very
quickly so what he said is what Eric’s
saying is it slowed down it has the
mutation happened quickly in the
beginning but the mutation has slowed
down when you do with tape you become
more aggressive less aggressive attack
the different different subsets of the
population you know it feels like the
mutation actually creates less
aggressiveness is how he’s putting it in
it has also to do with our immunity to
it you know I really well we have to
make a new vaccine every time like the
my like with influenza a mix of h1 h2 h3
in one all that kind of stuff every year
it does feel yes like it’s good like the
scientists are going to have to stay on
top of the you know once what Eric’s
saying is once we get kind of the
general idea of the vaccine I guess
maybe that’s how it is with the flu to
where it’s like tweaked and changed yes
yeah it’s gonna feel kind of like that
and you know we have herd immunity for
the most part against influenza and we
will develop herd immunity yeah and this
there was this I guess alright is this
not really a virus but actually 5g
radiation poisoning from the towers they
are installing all over the world
starting with Wuhan
virus okay radiation poisoning causes
flu-like symptoms
okay cells get deprived of oxygen so the
virus is really similar well I mean is
it making us more vulnerable no not
necessarily no this is the the
vulnerability which comes from it comes
from where we don’t have any immunity
exactly this person also says that the
Spanish flu it was like the electric
electricity ways poisoning us when the
world started installing electrical
lives during the time but that doesn’t
make us more susceptible or make the
virus more virulent or these two things
are not necessarily connected not for
the masses anyways maybe there’s a
handful that are more susceptible
because but but Eric’s even says even
with the 5g there’d be an underlying
issue anyways there’d be an underlying
immune system issue all right
once they enforce the so-called vaccine
for this virus will they impose martial
law and which they will force people to
get back there but actually we’ll be in
planning with microchips order but that
depends country to country in the United
States they will not martial law so they
will not allow I mean then will not
force us to get a vaccine right well
they but they do with some things unless
you have a waiver religious reasons yes
and there still will be people who will
not be forced to get it now military and
that you know government employees and
stuff probably will be forced what
countries do you see that could insist
on it yeah China okay all right that’s
fine we don’t get in trouble okay what
lessons are you here to teach humanity
covered that pretty much right yeah and
are you here to help heal the earth I
guess by raising the vibration yeah well
and also you know there’s been a lot of
healing with the earth just because
we’re not it’s polluting it so much
right now oh this is one of the other
benefits of this is you know
I’m sure a lot of people have seen in
Italy the canals have cleared out you
know there so there is some healing of
earth going on here yes that’s because
you know the gondolas are not like
stirring up the from the bottom planes
and so yes this is not necessarily urks
is not necessarily done to to do this
although it is one of the big benefits
that’s good
does inhaling 3% hydrogen peroxide as
this guy dr. Han suggests work like six
puffs why you inhale several times a day
so what Eric is saying is you have to be
people have to be very careful with the
hydrogen peroxide whatever the treatment
is for because it’s potentially
dangerous really 3% hydrogen peroxide
know it but if you don’t know how much
you’re doing if you’re not if you do too
much or if you ingest it people are just
taking spoonfuls of it oh no yes but
well eric says people you know I know
but if you look up on YouTube music dr.
