Erik on the Deep State, Global Elite and Illuminati


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As promised, I’m posting excerpts from Erik’s book every month or so. Here’s one that I can’t even read, one that was almost responsible for me aborting the project. 


I heard a ricochet sound, but I don’t remember feeling anything other than the sensation that I was being jerked or pulled, but there was no burst of pain or sense of shock. Then, for a few seconds, there was nothingness.

Right after the gun went off, I heard Maria scream. She was vacuuming the den. Her scream kind of sounded like an ambulance siren. Maria’s scream was probably the first sound I heard that connected what I had done to how it affected another person. It startled me and made me want to get up and go to her, but I stayed put in my room with my door closed. I remember the sound of her hurrying down the hallway. Then I heard her standing at my door for a few seconds. When she opened the door, she looked at me and screamed again—the kind of scream that would shatter glass.

I was standing in my room, but I had no idea how the fuck I was standing up because I had just shot myself in the head. I remember thinking, “Shit, I screwed it up. Maybe it didn’t work!” I was confused. Disoriented. I looked down and saw my body, and that’s when it hit me for real. “That’s me,” I thought. “That’s my body.” I won’t lie; it did freak me out a little bit. I tried to get back into my body, but I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried. I remember thinking, “Okay, I can’t get back in. I can’t change things. This is the decision I made. Fuck, what have I done? I take it back! I see the value of life now. Just let me go back and I’ll prove it!” Some part of me knew that I couldn’t—that this was a done deal—but these sorts of thoughts bombarded me all the same. For a moment, I panicked, and I felt really disappointed in myself, especially because I realized then that everyone was going to find my body. I hadn’t really processed how I was thinking these thoughts and feeling these emotions, since I was, you know, sitting there dead, but I know I thought and felt them all the same.

Next, my room sort of washed away like a fresh painting in the rain, and I felt like I was being pulled into the white of the canvas but still a part of the colors. At the same time, I wasn’t separated from the room. It didn’t feel like I went to an entirely different place. It wasn’t like I was in the bedroom and went to the living room or in Houston and then went to London on a plane or something. I was in the fabric of everything. I didn’t know what that meant yet, but I felt it.

As I looked around, it seemed like I had tunnel vision, and the periphery was all white. I didn’t see my hand on the gun anymore. I didn’t even see where the gun had gone after I’d shot myself. I didn’t smell the gunpowder. That was weird, because I thought that if I were really in the room, wouldn’t I have? I looked at my body through this narrow lens—this telescope—and although I knew it was me, I just couldn’t connect to it emotionally. You know how when you see someone who’s injured, it makes your stomach turn and your heart skips a beat and your adrenaline spikes, and it makes you want to run over to them to help? I didn’t feel any of that.

My body looked like me, but it didn’t look like me. I looked pale. My nose didn’t look right. Even my fingers seemed too long. It was like I was looking at a cheap imitation of myself, a wax figure in one of those museums, a puppet without a puppeteer. Even though I didn’t feel any empathy for my body, I had this need to put it back the way it had been only moments ago—sitting at my desk with a normal-looking head. I didn’t want to, like, crawl back inside my body and reanimate it or anything; I just wanted to clean it up. I wanted to help.

The scene in front of me was so weird. It was like being in the movies and you see all that gory shit, and you say, “Oh, whatever. That’s just entertainment.” For me, it didn’t seem like real life playing out right in front of me. It seemed separate from me, like it was playing on a screen, and I was in the audience watching, instead of being one of the actors.

It IS one of the best books I’ve ever read in any genre, so if you haven’t already, please get your own copy and buy copies for friends ad family who you think it might help. It’s available in all formats. Click HERE for the paperback version. 

