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Rune and I will be flying to Denver tomorrow morning to attend the Channeling Erik Weekend of F-ing Enlightenment. I’m so excited! Every time I go I think it can’t be better than the one before, and I am proven wrong. I’ll let you guys know all about it when I get back. I probably won’t publish a regular post tomorrow, but I’ll try to publish one of the Erik Encounters. Thank you guys for the awesome stories! If any of you others have a story to share, it’s super easy to do. Just click HERE and type away. Here’s Part Two of the series on children.

Me: Hi Erik.

Erik: Hi, Mama.

Me: So let’s go on to ask more questions about children. When they’re in the afterlife, do they stay as children? If so, who takes care of them? Tell me about that.

Erik: When they come into the afterlife even when they are infants?

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Days old, months old, years old, they tend to stay that age until they’re comfortable with their environment, and then they allow what I call like the “mass knowledge” to kind of seep into them so that they can, as you might call it, grow up, but most of the time, if they enjoy being young or little, they’ll keep that appearance. If they’re infants, most of the time, in general, they enjoy staying with their parents through the process of grieving and understanding all of [what happened.] Then if they want, they’re going to look at getting into that family one more time. If they want to do that, they’ll stay little. They’ll stay as what we see in our heads as small, energetically small. If they’re older and they know they can’t won’t back into that family, many of them like to grow up with the family, so every year that passes by, they’ll get a little bit older, a little bit taller, and they change and grow with the family. They also take on the role of guiding their family. If they have other siblings, they love checking in on them, and they like being with their parents. If, let’s say there’s a situation where they didn’t really want to go back into the family—

Me: Okay.

Erik: —and they didn’t want to grow up with the family for whatever reason, then they’ll take the time to absorb that mass knowledge. A lot of you will call it the archives. I just call it, “If you want to know it, then you’ll go and learn it.” So they’ll start to do that and—

Jamie (to Erik, smiling): No. Do you want to say that?

Jamie and I chuckle. I have no idea what he told her, but it seemed worth a chuckle.

Erik: They’ll kind of merge back into themselves. I know it sounds funny to say it like that.

Me: It does!

Erik: If we have all these other lifetimes happening, and we have all these incarnations—it’s not linear. It’s happening all at once—so if we’re relinquishing that life and we don’t care about playing it anymore, then we’ll kind of push that energy back into ourselves.

Me: So this little infant, this three month-old infant is over there. Does somebody take care of them? I know that’s a job I’d sign up for because there are no diapers to change, but yeah, what about that?

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Most of the time, the ancestral line of the family they came into will have grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. to take care of them. There are all kinds of support systems in place already so it’s not like, “Oh, the nanny spirit is being called up to collect the baby.”

I chuckle.

Erik: It’s not like that at all. The baby is independent in and of itself. It doesn’t need to be fed; it doesn’t need to be groomed; it can already move and exist in and of itself.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It wouldn’t be seen as infantile. When it crosses over, yes, because it’s coming away from that human experience, but as it absorbs its awareness of where they are, it starts to collect the mass knowledge and therefore doesn’t need anyone to provide care for them.

Me: Right. Right.

Erik: Unless it’s coming back into the family. Then we have spirits in place to help it incarnate. They’re already looking at, “Okay, can I get back in? Can I carry the same lessons? Can I carry over the same timing?” That’s all looked at in a way that acknowledges free will. So there are spirit entities to help with that, call them spirit counselors or whatever. (Throwing his hands in the air, leaning back and rocking from side to side) Labels, labels, labels, labels!

Me: He hates labels!

But you can’t be human without them. Sigh.

Me: Are there any situations where a spirit will think, “Hey I want to take care of a baby” so they create themselves that job, and they have that agreement with the baby that’s passed?


Erik: If you want to play that role, I mean, you can. Everything is possible here.

Me: Well that’s true.

Erik: But that’s a very human need. There are times when there is a spirit guide, angel, guardian, who helps the baby spirit through the pregnancy and being born if it’s difficult for them. You know, a lot of times, babies don’t enjoy that process. (Throwing up his arms and scoffing) Imagine being claustrophobic!

Me (laughing): Yeah, really!

Erik (curling up into a little ball): Tight, small, dark spaces. It takes time to condense your energy, condense your soul, get it focused to get into the body.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: I’m all for getting in there to be birthed, but sometimes it happens after birth.

Me: Okay, right. They want to make sure before they commit, I guess. Do they often come back to us in the lifetime we live in the present? In other words, say Sally lost a child—

Erik: Bobby.

Me: Can it come back to her as another child or maybe as her sister’s child?

Erik: Yes.

Jamie: He was shouting out the name, “Bobby.”

Me: Bobby, huh? Okay, we’ll work with Bobby.

Erik: Sally lost Bobby. If Sally’s not able to have another child, and Bobby still wants to be in the family then, yes, there are many occasions when they’ll wait to become a grandchild or they’ll come through the sister, the brother to be a niece or nephew, and there are occasions where they’ll come through as the family pet, as well.

Me: Wow! Fido.

Bobby's back!

Bobby’s back!



By the way, guys, we just got through interviewing an Atlantean (not the Georgian kind) yesterday. Fascinating! I can’t wait to transcribe and post it. 

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