Hans Haan what he does it’s just for
prevention he hadn’t had a cold or
anything for like decades you go you
just get an atomizer fine mist a little
spray and get an Amazon and then just 3%
regular old household you know yep get
in and then just inhales you know with
six sprays if you can’t hold your breath
I mean first into your lungs
inhale six but if you can’t do it one
breath you can do it more than one
breath and then if you have an illness
instead of just once a day you do it
like four or five times a day yes so it
is effective but it is also something
that people need to know what they’re
doing and whether they have any kind of
contraindications or any kind of reason
they shouldn’t do it because somebody
might say oh well I don’t have the
inhaler thing but I’ll just you know
know know
the swallow sounds like the guy fish
tank cleaner thinking that was the same
as hydroxychloroquine when it’s not yeah
and also rinse out your mouth afterwards
because it can make your tongue turn
temporarily black so yeah alright
coronavirus what do you want us to know
about you and how long do you intend to
inhabit human beings on this planet well
off and on for years but well nothing
none of it will be as bad as this first
round okay okay yeah none of it’ll be as
bad as this first round as far as what
the coronavirus wants us to know bitch
yes know that you know everyday
precautions minor precautions can be
very helpful you know don’t take
anything for granted don’t take your
health for granted don’t you know pay
attention pay attention into what’s
going around illness germs disease how
you’re treating the planet there’s a lot
there’s a lot to learn yes as far as the
virus really wanting us to know anything
specific there’s a virus wants us yeah
should all the states be have that order
in place doing it probably right yeah
there are some reasons but there’s also
some of the people in charge do truly
believe there’s going to be a way to
slow it down and stop it before we have
to do this so it’s kinda like wishful
thinking yeah playing with the virus
yeah all right what are we not doing as
far as our administration our government
CDC all that that we should be doing now
so what what Eric is saying is that
really the the stuff that we’re not
doing that we
should be doing it’s tough because of
supplies you know really if you’re out
in public you should have a mask on no
matter where you are no matter if you
have a stay at home order or not because
you can fashion a bandage oh yes you can
so that should be made mandatory if
you’re out in public whether you’re an
essential worker or not you should be
you should have a mask
it’s hard for America to mandate that’s
a problem because you know we’re we came
from other countries seeking a risk and
adventure New Yorkers are too in Texas
and all these people who say no we’re
too strong
you’re not gonna yes America in general
does have that kind of this is America
like that can’t happen here like every
country every Creed every religion every
race every gender sexual ever manatee
Eric says the entity is a big one here
why Americans won’t tie a bandana around
their face and go out in public
we’re embarrassed as American yet that
kind of stuff you know what is like in
China they were masks you know the agent
kind I guess because of the SARS really
yeah get over the vanity if you’re going
out in public tie a bandana if you can’t
have a mask yeah yeah are you here to
limit the population because the earth
seems to be overpopulated
no it’s and by the end of this yes there
will be a lot of people who’ve lost
their lives but not enough to you know
make a huge dent yeah in the ocean right
now be returned home because they’ll
come back yes what did we in America do
raw I mean now okay we know that we the
should be doing something but that’s
restricted by supplies what did we do I
mean I think was good we sealed off the
border from China but then the CDC the
tests were all just defected the first
big batch so that was really a problem
yeah what other errors did we make them
we could learn from and we don’t do it
with the next it wasn’t really errors
nobody was really prepared for what was
gonna happen
yeah and again that does kind of go back
to some misinformation that was released
initially okay so really the other
countries Italy they weren’t really
prepared for what was going on
so it’s eric says for the most part the
governments did the best they could with
the information they had for the most
part yeah but you know possibly in the
future having back stock of you know
some of this medical supply stuff and
then having you know that sort of stuff
on hand in case something like this
happens because when something like this
happens there’s not enough time to get
what we need
I know Italians are very affectionate
too that’s part of the problem you know
and there’s a lot of hugging and stuff
it’s will there be a new different
pandemic different virus that is as bad
as this in the next I’m gonna say 50
years so yeah as bad as this eric says
that we will see other viruses other new
viruses over the next 50 years we will
learn a lot from this one about how to
handle others so like as far as the
medications and the treatments you know
and again this falls into an area that I
don’t quite understand but approving
stuff more quickly oh yeah the getting
stuff approve more quickly kind of red
tape man it’s messy so we will learn
that kind of stuff so will be will
definitely be better prepared as a world
when something else comes your
regulations so Trump looks really
tired and Eric he said in a session I
just had with Veronica I mean well she
felt something going on in his chest
like a tightness or something going on
like is he got something wrong with his
heart his lungs or is he just sad maybe
what Eric is telling me okay is that
this is so tremendously stressful yeah
he’s not sleeping but neither are a lot
of the leaders yeah
because up in the middle of the night
we’ll call like there’s all kinds of
stuff happening there’s a lot of anxiety
which he would never admit but but there
is a lot of anxiety every leader state
country you know city every leaders
being scrutinized yeah especially when
somebody Pelosi said he’s responsible
for all these deaths you know that’s
