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Today is a nasty one. Tropical Storm Bill has his sights set on the Texas Gulf Coast, and the rain is coming down. This isn’t good since all of our waterways are already full. Send us some prayers. On the other hand, it is cozy. I have my little dog, Bella, on one side of me and my grand-dog, Gidget on the other, all snuggly and warm. We’re going to keep Gidget overnight because her parents (my eldest daughter and her husband) are on call at the hospital all night and day, and we don’t want Gidget to be home alone in case their house floods. 

Me: Are there a couple of ways that someone who has lost somebody can communicate with them?

(Long pause. Jamie seems to be following Erik around the room with her eyes.)

Me: I know you talked about the hand game, for example. Maybe you can talk about that.


Me: Or something else. Your choice.

Erik: There are a whole lot of ways to communicate with us. I want to debunk—

Jamie: Debunk? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Start over.

Erik: Commonly after someone dies, the living person will feel them around, and they get a sensation that something’s happening, and then after a period of time, that goes away. Then the person goes, “Oh my god. I’ve lost them all over again. I don’t feel them” and then they grieve harder. Let me set the record straight. When you stop feeling them around, it’s not because they quit. Trust me, we don’t quit. We don’t look at our watch and go, “Oh, there we go. You get three weeks of us showing signs and now we’re getting out of here.”

Jamie mimics Erik moving his two thumbs in back of him like people do when they say, Adios.”

Jamie and I chuckle.

Erik: That’s not it. It’s because you’ve raised your vibration, and now, if we’re doing the same thing, it’s just like feeling air rather than a gust of wind. It doesn’t get your attention as much. Though I’m going to say to you who’re watching (or reading) this, say to your loved one, “Amp it up. Make it bigger so I can understand these signs on [my new] plateau, on this level of energy, energetic messages and signs.” Now for the others, you haven’t really felt anything or you want to continue a relationship—


Jamie: Yeeees? (She laughs) Don’t say it like what I—Do your thing.

Erik: You have to figure out the way that you can get your information the easiest. Are you a good listener? Are you a good feeler? Are you a good seer? Pick one of those and ask your loved one to use that to give you a sign or message. Then take away the expectation. Don’t tell them how to perform in that way. Like if you’re a good feeler, don’t say, “Okay, come and mess with my hair.”

Me: Mm hm.

Dance monkey boy. Dance.

Erik: They might not be good at messing with your hair, but they’re absolutely great at giving you hugs and getting your chest all tight and you feel like you’re having an anxiety attack.

Great. How fun.

Erik: So if you don’t put an expectation on it, they can perform better according to your needs.

Me: I think you told us that expectation is a very dense energy just like depression is and it vibrates at a very low frequency in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. So it takes you guys a lot to lower your vibrational energy to get to us. So anyway, that’s why we use expressions like, “I feel low” or “I feel down.” It’s a very dense feeling.

I’ve felt that for a long time after Erik died. It’s this very heavy feeling in my chest. Still have it sometimes.

Me: So can you try to think joyful things to make it easier for you to get to them?

Jamie covers her mouth with both hands, clearly embarrassed. What did he say? Whatever it is, she’s not going to repeat it.

Erik: Yes, you can watch comedy. You can go have an orgasm.

Oh, there it is.

Erik: You can engage with things that bring you a lot of joy, and then step into the realm of meditative thought or openness, mindfulness. Then you’re going to perceive that subtle energy so much easier than what you would if you were in that down, low or dense point.

Me: Yeah. Tell us about the hand game.

(Long pause, then Jamie laughs.)

Erik: It’s not the slap game.

You know that one where you hands are on top of someone else’s and you fold them over to slap them. First one wins.

Erik: For those who are living, you pick a hand that represents yes and you pick a hand that represents no.

How many hands do we have?

Erik: Keep it the same. Don’t change it. Stop changing that shit. You guys will change it and think that we know what’s going on. We are creatures of habit still.

Jamie: He’s giggling.

Erik: So when you have your yes and no, in the center of your hand there’s an energy center. It’s like a secondary chakra, and it’s very sensitive. We can merge; we can push our energy into the hand.

Jamie points to her palm.

Erik: So it will make your hand have a different sensation, hot, cold, tense, tingly. Most of the time it interferes with blood flow so you’ll feel a tingle.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Sometimes pain, stiffness.


Jamie: Sound like fun.

Erik: But you’re not having a heart attack. Keep your hands separate from each other. Don’t keep them next to each other. So keep them far out,

Jamie: If you’re going to communicate with your loved one or spirit, make sure you’re talking to them and nobody else.

Erik: So call on them and no one else. Dismiss them from the party.

Me: So basically it’s good for yes and no questions.

Erik: Yes, but that’s the hard part, Mom. People will just go, “Well how are you doing?” That’s not a yes or no question.

Me: That’s true!

Jamie laughs hard.

Erik: And after you get a sensation in your hand, acknowledge it so that we know to stop so you can go back to feeling normal, and you can begin the next question.

Me: All right. Anything else on this topic?

Erik: No. I love you and Happy Valentines Day.

Erik has told me, in the past, that if you don’t get a sensation after a few minutes, just keep saying, “Make it stronger.”


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