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Now for the main event! According to my son, Erik, the Deep State has actually been around for a long time, perhaps since the days of the Romans, and it isn’t limited to the United States. It’s all over the world. Their desire: power, control and money. For that, they must oppress the masses and rule them as one oligarchy. Scary stuff. But they are about to crumble! Great job, Veronica. It took courage to channel Erik on this one. You can find her at

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Here’s the auto-generated YouTube transcript:

hey miss V I miss you and I love you and
I love you too Eric and we love you he
says hey mama he’s been with me all
along we’ve been a little silent but
he’s been here the boys and we’re gonna
talk about kind of a controversial
subject and I want Veronica to explain
something to you guys it’s very
important to try to you know calm the
trolls so as i sat with Eric yesterday
and I will tell you that yes I knew the
topic and no I don’t do research I am
NOT one of those I am NOT a political
person so I’m completely on neutral
ground here I don’t have a vested
interest but what Eric want me wanted me
to make very clear to you is that what
you are about to experience is channeled
through me right by me but it’s not
necessarily my opinion because that
would be wrong that would be
bastardizing the channeling of course
it’s just like a tube just right from
source to from Eric to pour out your
mouth so if you are seeing no hate mail
don’t bother
hey I don’t read it me I don’t care and
see something for you beware
where are your thoughts because they
create your reality including your best
ones and beat you April
exactly all right so we’re going to talk
about the deep state if it even exists
supposedly somebody put out this video
explaining that the military Secret
Service somebody from the military
Secret Service handed over to the
president this 10-point plan from the
deep state that was uncovered that I
think the what they suggested was this
10-point plan was supposed to take down
our country destabilize I guess the
world don’t know and and therefore take
down Trump so that they can remain in
power like this
of all oligarchy so is there a 10-point
plan so first of all Eric is going in
the collective energy and I’m gonna tell
you this right out of the people who
make up the deep state okay no we can’t
get energy that isn’t there so
confirmation there is you can call it a
deep state Eric and they are confirming
there is we have always existed on some
level the reason that it is becoming
more evident that we are here is because
of the more means of communication it’s
not that we’re getting stronger well we
are but we’re also getting more
pronounced and we are getting more
in-your-face even the subtleness can be
attributed to us okay as controversial
information about your leader anything
to weaken your belief Wow so wouldn’t
you say I mean has been even in the
Roman days I mean there’s been some sort
and it’s a deep state not just in the US
but in other countries too the deep
state is global is universal and there
has always been a deep state think about
it like this if the deep state were
person and it is persons it would have
two different sides to it one side that
would be oh let’s play nice and one side
that would say now that we’ve got them
trusting us let’s take the legs out from
underneath them it has always been
rampid why because you will always have
good and evil ever since the beginning
of time you can take it back to don’t
eat the apple if you’re oh yeah
yeah about finding pattern for it there
will always be a light and a dark side
oh that snake was the charter member of
the deep state all right so um so I’ve
been watching this 10-part youtube
series somebody sent me the first part I
watched all of it called fall Cabal deep
state and it is chock-full of crazy-ass
facts I mean it’s like it’s so is there
anything good about the deep state whose
opinion or you asked like this oligarchy
made of these elites is global elites
right that that think we’re dumbasses
and we can’t control ourselves and we’ve
got too many people in the world and
they want the power and control is it is
it like the Bilderberg complex the
global elite the military-industrial
complex is that what the deep state is
and what I’m hearing is there is never
anything good to come out of a selfish
self-centered agenda these people and
eric is telling me very clearly he’s
protecting me there will be no name
naming so if anyone no I don’t want to
endanger us okay Eric said he won’t let
that happen but the truth is these
people could be walking right next to
you could be living right next to you
Eric is saying it’s like this there’s a
chain it’s like the link it’s one to one
to one
and he’s also saying that yes there are
high-profile yes there is a lot of money
yes there is a sense of entitlement
but this reaches down and it gets the
here’s the key it gets the week and it
prays or the week build its cause so is
let’s let’s talk about the basic
building blocks of the deep state just
say yes or no now I’m not all okay but
academia academia like professors these
liberal professors that are okay what
about the big banks early some of them
more what about these big rich families
I won’t mention their names but they
both two of them both start with are the
old families from yeah there are
tentacles that reach out that are still
active today so yes
okay what about big pharma of course
pharmaceutical companies do a lot of
good too right but that’s not getting
yang you were talking about so but is
the nefarious arm of big pharma top of
one of those building blocks absolutely
what about the media oh you know Eric is
chuckling because he says the media
never gets it right meaning the media
will take something that’s so small and
blow it up so big and then when
something needs to be blown up the
powers that be pull it back and control
it he said the media may be one of the
most corrupt in all of this well so is
the media kind of the I mean launching
point it’s the one they the tool of the
deep state or they the control of the
deep state or they are the tool and the
era’s Eric it was me the launching point
the stepping off because think about it
he says how did they get the word out if