just not know one person is responsible
for any of these deaths and yet she held
back the the relief package because she
wanted her report in there so that’s not
really cool nobody the press has ever
asked him how you feeling how you
handling this largely yeah what type of
characteristics for personality I’m
almost finished
traits will attract you to certain
beings and what will they learn from
acquainting themselves which you don’t
know is that maybe you’re attracted to
people that are more negative or hostile
no or no it’s an equal-opportunity virus
oh okay what type of frequency and
mindset must we be in to avoid contact
with you so if if you are somebody who
has the freewill not to get this okay
this is contracted for some people no
matter what they do they’re getting it
but if you have the free will not to get
this it really is not about your mindset
much as it is about doing and not doing
the things that you’re supposed to yeah
to keep yourself from getting the virus
yeah positive think your way out of
getting up you’re going out you know and
touching everything and touching your
face how do we protect ourselves from
you well we’re wearing masks and gloves
be the new normal we talked about that
for some it will be but I’m sure for
some it will be for sure will been Danis
and you know just cut your wife’s broad
it’s also the one with the diapers have
you seen that where they cut the film in
the in the bottom of the diaper put
their head through the diaper and then
strap it around it must be a big diaper
adult sized diaper
oh that’s pretty cool so do those help
they’re not in 91 masks nothing like yes
yes they will filter out some of some of
it and you know if you’re somebody who’s
out and about all day long dealing with
people maybe you’d rather have something
a little bit more secure but if you’re
running to the grocery store that’s
definitely gonna give you some layer of
protection as long as you don’t get in
your car and touch your face to pull the
mask on you get till you get home wash
your hands remove them and easy throw it
immediately into the laundry then you
wash your hands then you touched your
mask so you got it well then you go wash
your hands again yeah and clean officer
I carry like some rags that have very
dilute bleach and I wipe down and wipe
down the grocery bags and all that kind
of stuff yep I have a bottle of 70%
alcohol oh yeah that’s good I just spray
the heck out of everything I wipe my
cellphone with it because that’s a yeah
remote controls yeah refresh your hands
all that we get what is the new normal
going to look like we’ve already said
pretty much will we essentially have to
be ignited with the cocoa bed 19 and
when do you okay we answer that why are
you affecting us not only physically
mentally spiritually and financially and
what are we supposed to learn for them
we kind of did that but yeah
why are you
build on all friends yeah because of the
because of the rapid spread of this yeah
it’s affected every aspect of our lives
you know kind of changed everything
humans are creatures of habit Eric says
so so even when it is safe to come back
out and be doing things it’s probably
gonna take about a year to find a new
normal in in social behavior yeah so so
it’s not like we’re gonna come off of
this and be right out doing everything
again it’s like oh god he’s he’s showing
me like well I understand it’s because I
love cats but like when kittens first
you know they’re born and they hide they
stay where they’re at and then when it’s
but they only go a little weights like
very tentative he said it’s gonna for a
lot of humans it’ll be like that it’s
not gonna be boom right back to
everything we were doing for some you’ll
be okay everywhere totally stopped yeah
but for a lot of people it’s gonna take
about a year to because we’ll have done
this for so long that we’ll have so what
any final messages for the people up on
earth or any additional information Eric
or numbers that we need to know that I
have not garnered through the questions
so what he’s saying is that this will
pass okay it’s like seems like it might
be never-ending but it does pass for a
lot of people just stay away from the
news a lot of people obsess over
watching this and and it it creates a
lot of anxiety so if you’re someone who
is experiencing a lot of fear and
anxiety over this just don’t pay
attention to the news you know what you
need to do do that and and don’t focus
on the death toll and the increase
Oh scared at all I mean beings you know
yeah it’s like it’s gonna be fine come
on yes this is a crisis and this is
something that will kind of change
things but it does pass okay yeah I see
there’s some Facebook things chant
certain things to the coronavirus is
there anything we can do as a collective
to to send healing energy or energy to
the virus or energy to the victims or in
yes we can yes so any kind of yes like
that sort of thing chanting or sending
positive energy you know these are all
things that are helpful they’re not
measurable no listen
imagine sin you know healing light going
from shooting from your roots from your
feet to the core of the earth and then
coming up like lightning strikes and to
all the souls of the people in the world
the crust of things for people raise
their vibration anyways cuz because that
you feel like you’re doing something
yeah okay like you’re being productive
you feel like you’re being positive so
it raises your individual vibration
anyway so why not do it and you know
imagine belief molecules you know just
out into the air or killing it and I
like that so yeah I mean when we’re in
some scary situation we the best thing
is to have some sort of control like
making masks for the for the first
responders you know anything I don’t
have a sewing machine and you know see
they are used to scotch tape yeah you
must gain no problem but thank you so
much Eric and Jennifer you guys check
her and out great she is that psychic
medium Jennifer Doran calm which I’ll
put right here
anything else you wanna say Jennifer
just I love you thank you and Eric says
I love you I love you love you love you
up guys out there thanks for watching
hit the like button please and share
with your friends bye
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