The Afterlife Interview of Prince

We’re winding down on our trip in Bordeaux, and of course you can’t go to that City of Wine without a winery tour so we took one day before yesterday to Saint Emilion on the right side of the Dordogne river and one today to Margaux on the left side. The really good wines were way out of our price range. Rune and I usually stick to what we call “Pizza wine” but if I drink any more of any type of wine here in France, my liver is going to officially turn to Formica. On the bus trip back to the hotel today, I was sitting and meditating in the seat when all of a sudden I heard someone (in Erik’s voice” shout out, “Mom!” I jumped up, startled and looked around only to see a sea of blue haired old men and women, none of whom had someone who would address them in that way. So I guess my little boy was with me. 

If you missed the awesome show last week, check it out here:

Also  back by popular demand, the afterlife interview with Prince! Enjoy! Oh, and please pray for the Carolinas. I’m VERY worried about Hurricane Florence. Let’s all concentrate on sending it out into the Atlantic with it’s little sister, Helene. 

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