it weren’t for the media what does the
media do they know what they’re doing I
mean do these some professors the the
heads of these banks these the you know
bad actors and big pharma do they
actually know what they’re doing or is
just like well you know
they’re just being controlled some do
and some don’t and it’s very difficult
to discern who does and who doesn’t be
good because the ones that aren’t really
privy to the high end information are
merely puppets controlled by here this
the money okay good okay what about the
military-industrial complex are they one
of the Rick’s two less than the others
but there are spots
it’s muriatic in there less than the
others okay I mean there’s some that
think that they want to create war to
destabilize and divide us so some of
these wars were unnecessary and that’s
that’s the deep state sorry I guess
right and what you’re going to DC seeing
happen is war as we knew it okay
is going to be forever changed and the
current situation that we are in with
this virus is the beginning of a new age
of war okay well what what do you mean
bad like bioterrorism or well no we we
are literally looking at our neighbor as
the enemy and if we don’t understand how
to shift the energy of looking at
somebody through the eyes of they’re out
to get me what’s interesting to me this
is Veronica now what’s interesting to me
crime has all but slowed down right
we don’t hear statistics about the crime
per se the murders the dis that yeah
everybody is truly hyper focused on
survival there’s no we don’t have time
for nonsense and I’m not saying murders
or nonsense but Eric has said to me look
how much the world has changed yes I
think some good is gonna come out of it
but so let me ask the other building
blocks what about the government
particularly like well are certain
certain politicians past and present
part of that so Eric says that it’s
nothing to do with party lines
oh no so he said to stigmatize one side
or the other is it no no no I know some
people say that well yeah it starts for
the bees the truth is it permeates on
every level and yes there are people
right now in very high-profile positions
I have the children’s oh my gosh that
are that are having secretive
conversations with people who have
other than goodness let’s put it that
way okay you don’t want to see the names
that we can’t mention just go to youtube
and search for fall Cabal deep state
they also have a series on Cove is okay
what about like departments in the
government like the CIA I mean they they
actually somebody confessed that they
supplied pedophiles
I mean supplied children to the global
elite pedophile I mean that was they
were charged and everything so yes
eric is saying one branch of our
government that isn’t infected
oh yeah what’s the we one of the worst
as far as the infiltration of the deep
state or it isn’t it isn’t worse eric
says it’s all equal because they are
number one code that they have okay when
they join
or however Erik’s saying look just tell
them when they join they must recruit
Wow no is one of these processes where
you are vetted okay and then you are
that’s why it’s super difficult to get
let’s say an undercover eric says in
there because the vetting process oh
yeah super super intense and eric is
also saying there may even go as far as
to implement microchipping oh well I’m
going to talk about that in a minute but
I know that a long time ago Eric you
said that Trump forever his flaws you
know I wasn’t happy that he was the
candidate either was brought in by the
divine to topple over the deep state and
and then maybe this is why they’re
trying to get him out of office so
viciously and also the media is you know
you know trying to land blast him the
media I believe is using mind control
maybe I don’t know they are I don’t know
brainwashing people to be on their side
and not Trump who was brought in by the
divine is that true or false um Eric
says that Trump take his name way take
its identity away he has the energetic
makeup of somebody who can withstand the
powers that be that are dark logical
reason Eric says for even stepping into
this yeah he didn’t into the fire yeah
you didn’t have to and like him or not
like him Eric says he is the perfect
human being to be the
shield for this country yeah well the
woman who narrates this 10-part series
couldn’t stand Trump until she started
doing her research and she was extremely
so but oh my god it’s just an eye opener
okay so what is the main aim beside
money in control of the deep state
the Bilderberg complex the global elite
the Cabal power power power everything
is about power and control and money
wealth power and control at the end of
the day if you can gain control you are
an elitist and you get the most money
okay so are they is one part of their
agenda agenda depopulation decreasing
our population Eric says Eric says that
is not necessarily the agenda it’s just
a byproduct of happenstance okay dude
are they involved in any mind control
for the people I hear no okay they say
that the vaccines to the colonel virus
they plan on well some people will say
they’re going to put corner biters in
the vaccine but I can’t imagine why
unless they want that for depopulation
is that true that there’s gonna be
they’re gonna put the virus and the no
and fights evil is what’s preventing the
vaccine Eric is also telling me
something interesting here this virus as
we know it corona virus has been around
forever oh yeah right there’s a native
one but also there’s one that has been
engineered as a bio weapon so he’s
saying talk about the native
for a minute it’s been around forever
hmm so what I’m hearing now this is
ooh this gives me chills it’s possible
that the times we live in with the
electronics and all of the waves that
are going out there they are merging
with the human body in a way that’s
producing illness so oh like five g2g
all right we’ll do that are they gonna
are they planning to put microchips of
these dikes vaccines Eric says there is
a microchip plan but it not it is not
necessarily in the vaccine I don’t okay
I don’t know how we don’t know how but
it wouldn’t be in the vaccine because
Eric says while this can be very scary
he says understand that we are seeing
the villains fight the good guy the
villains and the good guys have fought
