Channeling Prince, Part Three

Last night’s radio show was very illuminating. Erik discussed the three tragedies in Orlando and connected us with little Lane Graves, the toddler who was killed by the alligator at Disney World. He gave us a lot of advice on how to deal with the negative in the world and all the global trauma. I’ll post the podcast tomorrow. 

Tonight, I’m going to go to Kristina’s graduation from her anesthesiology residency. Finally out of school forever (except for the School of Life, of course.) I can’t believe my eldest is going to go out into the world and save lives just like her younger brother but in a different way. I couldn’t be prouder. Unfortunately, she has to work through the 30th, so it’s kind of anticlimactic, but still a very big day. On July 9th, she and her husband, Houston, will leave for North Carolina where she will start a new job and he will start his fellowship in joint replacements at Duke University Medical School. None of my kids have lived far away from Mommy, so it’ll be an adjustment for me. It’ll also be an adjustment for Bella, because I’ve been picking up Kristina’s dog, Gidget, for playdates nearly every day. 

One more thing: Be sure you guys book your ticket for the Channeling Erik Weekend of Enlightenment in New York City soon. Kim and Heather are now offering day tickets to those who can’t make the whole three days. If you’re interested, click HERE. I hope you come. I’d like to see you!

Enjoy the final part to our Prince interview. 

Me: Okay. When you were alive, were your spiritual beliefs somewhat similar to the ones Erik teaches us now? Somebody felt like they were. Maybe they base that on your lyrics.

Prince: A lot of what Erik teaches now coincides with who I was and how I tried to live my life. Being in the public eye and being famous can easily pull you away from your own beliefs and even knowing who you are. The thing that I like about Erik is the truth, the no bullshit. That’s how I wanted to live my life. I don’t bullshit people. This is who I am, and they can take it or leave it.

Me: Okay. You said an angel cured you of epilepsy. Can you talk about that? That’s really an interesting story.

Prince: Yes.

Kim: He’s referring to this angelic being as a guardian angel but very motherly towards him.

Prince: This goes back to the foundation of truth—being in truth, believing it and accepting it. So if you can find the core of what truth is, like for me believing that I could be healed, and then release at that time, it can happen. Anything is possible. Miracles can happen, but people are too cynical and sour these days to believe in them.

Kim: He says this very matter of fact. His energy is very matter of fact. Erik does that all the time, and I get frustrated because I’m like, ‘We’re humans. This stuff is not matter of fact to us!’

Me: I know.

We both laugh.

Kim: A quick example: A couple of weeks ago, I hurt my back pretty bad and really tried to dig deep into the core of what was going on with that, and I literally found, in some strange way, energetically, a way to release the attachment to it to allow healing, to accept healing. I literally felt it leave my body! I was lying in bed with my daughter, crying, because the pain went away. It just stopped! It’s the same thing, It’s about believing it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Me: So you believed this angel could heal you so you were able to let go of the epilepsy. Is that what you’re saying?

Prince: Exactly. You put it perfectly. If you believe and are able to let go, that’s when miracles happen.

Me: I’ll have to remember that. That could come in handy! What was your favorite instrument to play?

Prince: Probably the guitar.

Kim: He’s also showing me what looks like a saxophone, I think.

Prince: The expression through the chords—

Kim (laughing): I hear a guitar playing! It sounds like an electric guitar, though.

Me: You’re going to have to jam with Erik!

Kim (still laughing): I know. That’s exactly what’s happening right now!

Prince and Erik jamming. If you had told me this 7 years ago, I’d have thought you were crazy.

Me: Oh! Okay. Now there are questions as to whether or not you had a will.

Kim: He makes me feel like he did. He shows me the starts of a will, but it’s not complete. It’s not finished.

Me: Oh.

Kim: He didn’t have his estate and belongings completely covered.

Me: Oh, you just created a mess! Gosh! But it’s only money. What inspired “Purple Rain?”

Kim: Okay, he’s using images to talk, but he’s pretty good at it. I’m quite surprised.

Prince: “Purple Rain” is about connecting to and understanding something outside of yourself. It’s feeling, Elisa, like there’s something bigger and more powerful than you and knowing that. This represents my sense of wonder. So it was to shine a light on things that are bigger than us.

Kim: It’s a strange description, and he keeps sending his energy outward, like pulling his energy out so it’s trying to find that connection to things that we may not understand or things that are different than us to create a sense of wonder.

Prince: I wanted this to move people in the way I felt moved sometimes.

