Dope Dude

For the record “I’m crazy” so I could truly care less what anyone without their own thoughts & feelings would think of this. Shortly after my wife passed she brought me to his channel we were each others’ eyes and always had each others backs. In grief I couldn’t see at the “time ” that Erik is what I am ; that she is what I am. I’d forgotten. Before all this enlightenment commercialism bullshi# I knew of spirit, of true love & this is how my wife & my union was born. Like Erik she was a force beyond comprehension while in human form. A soldier, a ” true philanthropist who cared for her people, ” Reiki Master, Loving Mother. the definition of an angel on earth. I say this about Erik because of the light he’s from, his mother. I feel you don’t have to ” believe ” Elisa’s/Erik’s story to understand what’s going on. Like myself, you just have to love yourself enough to seek & act on TRUTH no matter the response of others, fearlessly/lovingly. The content that Elisa & Jamie speak on is so accurate to what I know that I couldn’t & can’t deny the truths they’re all sharing with the world. Erik hasn’t left me any noxious smells, hidden anything on me, nothing other than given me his strength in what I’ve always been passionate about & that’s love & the children. We’re similar souls & act on this love. As a ” caretoonist ” an artist my entire life is deicated to the principles of virtue & merit; anyone who truly knows me can attest to this. Anyone who loves their family, friends, the universe & all that pretty stuff will agree with Erik. Our generation is this guy this phukin Dope Dude you’re witnessing right now. Upon seeing this creation you’re left with two thoughts. Either these people are some of the most wicked people in the world or some of the most powerful & loving people receptive enough to forge this needed connection. I’m here to say for only myself that in my heart & soul Erik, Elisa, Jamie in my honest opinion are a gift right now here for all of us. Elisa, thank you for the heartfelt words when I needed them. You never had to personally reach out in the “quickness” you had; in this world that’s a rarity. Jamie, thank you for giving Erik his opportunity to be who he is; you’re genuine & appreciated. I’ll forever expose the fraudulent through my love for myself. Erik, my brother, you know how I feel man. You’re NASTY Sun. Roc’ Awn baby cuz you know I’m gonna.

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