since the beginning yeah um sometimes
the villains ahead sometimes the good
guys ahead this is not the end of the
Eric no no I think it’s gonna be I think
this is part of taking the deep state
down or at least you know hobbling them
a bit it’s gonna be part of it it’s like
this it’s like taking a lead pipe and
hitting the knees out from under oh yeah
I think it’s good what about the spyware
in electronics it says the spyware and
pretty much all of our electronics and
it it could be we can be monitored even
when those electronics are shut down
is that a deep state thing Eric says to
be careful what you believe there
because not I just want the truth it’s
not true in the majority of devices
cases but strategically speaking there
are certain people that have those vices
in them we the average person probably
doesn’t have that don’t know if I wear
or what do we do we do not okay all
right so who does people that are person
again there’s just the state people who
are perceived to be beneficial or oh
that they can use oh okay so they can
monitor who what about fluoride putting
fluoride in the water it calcifies our
pineal gland was that part of the deep
state Eric said that was part of man’s
attempt to make things better that was a
natural we we don’t know that it’s truly
a mistake yet but you know one thing has
a good effect and a bad effect so we
gotta weigh the opposites but no that
was not deceived okay what about
chemtrails the people the government
said oh now they’re fine we’re just
trying to get rid of pollution but then
they admitted that over there there was
nothing but then they admitted yes yes
we do have chemtrails but it’s just to
help with pollution and yet it’s they
it’s all heavy metals like barium and
the camera the other ones that that are
getting into our brains etc is what’s
the agenda behind that eric says that’s
all it is it’s horrible for us
they’re lying
they’ve lied they got caught with their
pants yeah it’s and there is
that is not Erica Singh that is not a
sinister plot that is somebody just
being lazy somebody just wanting to get
ahead because there’s money to be made
okay so it wasn’t they’re trying to do
something reminds our brains that’s good
now some reason we Eric Eric says have
mistake that’s a byproduct I know
and essentially what it’s doing is
helping two people it’s enabling people
to not be able to in a big level think
for themselves
oh wow okay so um okay so some people
these rich families you know we’re
trying to get other rich families on
board and some of the other families
like John Astor was so rich they were
not gonna be convinced to join the
Bilderberg complex and comedian Lee
these three heads of the family went
down with their Titanic sounds fishy and
were killed by the way I’d love to do
some interviews yes there was sabotage
with that not necessarily aimed at any
one person although although what went
down stays a secret I know
so you think the sabotage was too you
know they already tried to vet astronaut
came over the other families and they
said no yeah so I mean so they they had
something to do with sinking the Titanic
well and again we might we didn’t call
it deep state good and always an evil
you know sophisticated as things are
they can always be more sophisticated
air access but the engineering at the
time that went into the Titanic it
shouldn’t have happened
yeah okay so um George Soros you know he
I can mention that name because it’s all
over the place but apparently he turned
his family in was like 13 14 to the
Nazis that’s nice but what is his deal I
mean first of all the mass
immigrant migration you can see in this
and this the youtube series that they
were all completely clean they weren’t
carrying spare diapers or water or food
or anything
they were bused in paid you could see
the people pay the migrants the you know
money and then said all right everybody
off the bus photo shoot a photo and then
you see the same little girl indifferent
in the migration thing but also in some
war zone and I mean you see they forgot
to photoshop in somebody’s leg I mean
it’s it’s just crazy so what I’m saying
is did source pay $15 an hour to get
people to participate in that and the
Ferguson riot and in the black lives
movement and in on antifa I’m Tifa had a
protest saying where’s my $15 an hour
Soros it’s well documented so you know
what’s that is that all true so Eric
says this he’s doing the puppeteer yeah
he buys puppets so yes there was payoff
payout and if you would have seen these
people prior to this you would have
known no this youtube series they show
the people in in Honduras before they
started migrating it was awful it was
awful they were dirty was horrible but
then all of a sudden in the they have a
perfectly clean clothes walking 45 miles
a day in barefoot and in flip-flops and
they’re so poor yet they have cell phone
I mean it’s a it’s an amazing few
teachers Derek says we need to be
careful that that doesn’t come the
American Dream I know yeah so
some people say he does it to dis
stabilize countries and divide people so
that then they become easier to control
is that what’s good of is Eric says
because he’s a prick can’t wait till he
dies oh sorry and also think about it
like this people do what they can get
away with yeah if why do why do so many
people who are clearly part of the deep
state why do they get they clearly break
the law and they never get there never
account they’re never held accountable
why is it so eric says this think about
it like this mom if there isn’t an
opposite for everything how do we
balance out how do we learn the lessons
how do we know as I said in the
beginning of time there has been the
Apple eater and the Apple picker yeah
always be an opposite and here’s the
main point Eric wants to make we were
born into this world with something so
powerful and we forget to use it free
will oh yeah but if we’re having a Minds
controlled by subliminal messages or by
certain media outlets and you know it’s
really hard to exercise free that’s why
it’s so important for people to watch
this very fact Laden youtube series okay
so also says one more thing he wants to
interject here one of the ways to gain
and this makes me want to cross one of
the ways that the deep state or whoever
you want to call the bad guy one of the