Me: All right. What did you learn about chemtrails?

Prince: Do you mean here?

Me: I don’t know. This is from a blog member. Whatever you think would be the most interesting answer.

Someone said Prince discovered information on this conspiracy theory.

Prince: There’s a lot of conspiracy around it. It’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Kim: He’s trying to debunk all the conspiracies about anything surrounding it.

Prince: It’s fabricated.

Me: Well, I do have a blog post about chemtrails that Erik made. Did he give the right information? Just getting a second opinion, Erik! People who are interested in chentrails can go to the blog search for it. Do you agree with Erik?

Prince: Yes.

Me: Okay. What happened to your name, “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince?” That was about you getting pissed off at the recording label company, right?

Kim: He’s giving me this aggressive energy, and he goes like this (she raises a fist) like he’s defiant, defining who he is. It was about him staying true to himself and defining himself. He’s giving such sincerity. I want people to understand that I wanted people to know me, and I wasn’t going to change.

Me: Were they trying to do something you didn’t want to do with your name, Prince?


Kim: Oh, this might get me into some hot water!

Prince: They always do. They try to get you to do things that you don’t like that doesn’t speak true to who you are and that you don’t want to do.

Me: And that’s what you’re all about, so that must have been difficult! Why did you have this impromptu party right before your death, and you said, “Don’t waste your prayers?”

Prince: Some people took that very literally, but it’s not like “Don’t waste your prayers,” meaning, “Prayers don’t get answered; prayers don’t get heard.” There’s energy there; there’s creation, so keep praying. What I meant is, “Live it. Be it.”

Kim: He’s speaking with images again. He’s showing someone praying for something they want, and then he’s pulling their energy into that.

Prince: Don’t just “Pray for it.” Be it.

Kim: Well, why the party? What was that all about?

Prince: I liked celebration. I liked bringing people together in celebration. It wasn’t about me.

Kim: He’s so funny. When we’re talking, he’s looking down and fixing his clothes and fixing himself. I don’t know if that’s who he was in his personality, but he’s very fidgety.

She laughs.

Me: Oh really? Interesting! Do you have any regrets?

Prince: No. If I could just stress for people to find their loud voice and stay true to who they are, that’s my mission.

Me: Okay. Tell us about another life you had that most influenced this last one.

Kim: He gives me the word, “orphan,” but he looks like an abandoned child like homeless, no family, no anybody, wanting to have a voice.

Prince: Having a voice, not just in who you are but the validation in knowing that somebody heard you—I felt very invalidated in my being, in who I was because I didn’t have anybody who could listen to me. It’s not like I needed that for my ego. I needed it to validate my existence.

So sad.

Prince: I was born to a poor family who couldn’t afford to keep me, so they abandoned me.

Kim: His surroundings and clothing look very primitive.

Prince: The way that this affected my last life, my most recent incarnation as Prince is that I took it to the complete opposite by being able to have a voice and be heard. The way people responded to me through record sales and whatever validated me and what I was trying to say to people. There was this extra validation of my existence and the essence of who I was.

Me: All right. Do you have any final messages or some advice for us or for humanity as a whole?

Kim: He’s very subtle with his energy in this message, and he kissed a peace sign and did this.

(She makes a peace sign, kisses her fingers, then stretches her arm in front of her.)

Prince: Live your truth.

Me: Ah! “Live your truth.” Those three words are so powerful together. Thank you for that! Erik, do you want to ask him any questions?

Erik (looking at Prince): If you could directly change humanity like that (He snaps his fingers.) how would you do it and what would you do?

Prince: I would give them the vision so that they could see what it looks like when they hurt someone, what it looks like, energetically, when they cause harm. Then, we’d all be kind. We wouldn’t want to cause that hurt. If I could, at the snap of my fingers, do that, I would. (pulling back) Be kind to one another.

Me: Well you just work on that! Thanks so much for coming here. So many people have wanted to hear from you, and they’re going to be very excited about this.

Prince: Thank you for the love, the continued outpouring of love for who I am and accepting who I am. Thank you, Elisa.

He bows.

Me: Aw! You’re so welcome, and thank you, Erik, for bringing him in and thank you for your input. Kim, thank you. We’ll return in just a moment!

Medium, Patrick De Haan has interviewed Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter. If you want to read it, click HERE. Thanks, Patrick!

Have a wonderful weekend, peeps! 

The Lighter Side of Prince

The Lighter Side of Prince

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