Creativity and Knowingness

In this next part of the channeling session through psychic medium, Kim O’Neill, Erik shares his heightened love for creativity. He’s always had a creative streak, but that flame at best smoldered when he was in the depths of depression. Between those horrible bouts, he was an incredible self-taught musician who mastered classical guitar, electric guitar, and dabbled in other instruments like the violin, the harmonica, bass guitar, among others. I believe Erik expressed his creative streak even more so through his hands and his problem solving skills. He loved to work with his hands, particularly fixing or souping up any vehicle: cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, wave runners, boats, snowmobiles, you name it. He could figure out a fix to any problem, mechanical or electrical, and with a flurry of blurring hand movements, have the broken item in excellent working order. I remember when he was around eight years old, he was very curious about my sister, Denise’s, wristwatch. With understandable trepidation, she handed it over to his eager and fidgeting hands. To her dismay, he took it apart in minutes. And I mean lots of tiny little parts. But almost as quickly as he tore it asunder, he put it all back together perfectly. That’s the back story for the following part of the channeling session.

Kim starts by saying, “He’s showing me something, Elisa. What are there? They’re sticks but they’re thick. Oh! They’re sticks that are about an inch in diameter but of course they’re round and they’re red and then they have white on the inside, like a cream-colored inside. They look about 12 inches long. What are these, Erik? What are these?”

“I make ‘em!” Erik replies proudly.

“Wow they’re really cool but what are they for, these sticks?” Kim asks.

She pauses for a while and says, “I’m just listening to him Elisa, and he’s showing me these things. He’s holding it lengthwise, and then he’s showing me the end of it so I can see that there are rings. There’s like a third of an inch red ring and then the inside is like a cream-colored. Okay. Real smooth. Real smooth all the way around. In other words smooth and sort of shiny on the outside so there’s nothing rough about it.”

“I make them,” Erik repeats. “I whittle them out of wood, and then I paint them.”

“Well, cool, and what are they exactly?” Kim asks again.

“They’re a work in progress,” he confesses. “I’m going to make faces. They’re going to be the family—you guys.”

‘Oh, wow! Aw how sweet! Are they like art pieces?’ I ask.

“Yes, yes! I’m going to show them in a dream to an artist there on the earthly plane, and he’s going to make them. They’re gonna sell like hotcakes!” he exclaims with enthusiasm.

‘Well good, Erik!’ I reply.

“Mom, I’ve really been trying to explore my creative side. You know how I like to be creative.”

‘That’s true!’ I confirm.

Then Kim asks, “He’s showing himself with an earring. Does he wear one?”

‘Yep he does have one,’ I answer.

Next, Erik confirms more about the heightened knowingness he attained after leaving his body. As in almost every session, Erik tells me, “Mom, I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

Kim says, he showing me himself on his knees thanking me for understanding how happy he is now and not being hurt and pissed off.

“I can fly, I can do whatever I want whenever I want! Now that I can do whatever I want whenever I want what do I do? I’m with the family all the time, except when you guys are sleeping.”

After I chuckle at the irony, I ask, ‘Erik let me ask you this: you know how you said that when you popped out of your body, you felt this expanded knowingness, this broader perspective and you saw people for who they really are? What did you mean? For example, what did you see when you saw me for who I really am?’

Erik, ever distractible, responds with “I will answer that question, Mom. Dad needs a new car.”

‘Okay,’ I say without asking for details. I have learned over the years that once you get Erik on the topic of cars (or anything with wheels for that matter,) there’s no stopping him. That said, I decide to wait patiently for the answers to my questions rather than take the bait. Thankfully, he continues: “Now, I heard a couple of questions there, Mom. First of all, when a soul pops out of a human body, you can immediately see people for who and what they are meaning you can see their exact level of enlightenment, what their potential is, what they’ve done in past lifetimes, who they’ve been, what they’ve achieved, what they’ve contributed. You have a perfect understanding of their personality and the life you shared together.”

‘Okay, that’s interesting.  Go on,’ I press. His subsequent reply made me blush. In fact, because I’m uncomfortable with flattery, I came close to not including what he had to say in this blog entry.

So Mom, when my soul popped out of my body and I looked at you, I saw a soul who is at a pinnacle of enlightenment. I saw someone who is totally nurturing, understanding, inspiring, motivating, supportive, encouraging, loving, generous, giving, funny. I could remember all of your past lifetimes, all the lifetimes we shared together, Hey Mom, you know what we do? When we meet in heaven, you and I sometimes go visit other planets together!”

‘Cool! We’ll do it again!’ I promise.

“I’m waiting for you, but I know it’s going to be a long long time,” Erik adds.

‘Yes, I understand,’ I respond with bittersweet sadness. ‘So, Erik, do you have any suggestions for other parents on how to contact or channel their deceased children and how to deal with the grief of what will never be, the grief of a lost future, lost dreams?’

“No. No. To answer your question, I’m open to suggestions, but I’ve sort of discovered that what I’m going to do best is to communicate with other spirits, to try to nudge them to more tangibly communicate with their loved ones back on Earth. Mom, that’s gonna be up to you to do. You’ve got the intelligence and also the enlightenment that I don’t have. I can’t advise you there. But I think that by writing the blog and writing the book you will give solace and comfort where there is none. You will share hope where it has been lost, a camaraderie that will replace an empty existence—camaraderie meaning you understand what the other parents have gone through, and how important it is to allow them to grieve the way that they will. Mom, I think you’ll reach more people if you tell them to mourn the way they need to without listening to friends and family members who “advise” them.”

‘Oh yes, I know. You’re exactly right, Erik. I’ve read so many grief books and they all agree with that advice.’

“Oh and Mom, you know what you have to include on the blog? Mom! Mom, a lot of people that will try to advise you are either people who have never had a kid or who have never had a child die! You have to write about that in the blog and then in the book, because it’ll make people chuckle not because they think it’s funny but because they can relate to it.”

‘Well it’s hard for people to even be around those who grieve much less talk to them. Most people are so uncomfortable about subjects like death and grief and suicide,” I share from my personal experience.

Before I end, I’d like to say how successful the “Ask Erik” portion of the blog has been. Your questions have been interesting, poignant and probing, and Erik’s answers have been amazing—right on target. If you haven’t asked Erik a question about a deceased loved one but would like to, be sure to include the relationship, your name and age, the name and age of death of the deceased and the place of birth and death. Your submission comes to me directly and is not viewed by the public. I will post the questions and answers from today’s session in the near future but will omit both your name and that of your loved one to protect your identities. If you prefer not to have the response published despite this anonymity, all you have to do is let me know. I only have sessions once a month, but Erik and I will do our best to help.

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