ways that they gain control is to play
on basic survival needs so they will
lured money food and the premise of
freedom to these pure you become
soldiers in there
oh is that like Venezuela maybe Medora
Erik says there are minions everywhere
gosh and some people who are watching
this could be those minions okay so they
say there’s also a lot of suppressed
technology like when I when I was doing
a session about medical devices of the
future there are so many things that can
cure people that are available or even a
cure for you know for dirty oceans and
clean air but the deep state is
suppressing a lot of technology that
could really help us now is that
beautiful because of this money and I’m
going to tell you something a breaking
point for a moment this is a message
that came through for me and I I live
took this literally I channeled the
divine and I get these messages the
medicine of the future okay you know we
know the chiropractic route we know this
it is the human body once we understand
the mechanisms of how we operate and why
we’re here and you know what when I
heard that message I jumped immediately
and in becoming a certified medical
oh good that’s the ultimate healer oh
you need to come on the radio show and
talk about what you do because
ultimately right there
so yes there is money being made yes
there are secrets being withheld about
technology and advancements in the
future but when we empower the person
the individual Eric says to understand
this mechanism is precision yeah cuz
there’s a lot of money to be made in the
green economy and and all that the
environmental type Eric says on that
note I have children so far as far as we
can see the green movement that you know
they haven’t penetrated that movement
yet because they’re so focused on
dissembling what’s over here okay
over here yet so we do have a positive
message there well there we go all right
so is there any relation between the
deep state and the current coronavirus
pandemic and really any other pandemics
in the past
Erikson’s they’d like to think they have
that power
now now having said that he says they
didn’t create it okay because this has
been around forever but are they using
it as a tool to further their mission
yes quite possibly some of them are even
infecting other people to further their
mission wait how because they have it
themselves and they’re or they’re using
of infection Eric says they are
instruments knowing instruments of
infection so they have something that is
containment with coronavirus and they
somehow get it onto just somebody else
more part it’s a small part of okay
still very small part no the eric says
the average person walking around follow
the rules take precautions the world
isn’t ending and the other thing we want
to factor into this he’s saying some of
this is contract work oh yeah I bet with
a collective two to really be
self-reliant what it has free will and
be weary of the messages you receive and
take your life back take your life back
don’t be beholden to somebody else to
live your life and here’s the thing Eric
has shown me this and I couldn’t grasp
what he was showing me he kept showing
me a rocker and we were just like
rocking and going like this he said
there was a time in this country when
the the family unit the the the the who
we were our people were
the closest thing to us we’ve gotten
division within our DNA he says that
needs to end well this pandemic may be
helping us to do that I don’t know all
right so what is the 10-point plan ‘m
can you list some components of it was
the russia investigation one plan one or
new eric says that definitely the
russian thing he says but understand
this there isn’t all good and there’s
and all bad yeah russia was part of that
not knocked the wind out of his sails
you know prove collusion that kind of
thing but i you know eric is saying it’s
never gonna end
it’ll take different detours and it’ll
oh yeah avenues and different routes
it’s never gonna end
the other interesting thing is this eric
says to point out Donald Trump’s wife
you never see her yeah because you know
we can look at it from a human
perspective he says but the truth is
this is not part of her contract oh yeah
yeah and so she says for you know where
is she she’s not doing her part she’s
not meant to do part solely specifically
oh oh okay I was frozen and now you’re
frozen it’ll come back yeah go ahead
okay there we go can you hear me there
we go here we are
so but I stasis showed in this video
this youtube series her going up the
steps of the plane with that that jacket
that had something on it like we don’t
care I don’t care whatever it was
supposed to be a message to deep state
and also there’s a certain things that
Trump does like holding his water bottle
like that there’s there’s all sorts of
weird like symbols apparently
– so what Eric says he says mom think of
it like this in baseball there are very
covert signs so yeah you doesn’t know
what you’re doing but they know you’re
doing something right know you’ve got a
plan they know you’ve got a strategy so
some of these hand movements and covert
gestures are saying in essence Eric says
you yeah good well is the deep
state involved in any kind of crap
trafficking people children sex
trafficking this is disgusting he’s a
gate that sort of thing this part right
here you know when Eric talks about this
and he’s going very quickly with it yes
yes because okay plan so the ten point
the Russia thing maybe what is it
traffic named some of the components
just listen morph real quickly without
elaborating because pizza gay sex
trafficking human trafficking yeah
they’re looking to bring some form of
slavery back and that has nothing to do
with gender or color it’s all about
owning people it’s all about global
control it’s almost as if you look the
image I get in my mind’s eye is that
little meme on little uniform on and
he’s got the controls and okay so
anything what else in the beside the
trafficking and the rest of what else in
the tip point plan yeah okay infiltrate
it and brainwash students mmm-hmm yeah
because we Eric says they feed their
army also
oh I agree culture agriculture there’s
good Monsanto GMO that kind of stuff
around about that part of it
how agriculturally speaking there is
also Oh Eric says quite obviously
pharmaceutical banks yeah
