Double Dipping?

Erik had fun with this one! He likes to pull my chain any time there’s a subject about sex. I remember him squirming every time I discussed sex with him, so I guess turnabout’s fair play!

Me: Is polygamy something we should embrace in the fourth and fifth dimensions?

Erik (Whispering through a grin): Mom, I think we should embrace it anywhere.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Oh, god! Well, it is about embracing, just more than one person at a time.

Erik: In the higher dimensions it’s definitely easier because it’s more understood. You’re not carrying the anger and the jealousy and the misunderstanding that comes with it. Is it necessary that you do that one path? No, because you have the free will to do whatever the hell you want. So, if it’s monogamy that you still want to hold on to and focus on, then relax. That can totally be your thing. I just, you know, want people to know that what they believe in so strong here is not necessarily the end all, be all.

Me: I see. So, in the higher dimensions, is it more prevalent or will it become more prevalent for men and women to love several men and women just because love is so important?

Erik: It’s definitely a stronger love here—now if we’re talking about intimate love, you have to remember that there’s no disease thing here, so we’re not worried about, “What did you bring home to me? Now we’re going to die from it.”

Me: Oh, yeah, of course.

Jamie giggles.

Me: But as far as marital love goes, not just platonic love—I’m talking about romantic love with different partners on both sides. Is that something that’s considered—well I don’t want to put a ranking to it, because I know how you’re going to respond, but what I’m asking is this: Is polygamy considered a more enlightened viewpoint there since you’re not building barriers to love?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. So, is there a lot of that going on where you are?

Erik (laughing): Is there a lot of that going on?

Me: Yeah!

Erik: It’s not something you really look at and measure, Mom. I’m sure that if you get into conversations, you’ll see that it is, but it’s not like (whispering) everywhere.

Me: Okay. Well, I’m getting a weird graphic here, so let’s go on to the next subject.

One more thing: Lynette, Tiffany and Elisa P. sent me this Ascension Study Guide. Pretty important stuff!

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