Death and Reincarnation

Update on the kids: Lukas has a new girlfriend, Vivian. She’s very spiritually knowledgable and sweet. I look forward to getting to know her better. He starts back at Texas A&M in a few weeks as a Geoscience major with a minor in chemistry. Smarty pants. Kristina loves her job as chief anesthesiologist at a hospital in North Carolina and her husband, Houston, is enjoying his fellowship in joint replacements at Duke University. Michelle just finished her past prerequisite course for nursing school, which she starts the first week of September. In 15 months, she’ll be an RN and looks forward to working in the ER or ICU setting. After a year of working, she may go for her CNRA (nurse anesthetist) and/or will get her masters. Annika will be a senior at Texas A&M. She has been going through interviews for a job because her car lease is up at the end of the year and she wants to save up for the down payment on her next one.  She has completed her med school applications and is awaiting interview invitations. The acceptance rate is 2% so it’s highly competitive, but she has a 4.0 GPA and tons of extracurricular accolades so I’m sure she’s get in somewhere. Arleen will be starting third grade soon. Big girl. I’ve been having her do worksheets throughout the summer to keep the momentum going. That’s about it. Enjoy today’s best of Erik!

Me: Do people know deep inside that they are going to pass. Are there any sign in some small way that they only realize after they pass?

Erik: Yes.

Me: In the case of one particular blog member’s dad, things seem to come full circle before he left them. Her family released the connections of loose ends. Maybe death presents itself so in some way we are prepared to go. So, can you elaborate?

Erik: Yes, yes and yes, and it can come with premonition in a dream and it can come with a felling that you are leaving the room that you’re leaving the room for the very last time or that you’re giving an extra special hug just because you felt that it was necessary. And you really don’t know why, but you see that oh my god that was the last time that I was there, that I spoke to that person. And it’s really cool in older people; they’ll start making amends. They’ll start saying I’m sorry, they’ll start, you know, giving away their things. They may be healthy, you know, there may be nothing wrong, but come on, man, people live to be 114! Then they get sick and they’re gone in ten days.

Me: Wow. Okay, here’s another one. “These people who are and will be declared saints—what happens to them in the spirit world? Do they have different jobs up there and can they reincarnate too?

Erik: Yeah, they can reincarnate. Just because they get a title on Earth, it doesn’t take away your free will options. It doesn’t sign you up for a career for a lifetime.

Me: Yeah and they don’t become special people there just because they’re special people here do they?

Erik: No, they are special people? Imagine what they had to go through just to be the saint!

Me: Yeah, like Mother Teresa. Did she get declared a saint? I can’t remember.

Jamie: I don’t’ think so. She should be.

Me: Yeah, she should be, oh my gosh. So, what do they become in your dimension, Erik?

Erik: They’re recognized for their accomplishments that they had in that lifetime but that was just that lifetime.

Me: Yeah, that’s true.

Erik: But even—it’s with celebrities too. After their life is over, generation after generation after generation they’re still thought of, they’re still listened to, they’re still honored and by doing that it keeps that lifetime open for them—

Jamie (to Erik): What?


Jamie (Astonished): He just told me to move over?

We both chuckle.

Jamie: I came down and sat next to him. (to Erik) Move over! Go ahead Erik.

Erik: Just because those memories are keeping that lifetime alive and active it doesn’t mean they have to continue to play it out in Heaven. It’s letting the human people, in what they consider to be their current time, be able to play out whatever they desire. Like Santa Claus.

Me: Yeah. Okay. Well, can a saint who passes over come back as a whore when they reincarnate? What happens there?

Erik: If that spirit needs that lesson, yes.

'Don't worry about my little aches & pains... the important thing is for YOU to be happy!' ~ one of reincarnation's fun little twists.

‘Don’t worry about my little aches & pains… the important thing is for YOU to be happy!’ ~ one of reincarnation’s fun little twists.

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