all right so so it’s all the like the
Brits what they want to do topple wall I
mean now you know eric says control with
oh yeah now they say the Federal Reserve
is not owned by the government that is
each the reserve and all the little
reserve banks are owned by I mean
privately by some of these rich families
like the ones to start with are for
example that’s true I already know that
but to what end is that part of the deep
state of genda um it comes it brings
power to the people and power when it’s
on when it’s not balanced creates misery
is is the direct channeling and the
answer is yes some of those most of
those private investors on some branch
on some leg have a private agenda okay
the more they have the more they want
people wanted me to ask about Bill Gates
involved in the deep state but no name
so I’m just telling you guys I I know
you asked that but I can’t now q and on
apparently is this anonymous person and
maybe now it’s a team maybe it’s a team
of military intelligence people close to
the president I don’t know but he is
slowly unraveling the deep state he
relies a lot on Julian Assange and the
WikiLeaks the emails etc so is is there
a qqing on and is it one
now maybe first it was now it’s a team
or what tell me about that
we froze what did you hear did you hear
me talking about asking what queueing on
a seems like it’s somebody an individual
and now maybe it’s a team of military
intelligence people close to the
president I don’t know but he is getting
information a lot of information from
WikiLeaks from Julian Assange you know
emails and all that kind of stuff is
that is it a lone person or did it used
to be an alone person but now as a group
Eric said it started out to be one lone
person because everybody some each
riffle had to happen from an initial
task I say so as that ripple as that
cast happened everybody got on board its
well is the president part of it not to
his knowing not knowing no well he and
others be successful in hobbling the
deep state so that they’re not causing
as much damage as they’re causing now
Eric says that they will mute them but
not eradicate them because they’re like
they’re like this Oh Eric says think of
a reptile or a lizard well yeah the
lizard’s tail off you don’t kill the
lizard the lizards regrow its tail
unfortunately that’s what we’re looking
at here we’re not gonna slay the dragon
at best Eric says we can cut the tail
off okay will the cue team be victorious
over the deep state well you just said
that you will quieten it but okay what
is crunch role in all this Eric’s
laughing because he’s that he’s
literally the human shield
he’s like the ultimate avenger you know
he’s going after – no – no nothing
boundaries nothing if you think about it
Eric wants us to remind us of this air
Trump is the first politician who
doesn’t act like a politician yeah and
that’s what we need and that’s why
people don’t like him become things that
come out of his mouth or just you know I
don’t know he’s not a politician yeah we
needed Eric is cannot hammer this home
enough forget left or right it’s not
about that
yeah because he’s not truly completely
conservative anyway so so okay social
role yeah I mean this one ladies who
hated Trump says if you really look at
him he’s not a publicist and he’s a
father figure for the country
he’s the archetype and that’s why so
many people don’t like him because they
got fog daddy issues you know but
interesting he has the king of archetype
and I’m also it’s not it’s not a plug
for me but I’m getting certified in
archetypal pattern behaviors oh my god
looks like this I’m you know people hate
that that’s why it gets into trouble
like I said you are the Emperor so the
other side is I can be the king and walk
among you and I can also have a position
where when it comes time to fight I will
give the orders to fight okay
think about the night he’s also got the
night archetype in him okay he’s going
to go out to battle for us so he’s got a
lot of he’s an interesting archetypal so
complicated very you know there’s a
swelling community of gays who actually
love him and call him daddy that says
daddy daddy Trump no I guess they’re
picking up there what about the creation
of the European Union is that a deep
state thing to get rid of borders for
example what about David Wilcox you know
he talks about the deep state and
reptilians and stuff like is he what
what he says in his podcasts and
youtubes is much of it true Erik says he
can to go a little bit overboard and
Erik says to be careful because he can
scare people I don’t know okay somebody
wants to ask if Q is JFK jr. and what’s
his plane crash crash a way to fake his
death and they show pictures that are
living people whereas uncanny yeah so is
the question oh I would say one thing
though do you know that the only two
presidents in history
who tried to fight sy Trump the deep
state where Abraham Lincoln and JFK and
those two were assassinated how
so many people have battled thee have
tried to go against the deep state just
murdered really it’s the the list of
murders are just incredible and
cover-ups and Chris Cornell he talks
about that twice about Chester
Bedingfield one of the things that deep
state does I’m just want to verify this
with them they will tie somebody on a
doorknob to strangle them and that sign
and the deep state means we’re trying to
silence you and you know Kate Spade
Chester bidding failed all that you know
one of the things I’ll tell you also
this is me again as the Chandler like
you only speak for me there when and let
me clear this up because I’ve seen some
comments about readers to caring
Chandler’s and let me know yeah
if you think about it like this if
you’re having a physical conversation in
day to day life with real people sitting
in front of you at one point they may
tell you one thing and then the next day
they go off and they release another
piece of it to somebody else it doesn’t
mean one is right and one is wrong it
means that there’s different levels
different pieces that are coming out at
different time so please don’t condemn a
channeler because they got the same
thing as the other Chandler glass I
don’t think that’s fair no it’s done
anyway talk about and I can’t mention we
can’t ask if it’s true
part of the Illuminati whatever but
George Bush Senior Bush jr. cleanse
Obama Jennifer Aniston somebody’s asking
but anyway we won’t find out all right
what is the Illuminati they are a lesser
group of people who want power eric says
they may be the minions oh okay so
they’re not the big part of the deep
state well they are but they’re on a
lesser level you’ve got levels of
players here you’ve got the a-team
you’ve got the B team then you have the
well that’s so funny look stay on your
benches yeah in part of the one of the
it showed Chester bidding filled pretty
you know and and Chris Cornell they were
sexually abused as kids and so they
really tried to do a lot to you know
create charities and organizations to
fight against that and Chester bidding
field was apparently sexually abused as
a child by a friend of the family that
friend of the family was Tony is one of
them is Tony Podesta who is the campaign
manager for Clinton and if you look at
the two and it shows the likeness show
me God
he is Chester is Tony’s kid it is so
clear they also talk about how the
Kaiser Wilhelm
actually it’s the LLL admit ler was his
illegitimate kid and they shipped him
off changed his name there’s so many
things in this alright if you really
look into this you can link everything
up but Eric wants to caution people
don’t go down the rabbit hole and this
the life you came here to no no no I see
this is a wonderful opportunity for good
to rain the rain over evil is partly at
least get a grass turn the door
the Illuminati how long has it been
occult and when did this coast start to
invade the White House of the government
or whatever I just heard 1930s okay what
percent of the of our government is in
is infested with deep state actors I’m
here eight to ten ok is David Wilcock
closely connected to Q or non as he
claims eric says don’t answer that okay
what what about Julian Assange what is
his part to play in this um he’s a
troublemaker eric says but in a way that
is a good way he opened up the can okay
he started it yeah okay we’re gonna do
another session on the pizza gate and
all that stuff but this not now
okay so anyway could you ask if Q is JFK
jr. and if the plane crash was a way to
fake his death I forgot to get the
answer to that okay no he’s not you okay
I cannot even with Eric here get any
sense of if he’s still alive or not
funny usually I get a hit and it’s a yes
and it’s a no I’m
no maybe like that time will tell
okay you’re gonna go with what we’re
gonna say you know I think that it will
be revealed I don’t I have to be careful
I’m gonna be honest okay because the
human part of me wants to believe one
thing and I just feel like it would be
bastardized if I gave an answer I’m not
oh yeah no I want him to be alive no
he’s so adorable anybody I’m wondering
is he wanted to carry on the torch
against the deep state that his father
tried to you know yeah let’s see what
about Princess Diana’s accident the
wreck was it an accident or was it did
any one was the deep state involved at
all it wasn’t an accident and that’s a
whole separate conversation because that
has something to do with the Royals okay
all right well we won’t do that air
power and they’re being bought and
buying people are they knowingly
involved in the deep’ stay well we can’t
answer okay in Episode three somebody a
blog member asks it states that the
Federal Reserve Bank is bankrupt does
this mean money is still safe in the
bank or not our money is safe okay good
there’s one thing Trump knows it’s money
yeah I know what technology we talked
about suppressed technology can you name
like two or three technologies that have
been suppressed from the public from the
public awareness
by the deep state so if your app is
showing me I’m gonna explain it because
I can only see it there’s no I can’t
hear the name but it’s a it’s a once and
done scan where you would see everything
in life table yeah that’s going to come
through on our medical devices of the
future that I did with
so that’s they can see and cure
everything put a lot of hospitals and
doctors and what else do they have the
the the solutions for pollution in our
air and oceans you don’t hear that
okay okay any others do you want to
mention or they’re just the machine
that’s gonna be big that’s gonna be huge
of that gets yeah well I think they’ll
first leak it out get it out like it
only diagnosis okay no you’ll see y’all
gonna see this crazy medical device
thing that’s amazing
so dude just deep state this is from a
blog member have different plans for
different countries and if so what role
does Germany play in the part of the
global elites there isn’t it’s all one
okay it’s all one mission statement and
if you want to put it in that term Eric
says but it’s like each cast of
characters she says has their own role
to play in this Germany may play the
same thing as the u.s. just in their
little corner of the world
it’s a replicated business plan okay
Eric uses the word think of it as an
evil franchise Oh God do they speak to
each other like is it like one umbrella
and yes okay all right I just picture
this here’s headquarters you know okay
all right okay so what about the media
you know there’s kind of the with the
voice that for the deep state and not
all okay right some components of it so
what do we do about that because you
clearly there are they brainwashing
people our day in behalf of the deep
state brainwashing us or trying to yes
anyway the best way to get somebody is
make them afraid yeah or angry right
right but when you push their fear
button we are creatures of survival
right are our natural inclination is to
survive and we want everything to help
us thrive when we’re in fear
we don’t think rationally because we got
it oh my god we gotta get we got it yeah
and so if they can get us in fear guess
what happens we lose all sensibility or
excess and they can swoop in and they
can reprogram us so you talked about
your chip you really need a chip for all
the population y’all just keep watching
the news there access all the news – wow
that is all of it so yeah because if
you’re afraid for your own survival then
you’re gonna be very easy to press and
control absolutely because at the end of
the day every human being wants their
basic need met they wanted to not be
afraid think about what’s happening
right now people are running crazy the
grocery stores are empty Eric says look
at the shelves and he’s watching all of
this and he’s Eric saying this he’s
blowing the timeout whistle and he sang
people slow down this is not the end of
the world after this is over this is the
thunderstorm this is the hurricane when
we’re done it’s gonna be a whole new
that’s gonna be the new earth it’s gonna
be beautiful
but you don’t have to say the Trump does
not help because you know with some of
the things he says okay but he’s human
he will incite anger and you know well
media mostly allows that to blow up so
is that why so many people are the
Media is brainwashing people to be
against Trump that’s in haters so much
Eric says remember this sensationalism
sells yeah ratings were you can be
sensational and as it sells guess what
happens somebody gets rich
so Trump is listen I can’t make an
excuse from Eric says there is no but I
know one right but just let him be the
night let him be the king what I’m just
let him save he’s like the knight
fighting against evil I think I mean one
thing the median doesn’t do in this
youtube series shows that is all the
stuff he’s done to to fight against sex
trafficking child trafficking the things
the assignments lauding say oh my god
it’s it’s he he not going to tell you
I have when you when we talk about trunk
I get a very hard tight feeling in my
chest his house I feel I’m sensing
there’s something with his center of his
I feel like in the next few weeks we’re
going to see a very more so rugged tired
which is oddly already looks tired now
but he’s you know how he has that orange
II look to him yeah notice him looking
great to the knight in shining armor
come on what he says please Oh something
in here and he has to be very careful to
watch his health because this could be
the deep state getting him in a in a in
a convoluted kinda way oh great
alright Eric give a message to all the
people and there’s so many of them who
can’t stand Trump
and they listened to CNN and MSNBC and
all Maddow and then they’ve just really
learned to hate him what do you say to
them so Eric says each and every one of
you that are out there casting stones
throwing things at Trump and demanding
that he be different would it be any
different if you were up there what
would you do
he says it’s time that we stop comparing
and that we walk in each other’s shoes
Trump is Trump no doubt about it you’re
you are me
Eric says think about what it’s like to
walk in someone else’s shoes do a better
job you’re adding to the problem she
says when you can em and undermine the
leadership use your free will if
something he says infects you or
infuriate you go make a taste in your
own little space for difference don’t
just randomly and secretively hide out
and Badger and bully that’s wrong yeah
well you know he gives a lot of fodder
for most of the time he shoots his mouth
off because um you know when he’s
attacked his gets defensive you need to
be almost need to be to be a leader you
have to have an element of narcissism
well self-confidence maybe maybe that’s
it do you Eric says do you think Clinton
either one of them is it norsu Cystic do
you think Bush’s work nurse everybody
Obama by some can wear the mask yeah
choose to go bare naked yeah anyway so
but he is he’s was brought in by the
divine – ticket – huh
okay and listen after this is over and
it will be and I have said all along by
April or excuse me by May early part of
June we’re gonna start to see a whole
new revolution of Revelation and we are
entering the energetic age we had the
Industrial Revolution Airy Age the Dark
Age we are now coming into the energetic
age where when you get good at this when
you lie to me I’m gonna know it I’m
gonna trust it yeah tap into your
intuition and not just believe in but
see it in or fox or MC says good that’s
gonna be part of our new schooling good
yeah because you do not want to be
brainwashed people yeah so um anything
else you want to tell people well when
will they be largely hobbled is it a
matter of months years yes you’ll see
the disintegration the less presence by
the end of 2020 this year was meant to
be torn down and restructured by adding
the two and the two the two and the two
equal four four is all about tearing
down the old constructing the four walls
that you live in rebuilding back to what
you knew and coming home this year was
meant for this well the rumors are that
there will be mass arrests but maybe
they won’t be completely publicized no
deep state people yeah but they suspect
I I will tell you there will be pieces
that will leak out over the next six
weeks there will be some big-ass
revelations energetically I don’t know
that we’ll know them but some key
players and all of this here’s the thing
this is a deterrent this is a
distraction okay I wrote the pandemic
well what we’re living in I’m not saying
it’s if somebody man-made it but
what’s going rampant when you’re not
looking at me guess what I’m doing
sex trafficking human trafficking you
know all this is this is distraction so
they while they may not have completely
created it your best damn well believe
they’re gonna take advantage of it so
create your awareness pay attention
watch out for your neighbor in a loving
way yes
one last thing so well supposed Trump
does get sick and unable to run for his
for another term or suppose for some
reason by the winds you know even with
Trump being healthy
how will Biden deal with this deep state
listen listen I’m not gonna say names
I’m not gonna say anything this isn’t
political when you say the B word I I
can’t I just shut down
I there’s you don’t you can’t get
information or he won’t help to dis
fight the corruption or what no you
can’t fight what you might be part of
all right all right good all right thank
you you guys check out Veronica Veronica
Drake calm these no haters please I love
you Eric I love you Veronica and if you
want to be do the radio or zoom for the
two things you do medical intuition let
me know everyone see Sol frequency I am
doing readings – I actually just opened
up my schedule and I do the very special
bonus I’m teaching a master class on how
to reclaim your power when you purchase
a reading with me during April you get
access to those three master classes on
reclaiming your power that’s awesome you
give away a lot of free stuff thank you

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